19/09/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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scientists have to say. That and a lot more on BBC Two now and that


11pm in Scotland. ScotRail says its reached agreement


in principle with the RMT union to end a dispute over driver


only operated trains. The company says it includes


a guarantee that a conductor will be kept as a second member of staff


on new trains being rolled The dispute was about who operates


the door is on trains. Do you need a guard or can the driver to


everything themselves? The RMT union said having a second member of staff


on the train was vital for passenger safety. ScotRail says the deal means


that second person will be there. It should mean an end for the


industrial action which disrupted some rail services earlier in the


year. Cox have taken place. -- talks. ScotRail have welcomed the


plans and say the officials will be reporting to the RMT National


executive tomorrow and it will make its position clear after that. It is


likely to mean a company wide ballot until the dispute can be formally


settled. What we can predict, is that both sides will be claiming


that they have one. -- won. Edinburgh airport says it has


received thousands of responses to its public consultation


on changing flight paths. The first phase ends today,


a week later than planned after the airport was forced


to apologise after losing Scotland's busiest airport is


getting even more popular. Passenger numbers are up 12% on this time last


year. It plans to expand. Just the sort of news owners of this golf


club say they want to hear. Certainly, the airport expansion


will raise the profile of the area and raise the profile of West


Lothian. The more people and more awareness we can make of our golf


club and others in the area, can only be good. To grow, Edinburgh


Airport wants to attract more flights in, but it also wants to


increase the frequency of outbound flights to one per minute. It wants


to expand the flight path is it uses. This consultation gave the


public it say on proposed envelopes of the space that could be utilised.


In some parts of the countryside, like blackness, local residents say


the tranquillity has already disappeared. We are fighting against


a giant and we are a small group of people. Because of the rule area,


they are not many people who live here. It is like David and Goliath.


One is every two minutes the few thousand feet above you rattling in


the area is very unpleasant. The error space here was designed in the


1970s. -- airspace. It handles over 11 million now. The modernisation


programme has had a bumpy ride. It cancelled flight path trial and an


omission of lost data. The airport 's ABI listening. We have the chance


to redesign the sky. We can look to alleviate the problems that are


there already through a variety of things, modernising the Ritz or


using different routes at different times. -- routes. No changes to


airspace will take place before December 2000 and 17. -- 2017.


A small number of children from the Angus area have been


quarantined in hospital as investigations continue


NHS Tayside says they're being treated


within a dedicated area of Ninewells hospital in Dundee.


Some of the children are confirmed to have the infection while others


The leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie,


has accused the SNP and the Conservatives


of campaigning on "fear, not hope" in his speech


Earlier, I spoke to our political correspondent David Porter


in Brighton, and put it to him that they're not the party of government


No, they are not. That is part of the reason the language we are


hearing this evening. He is very keen like other Liberal Democrats to


get people to hear his views. With the UK general election and the


general election. It is fair to say that the Liberal Democrats are


feeling marginalised at the moment. feeling marginalised at the moment.


-- Scottish parliament elections. The only have one MSP at -- five MSP


's and one MP at Westminster. It will be out looking and optimistic,


Willie Rennie says. He is aware that the only show in town at the moment


is Brexit and the reaction to that, hence the comments he has been


making today. He has accused both the SNP and the Tories of trying to


make party political advantage of that EU referendum almost three


months ago now. It is a dismal scene that has been visited upon us by the


Conservatives and the SNP. Stalled investment, uncertain future for EU


citizens, divided families, economic instability, tensions between the


nations of the UK. This is the work of the terrible twins of divisive


politics. I believe the former leader Lord Ashdown has been


thinking out loud today Koziello yes, he has. Three months on from


that EU referendum he has been thinking about what it means for


Scotland and whether Scotland remains part of the UK. He believes


the monks on the prospect of the union, are less dire than directly


after that referendum. He believes that any moves for a second


independence referendum, Nicola Sturgeon, in his words, will try to


play things long. He does say that if Britain does not say part of the


single market, he believes that will strengthen Nicola Sturgeon's hands


and any calls for a second referendum in Scotland. --


independence referendum. Depending on the way that the Brexit


negotiations go, he thinks the Prime Minister could be tempted to call an


early UK general election. Perhaps as early as May next year.


Accusations of homophobic language have been made after a satirical Rap


song was performed on Sunday at an Independence convention.


using a word considered by some to be offensive to gay women.


John McManus' report contains some language you may


Westminster, you have not even wet your whistle. This was the satirical


wrap sketch that was performed at the Independence Convention on


Sunday. Singers representing Scotland's female leaders obstruct


the stage, making jokes and innuendo. You are about to get hit


with the wit from the Cabinet. What has caused controversy is that Ruth


Davidson character is introduced as Ruth date deed. She called the song


hilarious. The Conservative MSP also disagrees. She has written to them


asking to apologise. In this day in age, we are trying to educate and


have inclusive education for children with in our schools, yet,


we have a member of Parliament saying that was OK. It was hilarious


and it was just satire. It certainly was not. Ruth Davidson recently


and it was just satire. It certainly announced she was engaged to her


partner, Jennifer Wilson. She has made jokes about lesbians as well.


The Labour and Green Party also have gay leaders. Stonewall Scotland says


that homophobic language can still be heard in workplaces and schools.


Not everyone believes language brings discrimination. There is a


difference between people saying things or cracking crude jokes and


people being violent and we should get back to recognising there is a


great different and one does not directly lead to the other.


great different and one does not Cherry MP has released a response


airing, I thought yesterday's performance as...


She says she regrets the offence that was caused and will continue to


champion gay rights. A massive transport ship


is preparing to head for Lewis to move the stricken oil


rig Transocean Winner. The heavy lifting vessel the Hawk


is due to transport the structure Football and Rangers have suspended


Joey Barton for three weeks following a training-ground dispute


with a team-mate. The midfielder was sent home last


Tuesday and returned to Ibrox Our senior football reporter


Chris McLaughlin can tell us more. The player was sent home from the


club's training ground last week following words that were exchanged


between players and the manager, Mark Warburton. He was told to stay


away from the club until today. This morning, he met with the manager


here at Ibrox Stadium and following that meeting, the club released this


statement. They said... That could be interesting. Why's on


Thursday, Joey Barton releases his book titled No Nonsense, over the


next 48 hours he has a number of radio interviews and TV interviews


all to highlight the break. The controversial nature of his past


will no doubt be mentioned in that book. The big question, relating to


Rangers, has this latest bus stop ended his career here before it even


got started? Well, It's over to Chris now


with the weather outlook Did evening. It is dry tonight and


the cloud will continue to thin and break, making things quite chilly


with those clear skies. Temperatures in towns and cities are nine or 10


Celsius. Cooler in the countryside. By tomorrow morning at around eight,


up to 11 and 12, generally a bright morning. Cloud around the lowlands.


Mist patches lifting. More cloud for the Hebrides and some shower here.


For most of us, it is dry and bright Tuesday morning. Like today, the


cloud will build and bubble up but we will hold onto some bright and


sunny spells. The winds are generally light away from the West


Coast. Across the UK as a whole, we have a weather front across east


Anglia and Kent, Sussex and Hampshire producing cloud. Further


west is drier and for the north of England and Scotland and northern


Ireland, some bright spells and sunshine. The cloudy afternoon


compared with the morning. The wind strengthening around the West Coast.


Those showers managing to give one or two showers pushing up the east


coast as well. Inland is chilly but come Wednesday morning, it is dry


for most. You can see across the UK, fairly settled conditions but this


weather front is just pushing through Wales and some strong winds


towards the West Coast of Scotland and some outbreaks of rain. As we


Wednesday, turning west in the west Wednesday, turning west in the west


-- wet in the west. As we look ahead to Thursday, that rain clears away


and largely bright and breezy for most. Some showers in the west and


turning and settled for the end of the week. Fried into Saturday, windy


at times. -- Friday into Saturday. Our next update is during Breakfast


at six twenty five tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late


team here in Glasgow


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