26/09/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The newly re-elected Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn has told BBC Scotland


he believes the party can win back "a lot" of support in Scotland.


He said there was a "great deal of hope" in the Scottish party,


despite it finishing third in May's Holyrood election.


Here's our political correspondent, Nick Eardley.


How does Labour solve its Scotland problem?


May saw its worst ever result at a Holyrood election,


relegated to third place behind the Tories, but with no sign


of the top two changing, will things change in message?


The reality is, they are not using the powers they've got


in the Scottish Parliament, and local government cuts continue.


Therefore, people lose their jobs


Can you win a general election in Scotland?


We can win a lot of support in Scotland.


We have won local elections and by-elections.


We have elections next year,


and bigger elections later on for Westminster.


The Scottish party is in a good place.


A row over whether the Scottish leader should be able to


elect a representative to the UK executive was a theme today.


Sources say Mr Corbyn tried to block it.


There has to be a Scottish member of the National Executive,


The decision making on that


is what the discussion was about.


We will come to that conclusion, and there will be


Are you happy for it to be Kezia Dugdale?


Very happy. We work well together.


Now on to try to win back those voters.


The newly re-elected Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn has told BBC Scotland


he believes the party can win back "a lot" of support in Scotland.


Well, as we saw in that piece - the Scottish Labour Leader -


Kezia Dugdale has also been on the podium this afternoon


and our Political Correspondent David Porter


sent this report from Liverpool earlier.


Behind me is the famous River Mersey and Merseyside is what is known as a


red region. Labour to the core. Of course, once Scotland was like that.


When Curzio Dugdale came to the floor speaking for the first time


since elections when Labour was relegated to third, its worst ever


Scottish election result, she reaffirmed that she would be willing


to put taxes up in order to protect public services. Since the Brexit


vote, many people in Scotland think the defining issue is whether there


is going to be a second Scottish independence referendum. Kezia


Dugdale tackle that had on. We cannot risk the uncertainty of


another referendum and we will vote against any Rapunzel for a second


independence referendum in this Parliament. Despite the public show


of support for each other there are many in labour who still feel that


Jeremy Corbyn is the right person to lead the party. Many people still


don't believe he can lead them to an election victory. Iain Murray who


resigned from the Shadow Cabinet made it clear he would only return


to the Shadow Cabinet if there were elections to that body. Tomorrow the


conference moves on to vote on proposals to give Scottish Labour


more autonomy and give Kezia Dugdale more power on the body that


regulates the whole of the Labour Party, the National executive.


Tonight, sources in Scotland are pretty confident that they will win


that vote tomorrow. Eight senior doctors, including


the Queen's former surgeon, have been cleared of wrongdoing


after a series of investigations said to have cost


five million pounds. The General Medical Council launched


the probe after NHS Grampian handed over an internal report


into the behaviour of the doctors. Kevin Keane sent this report


earlier this evening. These investigations have been


rumbling on for the last two years and they focus on senior surgeons


and medical staff here at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Among them is the


Queen's former surgeon, seven other people were also investigated. Two


reports that have been published over that time into their behaviour


and practices. One was said to be critical of all eight individuals


and it was passed to the General medical Council for consideration.


They have considered all the recommendations in their report and


have announced that they have been cleared of all allegations against


them and the case against all eight individuals has been closed. This


raises lots of questions about NHS Grampian's handling of this


investigation and that in the investigation's report on how they


contradict what they see no to be saying. NHS Grampian, incidentally,


say they don't recognise the ?5 million figure but they won't


comment on the price tag associated with it. Instead, they simply say


they will get an providing the high quality of medical surgery services


that they offer. The Queen's surgeon says he is gratified to be cleared


of the case and he's thanked his colleagues and patients who have


supported him over the last few years but has now resigned from his


post. Divers have today been


assessing the damage caused to a Caledonian McBrayne ferry -


which briefly ran aground and hit the pier as it tried to berth


in the Western Isles yesterday. All 76-passengers and crew escaped


uninjured after the vessel appeared But the incident has


raised local concerns. It was just after 11am yesterday


when the MV Hebrides appeared to steam out of control


when she approached Lochmaddy The ferry struck a number of


pontoons, and then struck the pier before the crew managed


to berth her successfully. Eyewitnesses said the vessel


had approached the harbour described the incident as


the result of a technical failure. The crew managed to take


control of the ship There were 45 passengers


and 31 crew on board, Divers have assessed


the whole of the ship today, and the Marine Accident


Investigation Branch has launched Structural engineers


will have two assess the Safety is our number one priority,


so we currently have We have an incredibly low incidence


rate, and that's something


we look to maintain day by day Damage has apparently been caused


to a series of pontoons installed just two yearsago


by a local group at a cost of


hundreds of thousands of pounds. Fortunately, there were no yachts


berthed at the section hit by the ferry, but questions are now


being asked over the siting of the structure is so close


to the ferry terminal. At the time, people


were happy with the siting, Caledonian McBrayne


say they are putting on additional sailings to other routes


to try to minimise disruption caused to the Hebrides being


forced out of service. They warn that with high winds


forecast over the next 48 hours, there could be further


delays and cancellations. North Sea helicopter operators


are being urged to do more to protect their passengers'


survival chances in case of a crash. The Civil Aviation Authority made


safety recommendations more than two years -


after five significant offshore They say there's no specific action


yet to put the The trial of a bin lorry driver


accused of causing the death Ian Dick told the High Court


in Stirling the scene was "shocking" and not one he ever


wished to see again. This is the road where Peter Wills


died in December 2014 in Dunblane. He had been out on a


motorised wheelchair. Scott Hamilton was driving


a bin lorry that day. The prosecution alleged he reversed


the lorry into Peter Wills, The court heard that Mr Wills


suffered head and neck injuries, Ian Dick told the court


he was driving along the road when he found a bin


lorry blocking his way. When the lorry reversed,


he heard a grating sound. The driver said he then got out


and went to have a look. When Ian Dick had a look,


he saw Mr Wills lying on the ground Scott Hamilton's colleague


on the day said there was no need for one on their vehicle,


and they both checked Mr Wills' wife said her husband had


very good vision, and could see or hear a car miles away,


despite having suffered a stroke. Scott Hamilton denies


dangerous driving. Workers on Virgin Trains East Coast


are to stage a 24-hour strike a week on Thursday in a row over


jobs and conditions. The Rail, Maritime and Transport


union suspended industrial action in the summer but the dispute over


feared job losses Virgin Trains said it will run


a full timetable during the strike. Well, It's over to Kirsteen


now with the weather outlook Good evening. Skies continued to


clear this evening and some of you in the North have reported seeing


the aurora borealis. Tonight it will in the North have reported seeing


become Chile but over the second half of the night cloud will


increase followed by outbreaks of light and patchy rain, Misty and


murky conditions and temperatures recovering somewhat. A fairly cloudy


start with outbreaks of rain pushing into the Northwest primarily with


the wind strengthening all the while. Around eight o'clock in the


morning it will be let in skies with patchy outbreaks of rain in the


South. More rain out towards the Isle of Skye and the Western Isles.


Brighter tomorrow morning including in the far north-east and Northern


Isles. As we go through the morning, generally it's quite a dramatic


change in the weather. All this rain will clear away into the North Sea,


following it will be much drier conditions with spells of brightness


and sunshine although the wind continues to increase. Tomorrow


afternoon, bright with some sunshine across Northern Ireland. Much of


England and Wales staying cloudy with drizzly outbreaks of rain.


Highs of around 20 Celsius. The best of the sunshine in eastern Scotland


tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow evening, winds continuing to


increase. Severe gale force winds across the Northern Isles for a


time. Interwetten -- into Wednesday, more gale force winds.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25 tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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