23/09/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


There's been a threefold rise in children being trafficked


into Scotland, with the highest numbers from Vietnam.


The BBC has also learnt that seven children subsequently


disappeared from care, thought to have been taken


has been to meet some of those who've been trafficked.


This boy was sent to Scotland in the lorry when he was 15.


As part of the journey, he remembers walking


When he arrived, he had no idea what country


TRANSLATION: In the early days, my mind was full


Two of the Vietnamese boys he was with then disappeared.


Because those two fled, I was even more scared.


Figures obtained by the BBC show that over


100 children have been trafficked into Scotland in the past six years,


and more than half of them came from Vietnam.


A quarter have been forced to work in cannabis plantations,


More than 10% became domestic slaves behind closed doors.


Others are on our high streets, forced to work in


I think it is a growing problem because of the refugee


It is the tip of the iceberg, because we only see those


lucky enough to escape will be rescued from a situation.


There are probably a lot of children we don't


know about that are being exploited in different situations.


For those trafficked into Scotland, the


nightmare does not necessarily end once they escape.


Seven Vietnamese children have since disappeared,


thought to have been abducted by the very gangs


That includes a 15-year-old, feared to have been abducted in Glasgow


This boy's parents died when he was ten.


A gang found him and forced to work a shoeshine boy.


They then put him into the back of a lorry.


We cannot show his face because he lives in fear of the


TRANSLATION: A person brought a gun to threaten me.


He asked me to stay inside, not make any noise.


If someone hears me inside, they would


They said if I don't work, they would kill me.


Scotland is a long way from Vietnam, but experts


say the global refugee crisis means the numbers trafficked here will


continue to rise, and that more support is required to ensure that


once rescued these children do not go missing again.


A drink-driver has admitted causing the death of a woman in a crash,


as she returned home from her son's wedding.


Fifty-seven-year-old Marie Laurie had just got into a taxi


with her husband, when it was hit by a car being chased


Today the High Court in Glasgow heard that the driver,


21 year old Steven Bennie, was travelling at eighty miles


Steven Bennie, in the suit, was 20 years old in November last year,


with only a provisional licence when, after drinking enough with


friends to put him over the drink-drive limit, he refused to


stop when police tried to pull him over.


Marie Laurie had just got into


a taxi with her husband, on their way home from her son's wedding.


The court heard that after Steven Bennie,


who was driving in an Astra, sped off from the police coming


switched off his headlights and was driving at


In the taxi, James was handing his wife, Marie Laurie,


the flowers she had been given at the wedding.


When Steven Bennie's car hit the taxi, it did so with


such impact that the taxi spun round.


Marie Laurie lost consciousness a few minutes later


and despite the actions of the lease and paramedics, she died.


Her husband survived but sustained multiple injuries including rib


fractures and a laceration to his liver.


Marie Laurie's family were


clearly shocked when they heard the speed that


I thought maybe 60 mph, but it set the


whole family back when we heard that.


It was his wedding that Marie Laurie had been at.


The family are pleased that Steven Bennie has


admitted his guilt and they can be left to grieve.


Marie Laurie was a much loved mother, stepmother,


My mum was just a very genuine woman.


Steven Bennie was remanded in custody and will be sentenced


The judge told him he will be given a prison sentence.


Edinburgh council has ordered a survey of its buildings,


following the closure of seventeen schools earlier this year


Half a million pounds has been set aside for the checks on buildings


constructed at about the same time as the schools.


It started with the collapse of this wall, and similar construction flaws


were discovered at other PFI schools in Edinburgh.


Repairs done, pupils back in class, Edinburgh Council have now ordered a


survey of other city buildings to check whether the problems are more


The surveys will focus on building is built around the same


time using a similar design model as the ones where problems have been


The council are refusing to say exactly which buildings


engineers will be looking at, but there are dozens on the list.


Described as precautionary, ?500,000 has been set aside for work


councillors hope will reveal nothing new.


You can't rule it out and that


is the reason for the survey, although so far the buildings are


Nevertheless, it seems prudent, having discovered


problems in the school buildings, to look at others with a similar


design, to satisfy ourselves they are completely safe.


Last month a BBC investigation revealed


construction defects at schools elsewhere in Scotland.


This architect believes others should


follow Edinburgh's decision to look beyond the school estate.


The incredible thing that Fiona Walker's


investigation threw up was the extent, the possible extent


of how many failings there are potentially


The surveys are expected to take a few months.


All the while, an independent enquiry


into the school closures continues, with a report due by the end of the


Rangers striker Kenny Miller has been arrested in connection


with an alleged disturbance at a restaurant


The incident happened at


Da Luciano in Bothwell on Saturday the 10th of September -


hours after Rangers lost 5-1 to Celtic.


Police Scotland confirmed that a 36-year-old man had been arrested


and was the subject of a report to the procurator fiscal.


Let's get the weather outlook for tonight


Thank you very much. Good evening. And unsettled weekend of whether to


come. Tonight looks cloudy with further pulses of rain. Heavy and


persistent rain across the North West especially and a windy night


for all of us with strong, if not deal force southerly winds. Cloudy


tomorrow, that rain keeps coming from the north-west. Gradually


extending its way that bit further south and east. A Met Office yellow


bee aware warning in force in the west throughout most of the day


tomorrow due to be persisted and heavy nature of that rain. Some


localised flooding possible. Hazardous driving conditions and


those winds still strong and some destruction to ferry services


likely. We do have some shelter with some drier, brighter conditions


across the likes of the borders in towards Edinburgh. North Aberdeen


shire and the Moray coast and given any brightness in the sunshine,


temperatures will rise to around 19 Celsius here. Very much the


exception to the rule, however, most of us cloudy and rainy. A clearance


coming into words the Western Isles and sky towards the end of the


afternoon. The wind is beginning to ease here too. Across the far North


East at the Northern Isles, rather cloudy skies. Any rain we do seek


you will be light and the wind will remain strong to gale force. For the


rest of the UK tomorrow, that rain continues to track its way to


Northern Ireland, eventually reaching the South West of England,


possibly Wales. Further south and east of here, with that warm,


southerly airflow, temperatures will be well above average for the time


of year. And first Saturday evening and night coming eventually that


rain clears way to the east and the winds will ease will stop on Sunday,


it looks showery. That is the forecast.


From everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


and around the country, goodnight.


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