22/09/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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BBC Two or at Here on BBC One it's time


for the news where you are. The SNP narrowly avoided defeat


on council tax reforms tonight, because Labour leader


Kezia Dugdale failed to vote. Earlier, a majority of MSPs backed


a Conservative amendment which said the Government's


council tax proposals But when it came to


the final decision, Labour insists its Scottish leader


did vote on the motion, which was defeated only


on the casting vote of Yes, 63. No, 63. There were no


abstentions. As the boat is tight and we have been unable to reach a


view on emotion, I have to exercise my casting vote. In line with the


approach taken by my predecessors, I will cast against the motion. The


Well, the Scottish Parliament says its checked the electronic


voting system in the chamber and found it to be


Our Correspondent, Andrew Kerr reports.


It was a day of high drama here at Holyrood after a rather pedestrian


start to the afternoon. Labourer, Lib Dems and the Greens are angry


with the Scottish Government because they promise to scrap council tax,


but haven't done so. The Conservatives are upstairs to --


upset, to. They say money will be taken from the local authorities to


pay for and attainment gap fund. There was a final vote when MSPs


were tied at 63 - 63. There was a bit of a mystery, who was that


missing MSP? The Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh had to use his casting


vote and it saved the Government from defeat as he would do to


preserve the status quo. It emerged that the missing vote, the missing


MSP, was none other than the Scottish Labour leader Kezia


Dugdale. She says she did vote demanding an investigation. I


categorically voted in the parliament might. I know that, my


colleague was at my site and soggy vote register. We have to know from


the pilot meant why my vote was not registered. The SNP made a promise


saying they would scrap council tax, they have failed to do that. But


despite opposite parties are uniting to make. Ruck she is very upset at


the unfolding of events. The SNP have released a statement calling


her a Lone Ranger. They say she is taking her new-found autonomy


literally. This is the date because of labourer making changes to


structures. Labour are calling for an investigation into the Parliament


putts voting system. The parliament said they have checked the voting


system and are satisfied it is working properly. A bit of a mystery


tonight, but real frustration from the opposition today that the


Scottish Government managed not to be defeated tonight.


Scotland's independent police watchdog is to carry out a review


of undercover policing, after the UK Government refused


to extend an investigation currently underway in England and Wales.


The Scottish Government has asked the Inspector


of Constabulary to investigate, claiming there's evidence


that units from south of the border operated here.


There have been claims that some English officers worked


undercover with activists, who were planning to disrupt the G8


meeting at Gleneagles in 2005, and had sexual relations


Offshore workers have voted to accept a new pay


The dispute sparked the first strikes offshore


Members of the Unite and RMT unions, who work for oil services company


Wood Group, have voted for a revised offer.


A series of stoppages took place on seven Shell platforms


Police are investigating after messages were posted


on the internet featuring convicted religious killer Tanveer Ahmed.


They were apparently recorded in phone calls


from Barlinnie Prison, and contain mainly religious thoughts.


Ahmed was convicted last July for murdering Glasgow


The way some of our most vulnerable people are cared


for needs to change, to stop costs getting


That's according to the public spending watchdog.


Otherwise nearly ?700 million will need


to be found to pay for social work and social care by 2020.


Here's our local Government correspondent Jamie McIvor.


Karen is one of Scotland's's army of unpaid


She gets a lot of help from charity worker Susan.


Karen's partner is diagnosed with a form of


He went into the doctors office as a working man, and left as


The practical help Karen is receiving makes a huge difference.


Even a advice on household goods that are suitable for people with


It all means social services do not need


to get involved, at a cost of


People support them, to maintain their own confidence as


This all highlights a very big debate -


just what sort of social services can the taxpayer ruler


Are elderly people are consuming more of the social


work budget, the demand in the system, demographic change,


highlighted the fact there is not enough money, it is making things


But it is hard to divorce this debate about what is


best to those who need help from simple questions of saving cash.


This led to fierce exchanges at Holyrood.


And the truth is, the


accounts commission report tells us that overall spending is falling,


In fact, it says that these cuts or unsustainable.


And the truth is, they do not have to happen.


I'm only asking because Sturgeon to do what she has wanted


to do her retire political life, make different choices from the


I would ask her to reflect on the position she


She stands up regularly and says that the future


looks to be a Tory future in terms of the Westminster government, and


yet she has got the nerve to come here and lecture me about the


implications of Tory cuts that her party are powerless to do anything


One important thing the Scottish Government has been doing


is integrating health and social care.


The report argues that the people who rely on the service


and the wider public must be more involved in shaping its future,


saying fundamental decisions have to be taken on how services


are provided, and calls for a wider debate on the level, nature


What would seem clear from this report is that the status


Six more men have been arrested in connection with disorder


Police have now made a total of 76 arrests,


following the pitch invasion at the Hibernian-Rangers match


A Celtic fan is to stand trial, charged with displaying an offensive


banner and blow-up figures at an Old Firm match.


27-year-old Ross Brady entered a plea of not guilty


at an appearance at Glasgow Sheriff Court.


Prosecutors claim he acted with others in behaviour


that might be likely to incite public disorder.


Brady faces a single charge under the Offensive


Rangers will play Celtic and Aberdeen will play Martin.


The songs of Robert Burns are often performed in a way that


focusses on the words rather than complex musical arrangements.


But researchers at Glasgow University have recorded some


of his works as they would have been performed in the 18th century.


The result has more in common with middle class Edinburgh drawing


rooms than Dumfries drinking howffs, as Aileen Clarke reports.


This song doesn't sound half as bawdy in this very refined


Burns, of course, wrote the lyrics using


But when he submitted the songs to his


Edinburgh publishers well, those tunes were given a very classical


What we've never really appreciated is that most of those


songs, the vast majority of Burns's songs were collected or written for


two rather posh, published collections of songs.


And because they were part of an 18th-century


musical culture they sound a bit classical,


they sound a bit fancy in


comparison to the more, kind of, songs on guitar or songs with fiddle


or the more folk settings that a lot of people appreciate.


Burns, the 18th-century remix, has been recorded and has been published


The culmination of a five year research project funded to


the tune of ?1 million by the UK arts fund.


This would have sounded quite fancy played on a drawing-room harpsichord


and it has given this classical musician involved in the recording


I was quite surprised at the beginning of


the project to learn of


composers such as Beethoven who have written musical settings for Burns's


poetry, burns's international reach is expanding all the time and able


to influence these men classical composers.


His appreciation of Burns came from her father in the musical Bill.


For him I think Burns worked better unaccompanied, or with a nice


setting that kind of, you know, brought out the nuances of the text.


Burns for these collections were so important


that he gave his songs for


Burns, of course, is warmly regarded as the people's poet.


But it's clear that he himself was also


keen to be celebrated in the smart drawing


style that echoed that of his artistic peers.


But as he would have said himself a man's Dame Ann for


Aileen Clarke, Reporting Scotland, Glasgow.


Well, It's over to Kirsteen now with the weather outlook


Did evening. But had heavy and thundery downpours across the


Western powers and coastal areas. Over the next few hours that wet


weather will continue to track its wheat used words, eventually


clearing to eat much tyre and clear conditions behind it and each chilly


night for some sheltered and rule a serious, with perhaps a bit of


frost. Into tomorrow morning we dawn on a dry note. Plenty of sunshine to


come tomorrow morning. Daily chilly still. Around eight o'clock tomorrow


morning, more especially across eastern areas. Ten or 11 Celsius for


western coastal parts. A bit more cloud across western and Northern


Isles tomorrow morning, with just a huge sherries lingering. A gusty


west of the UK, high pressure gives decent autumnal weather. It's all


changing as we go through the afternoon across Northern Ireland


and Scotland with rain moving in companies by wind. Across the


north-west of Scotland when that rain set in, it really stays with us


during much of Friday night and well into Saturday. As a result, the Met


office has issued a yellow warning. Risk of localised flooding,


hazardous driving conditions and the winds will increase reaching glial


forest alone western coastal areas. Into Saturday we still hold onto


that wet, windy weather. Heaviest and most persistent across the west


Scotland and Northern Ireland and eventually moving in the south-west


of England and parts of Wales, too. Further south and east a lot of dry


and bright weather with spells of sunshine and with southerly winds


temperatures could reach the rent 23,000 years. The wind eventually


easing later. Presenting we have a southwesterly flow winging frequent


and at times heavy showers into the north-west and a fresher feel.


Our next update is during breakfast, at 6.25am tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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