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Now, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Big changes are to be made to new secondary school


qualifications barely three years after reforms were introduced.


Some assessments in National Five and Higher courses are to be


scrapped and more emphasis will be put back onto the final exam.


Our education correspondent Jamie McIvor reports.


The new qualifications started to be introduced three years ago,


but are still a hard equation for many teachers to solve.


The main worry, workload and bureaucracy, and one issue


is formal assessments marked by teachers themselves.


These youngsters are studying for their National Five maths.


They have to complete several of the unit assessments


All of the new qualifications are broken up into units and each


unit carries its own mandatory assessment which is marked


In order to get an overall course award, young people have to pass


these units as they go along, and then pass the final examination.


But big changes are on the way in what amounts to a dramatic


The unit assessments are being scrapped for National


The aim is to cut down on the workload for


The big significance will be for students.


This will assist young people in the concentration


of their learning, rather than purely and simply be progress.


Instead of assessments marked by teachers, the plan is to put more


Some marks may come from coursework but this will not be


The changes will be phased in over two years and do not affect


Less formal assessment for young people, and teaching with more depth


of learning and for teachers a reduction workload


Some of these youngsters may have left school by the time the changes


happen. the threat of escalating industrial


action and help restore goodwill? Three years after the launch


of an NHS scheme to give vital support, thousands of patients


with dementia still Suzanne Allan has this exclusive


report. She was but I think


she probably had dementia then. Margret was diagnosed a year


after this photo was taken. She was put on a waiting list


for what the NHS called the one-year It gives everyone with dementia


support from a link They said there was a waiting list


and it would probably be six months The family had help from nurses


but they are on their Consistency, which is really hard


for my mum, because things have My mum has suffered


the most because I think The link worker gives advice


on anything from benefits to keeping A BBC FOI request found


in the Western Isles there was no But if you live in Orkney or


Shetland everyone has received it. This is a group where


people with dementia come Many people here have not


heard of the scheme. We have had a forum before and out


of a group of maybe 30 people, there were about two


in the group who received I think there is still a lack


of awareness about that support. If patients are keen,


what is going wrong? The variation in uptake could be


caused by whoever is offering it, not offering it in a way that


everyone wants it or in some places Western Isles health board have told


us new staff have been recruited and they are supporting


their patients in different ways. The Scottish government recognises


there are challenges. It also promised a new


three-year strategy will be MSPs have tonight complained


that they are not being given enough time to scrutinise


Scottish Government spending plans. The protest comes from Holyrood's


finance committee - chaired by Bruce Crawford,


a former SNP Cabinet Minister. In response, the Scottish Government


said the problem was caused Earlier, I spoke to our political


editor Brian Taylor and asked him What is at stake here is some ?30


billion of public spending for Scotland for the year 2017-18. The


vote should be taken here at Holyrood around February next year.


Before that, there ought to be detailed scrutiny by


parliamentarians and that is being curtailed. That is because the


Chancellor's Oulton spending statement is delayed until the 23rd


of November because of Brexit uncertainties. Scottish Government


say they need to see the colour of the Chancellor's money before they


set the Scottish spending plans. MSP is accept that, but they are unhappy


about one thing. They said they were promised to get a work in progress,


scenario planning, some details as they go. They have now been told


they won't get that. They will get it cold in mid-December. They are


very unhappy with that. -- they will get if culled.


We have a former SNP cabinet minister taking his own government


to task. It is unusual. It is. He's the


former minister for Parliamentary affairs. He knows how these things


are run. This isn't just Bruce Crawford, it is the finance


committee. The committee Koloamatangi committees in general,


the prolonged attempt to strengthen them and beef up their response.


Secondly, an attempt by Parliament as a whole to remind the SNP that


they are in a minority here at Holyrood. This is Parliament bearing


its teeth. Scottish Labour is set to get more


power over policy and people - making it more distinct


from the UK party. A series of reforms were confirmed


by the party's executive last night. Here's our political


correspondent Nick Eardley. Few resignations in recent Scottish


political history have been damning. Johann Lamont's claim


that the Scotland Labour Party Now the new leader thinks


she has found a solution. I'm delighted that what will go


before our members at conference next week is a strong plan


to make Scottish Labour London currently has a say


in who the Scottish party puts The reforms will mean that is


a matter for Scottish Labour. The changes also give the party


north of the border power That includes those the parliament


in Westminster controls. If, as some fear, there


is an attempt to deselect MPs who don't support Jeremy Corbyn,


Scotland could make It could also mean the Scottish


party has different When it comes to the general


election manifesto, how Every part of our Labour family


will come together in one room But for the first time -


and you cannot miss the significance of this -


we will determine all our own policy Leaving last night's meeting of


Labour's executive, she won a penalty for Scotland. That has


raised some eyebrows. The SNP had dominated for the last


couple of years because they have I think with being a more


independent Labour Party in Scotland Will these changes solve the puzzle


of where the balance lies? This could be the last piece


of the reformed jigsaw. Police say they've arrested


a 27-year-old man in connection with offensive behaviour


at the Old Firm match The BBC understands the arrest


is in connection with effigies hung The arrest took place earlier today


and is related to effigies - one draped in a Rangers scarf,


the other in an orange sash - being hung from the upper tier


of the stand containing Police say the 27-year-old man had


been arrested under the Offensive This match was the first time


the two teams had met in the league since Rangers return to the SPL


earlier this season. Police say following a number


of disorder incidents, a team of detectives have been


trawling through CCTV footage and they are now appealing for fans


to send mobile phone footage and they say they are significantly


interested in footage of the vandalism of the away


supporters' toilets - that is the toilets used


by the visiting Rangers fans. They have become aware of footage


circulating on social media showing After the match, Rangers issued


a statement saying they were aware of the disgust felt by fans


who were subjected to a sickening and shameful display


of sectarian hatred. Celtic said they would deal


with all the issues which had arisen and they thank their fans


for the support they had Well, it's over to Kirsteen


Macdonald now with the weather Good evening. It has been a cloudy,


wet evening for many of us. Tonight, gradually, the rain will become


confined towards eastern coastal areas and across the Northern Isles.


Behind that, a lot of dry, clear conditions feeding into the West,


especially. A few mist and fog patches and a chilly night to come


under clear skies, especially through parts of the Northwest with


loads of around three degrees. Tomorrow morning, a dry start for


many of us. Fairly chilly, some finds those of sunshine across much


of the country around 8am. The south west, towards the Glasgow area,


through the likes of Argyll, in through much of the north-west


Highlands, towards the Inverness area and the far north, too. One of


two showers affecting the Western Isles, perhaps the Isle of Skye at


times. For the Northern Isles and north-eastern coastal areas, cloudy


skies with outbreaks of rain. As we go through the morning, that rain


will pull away and that allows much of the UK some dry, bright


conditions with some spells of sunshine. Some showery rain


affecting Wales during the morning, pushing through the Midlands and


eventually through eastern parts of England. I had off that, with some


sunshine, temperatures will rise to around 21 degrees. Otherwise, around


15 to 17 degrees, a few showers affecting Northern Ireland and the


West of Scotland as we go through the day, accompanied by


strengthening southerly winds. For the evening period across Scotland,


the showers will become more heavy and more frequent and gradually


track their way eastwards. By Friday, we still have high pressure


holding on across much of the UK, which affords us another largely dry


day with some spells of sunshine. This area of low pressure will begin


to make its presence felt later on Friday, especially across the North


West of Scotland and Northern Ireland, and this weather front will


affect many of us on Saturday, bringing rain and strengthening


winds. But Friday, a lot of dry, bright weather with spells of


sunshine. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25 tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late


team here in Glasgow


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