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That's all from us. Now it's time for the


An Australian family facing deportation from the UK


have been granted leave to remain in the Highlands.


Gregg and Kathryn Brain and their son failed to meet


a deadline to qualify for a new visa and were told


But the couple have now found work, which meets


The Brain family face a more certain future this evening, after


being told the leave the UK six weeks ago,


they've now found work which means they can fulfil a dream


Seven months now we have been without work and,


you know, struggling and fighting through this whole process.


Kathryn Brain came to study in the Highland and Islands University. It


was understood that she would be able to stay here, but rules are


changed, making that difficult. Now she has secured a key reacher post


with the hotel chain, that secures them Leave to Remain in the UK. We


with the hotel chain, that secures have a brilliant employer on board.


They needed to get a certificate of sponsorship for this position. The


position itself meets all the criteria for the Home Office. We


feel like we have been guided. We followed the path are needed to


happen and we quite often found that we get reminded that things happen


in the 59th minute. After a high-profile campaign was launched


for them to stay, the Home Office argued that it gave the family a


number of extensions, allowing them time to secure a job which would


meet immigration rules. There are local MP says lessons must be


learned by the ways they were treated. All this grief and effort


that people have had to put up with was unnecessary. It demonstrates


that we need control of immigration policy here in Scotland, so we can


make decisions based on our own needs and criteria. I hope no one


else has to go through this kind of thing that the family have gone


through over the last couple of months. After months of living in


temporary accommodation, the unallocated for a permanent home.


They have one final hoop to jump through at the request of their son.


What do you want to have in the backyard of this house? A


trampoline. A trampoline. A social worker involved in the case


of the murdered Fife toddler A watchdog found Lesley Bate guilty


of twelve charges involving It said her misconduct


amounted to neglect. But it also criticised her employer


and some of the witnesses Panel members heard five days of


evidence and today delivered their judgment on Lesley Bate is. She has


stayed away. The charges against higher ran into five pages. She was


found guilty on all but one of them. 12 charges involving 15 children


over a three-year period. Some were at risk of physical and sexual


abuse. One of those children was Liam Fee. The childminder first


raised concerns in January 2013, she had a massive bruise on his


forehead. There were further concerned about a neck injury. More


than a year later, Liam was murdered by his mother and her partner.


Lesley Bate had visited Liam's home after the first injury. His mother


had said he had fallen out of his cot. Mrs Bate accepted that. She


failed to follow up on the later concerns. None of these would have


surprised those who feared for Liam's safety and tried to get him


help. The whole community is completely knocked by this. The


worst part is a lot of people were speaking up and we were not taken


seriously enough. We SSSC panel found Lesley Bate left Liam Fee and


other children at risk of actual or potential harm and her serious


misconduct amounted to neglect. Fife Council says it has every confidence


in the professionalism and integrity of the stuff they give evidence.


Tonight there are calls for a wider review. It is very clear there was


no joint working and the communication seems to have been


extremely poor throughout this case. We need to make sure there are no


others that are allowed to slip through the net. Whether the


authorities could have done more to stop them, it is now being


investigated by a significant case review. Fife Council declined to be


interviewed today. In a statement they said, the Lesley Bate Kreis


does not reflect high standards of professionalism it expects from its


staff. -- Leslie baked. The Scottish Labour Party is to have


more decision making power under plans agreed tonight by the UK


party's ruling body - the NEC. The NEC has approved devolving


control over policy constituency parties and Westminster


candidate selections. The changes still have to be agreed


by the Labour Party conference. This is going to be an ad hominem


Scottish Labour Party. It is a stub This is going to be an ad hominem


change. -- is huge change. It is good news for Scottish Labour.


Almost a quarter of young women in Scotland have reported they've


self-harmed that's according to a comprehensive survey


It also found eight percent have attempted suicide.


The figures in the Scottish Health Survey further highlight the link


between poor health and anxiety with deprivation.


Our home affairs correspondent Reevel Alderson has more.


How do we feel about ourselves? The annual health survey highlights


changes in personal well-being among Scots. It shows a level of anxiety


and depression being felt. Those in the most deprived areas are more


likely to suffer symptoms. 9% of women self harmed. The woman for end


was 6%. Among young women, the figure is 23%. For men it is 13%. 8%


of these young women and 4% of young men have attempted suicide. Mental


health charities say they are not surprised by these figures. They


have been receiving an increased number of calls from young people


seeking help. We know from the research and evidence we have been


looking at over the last couple of weeks that young women and body


image is a real issue. There is a lot going on in people's lives and


therefore, the increase in self harm, particularly with young women,


is a way that they can control situations themselves. The health


survey also reveals an increase in the number of people using


electronic cigarettes and a further decline in those smoking, although


it shows one in five still smokes. It also shows fewer children are


exposed to second-hand smoke in the home. The survey's aim is to provide


the Government information needed to tackle Scotland's health problems.


We are able to look at some of the key indicators in Scottish health


and be able to provide a picture of the nation's health and how that has


changed over time. What we are able to see on measures like smoking, for


example, is that there has been a long-term decline. Clearly,


information campaigns are not enough. Only one in five Scots meets


the recommendation of five portions of fruit and veg a day. That is the


same level as 13 years ago. Today's health figures also show


there's been almost no change in levels of physical


activity in Scotland. A quarter of all children


and a third of adults are failing to meet activity


guidelines set by the This is despite a promise


that the Commonwealth Games would inspire people


to become more active. This is the sort of cheap and


cheerful activity that can encourage healthy habits. We are stuck outside


all day. I think it is really fine and it helps you get healthy and


fit. The daily mile has been adopted by schools up and down the country.


It did not have any connection to the Commonwealth Games. Glasgow 2014


was clearly popular. A catalyst for regeneration in the east end of the


city. It helped create a wave of elite athletes. When it comes to


mass participation in sport, we do not seem to be getting the message.


Why do politicians say it will? Inactivity is the second biggest


killer in Scotland. The Government set targets to combat it. It is


falling far short of this. Activity levels Remain stagnant, obesity


levels are poor. There has been no significant rise in children


participating in sport since 2008, before the Olympics and Commonwealth


Games came along. I do not accept that. The games have been an


important part in ensuring sport remains high on the agenda. The


whole investment in physical education and getting that 10% of


schools doing two hours to 90 98% of schools. It was a legacy of the


Commonwealth Games. Researchers say to change inactivity, will require a


cultural shift. Sport is not the first option for those people. We


need to look how we will get them active through active living,


cycling, walking, gardening and those kinds of activities, rather


than sport themselves. This is the those kinds of activities, rather


sort of thing, walking groups. Small steps, big benefits. First of all,


keeping in touch physically. It improves mobility and balance. We


are all very sociable. There is lots of talking, sometimes far too much


talking and less concentration. The attitudinal shift to get people


active is not going to come about by hosting a big sporting event.


The Scottish FA is investigating claims that the Rangers


player Joey Bartonbroke its gambling rules


The SFA prevents players from betting on any football games.


It's understood the allegations centre around


a bet placed on Celtic's recent Champions League match


Well, It's over to Kirsteen now with the weather outlook


Thank you. Good evening. It has been a lovely end to the day across much


of the country, as illustrated by one of our weather Watchers in


Edinburgh. Tonight dry is how it stays. There will be some clear


spells. The chilly night for a sheltered areas. Temperatures


holding up in double figures. Tomorrow morning, we start with a


dry note with brightness and sometime around. A scattering of


showers across the Western Isles. Otherwise, dry and find spells of


sunshine to come across the Northern Isles. Much of the north especially.


More cloud towards eastern, central and southern Scotland. Dry with some


brightness and sunshine developing. 12 Celsius. The rest of the UK


tomorrow, England and Wales we hold onto dry conditions with some bright


spells, sunshine around, too. A scattering of showers developing


here as you go through the day. A freshening southerly wind. For


Northern Ireland and the west of Scotland, Cloud increasing with


outbreaks of rain and strong southerly winds for coastal areas.


The temperature range tomorrow afternoon of around 16 to 22


Celsius. For the evening, these showers in the east will become


heavier and more frequent for a time. This batch of rain continuing


its journey eastwards, allowing dry areas in the west. As we look ahead


to Thursday, which is the autumn equinox, we have a son crossing the


Quaker and an equal day and night. The weather is not looking too bad


at all. A lot of dry and bright weather. -- Equator. The north of


Ireland and temperatures down from Wednesday's values. ID has low


Ireland and temperatures down from pressure in charge across Scotland


and Ireland. -- Friday. Our next update is during Breakfast


at six twenty five tomorrow morning. Until then, from everyone


on the late team here in Glasgow and around the country -




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