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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Police have charged the Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry


Ms McGarry has been under investigation after the Women


for Independence campaign group reported discrepancies


The MP stood down from the SNP group at Westminster last year


A report will now go to the Procurator Fiscal.


Our political editor, Brian Taylor, has more details.


Natalie McGarry, Scottish National Party, 24,000...


May last year, triumph - Natalie McGarry ousted Margaret


Curran of Labour in Glasgow East at the UK general election.


It was part of a clean sweep for the SNP in Glasgow.


Natalie McGarry was at Nicola Sturgeon's side to celebrate


And the sense of uplift continued when Ms McGarry made


her maiden speech in the House of Commons.


I am privileged to be here, serving the people of Glasgow East.


I was swept here on a tide of optimism.


That tide seemed to turn when concerns were raised about


funding within the campaign group Women for Independence.


Natalie McGarry was a leading member.


As those concerns emerged, Ms McGarry resigned the whip


in December last year, determined, she said,


Although no longer part of the SNP she has remained


She even wore her wedding dress for a Commons photoshoot of female


MPs after having her marriage blessed in a historic


Enquiries continued and her solicitor said his client


attended Govan police station this morning on a voluntary basis.


He said following an interview the MP


was charged with several alleged offences including embezzlement of


funds, breach of trust, and an offence under the Scottish


That is the statute which set out the rules


It is understood the charges against Natalie McGarry relate both


to Women for Independence and to the SNP Glasgow


From the outset the MP has stressed her innocence.


The first shipment of shale gas from America has arrived here -


but the tanker has so far been unable to dock at Grangemouth


But the fracked gas is highly controversial.


The Scottish government has a moratorium on fracking


while environmental studies take place.


The plant's owners - INEOS - say it's good


Here's our environment correspondent, Kevin Keane.


A new dawn breaks over the North Sea.


And a traditional water salute welcomes the first shipment of shale


On the tip of the bow, a lone piper heralds the


arrival of this controversial delivery.


The petrochemical giant receiving it says it is necessary for jobs.


It's cost effective today, and looking forward it will take


some time to develop the shale gas industry in the UK.


When that comes that's going to be a benefit.


In the meantime we will secure jobs to get the business running.


Ships come and go along the Firth of Forth but this


one was always going to attract attention.


And this is the iconic scene it's all about.


27,500 cubic metres of shale gas about to


disappear under the Forth Bridge on its way to Grangemouth.


The controversial shipment was meant to arrive at the quayside


with a fanfare, but high winds meant it couldn't dock.


When it's finally off-loaded, the ethane will be fed


into the many miles of pipes here, ultimately coming out as small


No Scottish minister was there to greet the ship today,


they are keeping their distance while their policy position on


It is important that we have a moratorium in place while we


in Scotland understand the science behind the proposed technology.


It's not for the UK Government to tell the Scottish Government


We are clear on our policy position in the rest of the UK.


We believe there is significant economic benefit that can come from


fracking, but in Scotland it is a matter for the Scottish Government.


In the States shale gas has boosted the economy but not


Seismic tremors and water pollution among the issues


Here protesters gathered, albeit in small numbers, to reflect


The impacts of fracking are devastating wherever it


happens, and the refrain of the global anti-fracking movement is not


For now the shale gas ship remains anchored in the Firth.


It will make a fresh attempt to dock on tonight's high tide.


A bin-lorry driver has admitted causing the death of an 80-year-old


Scott Hamilton reversed a Stirling Council recycling lorry


into a mobility scooter used by Peter Wills.


At the High Court in Stirling, the 44-year-old was banned


from driving immediately and will be sentenced in October.


The offence carries a maximum penalty of five


Scottish Labour is to get new powers to set its own policy


and send a representative to the party's UK executive.


The measures were agreed at the party's conference


in Liverpool, despite claims part of the package was undemocratic.


From Liverpool, here's our political correspondent,


A vote she hopes will help Scottish Labour


One that brought the party's power struggle to the fore.


whether Ms Dugdale should get a seat on the UK executive.


The package going forth will gerrymander the NEC and


allow for the decision made at the weekend to be vetoed.


That contested by Ms Dugdale's allies.


An opportunity to close the door on our opponents who make


the accusation that Scottish Labour cannot talk for Scotland.


A challenge that ultimately ended in failure.


Resolution one on NEC rule changes was carried.


This is about more than who has a say on which body within


The Scottish party spent years trying to fend off


claims that it's controlled by London.


And after days of wrangling here in Liverpool, this is a victory


She's got the autonomy she craves and she has more


A delighted Ms Dugdale says she'll take the seat


It's the biggest change to how the Labour Party organises


itself in a generation and it's been a long time coming.


How do you now persuade the country to vote for you?


I understand to a lot of people this might seem like navel gazing,


internal to the Labour Party, but it is clear that the Labour Party


speaks up for Scotland and puts Scotland first.


Tomorrow this man will be beating the drum for his


policies, but how closely will that be echoed by the Scottish party?


The sister of a man accused of the murder of a restaurant worker


in North Lanarkshire almost 20 years ago has told the High Court


in Glasgow that he claimed to have got away with "the perfect murder".


Margaret Chisholm was giving evidence at the trial


He denies fatally stabbing Surgit Singh Chhokar in Overtown


in North Lanarkshire in November 1998.


Now - do we have a crisis in keeping doctors in general practice?


It's a question MSPs have been discussing on the Health


Committee today - with one in four practices


The Health Secretary set out her vision for


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Reevel Alderson, has been


Each Tuesday this GP surgery in Edinburgh


offers a handful of places on its patient list.


I think it's quite degrading a wee bit, making


When really you should be able to walk in when you want to register.


It's the third unsuccessful attempt to join the practice for this


I will say they are very uncompassionate.


Doctors' leaders say the shortage of GPs is affecting the


It will mean more pressure on hospital services,


It means it's increasingly difficult for patients to register with


We are beginning to see a situation where lack of GPs mean


there may not be a GP available outside of hours.


The Royal College of General Practitioners has


launched a campaign to persuade more medical students like these at


Aberdeen University to join the profession, emphasising it's not


I don't really know what it is about community medicine,


it's something you have to be passionate about to want to do.


I suppose you probably get to know your patients a lot


better in community medicine but I don't know.


I like the idea that you get to do a bit of everything


and build a community, build up a relationship with your patients,


You get so many people, families, stuff like that.


The GP crisis is especially acute in areas like Shetland.


Here patients can be seen by an advanced nurse practitioner


who can diagnose, prescribe and treat them without them seeing a


It cuts down my costs, obviously, and probably, I would


think, cuts down on the National Health Service costs.


Because Chris, our community nurse, can come along


and check me at his convenience and mine.


government has developed to free up GP time,


which is also seen as beneficial for patients.


It's about the choice and a better environment


I see the patients in their own homes which is a safe and


The other option is for them to go and visit


If we see them in their own home it frees up GP time.


It is all about cost and feasibility.


Nurses, pharmacists and other specialists are being recruited to


work in GP practices, which the government says is part


of an increased investment in primary care.


Well, it's over to Christopher Blanchett now with the weather


outlook for tonight and tomorrow...


Good evening. One word sums up the weather for the next few days,


windy. Low pressure pushing west to east and the north of the country


bringing windy and fairly wet weather. By the end of the week,


blustery showers. On the face of it it is a decent start to Wednesday,


some morning sunshine around. Temperatures around 11 to 13 Celsius


and at this stage winds moderate. The chance of one or two morning


showers towards Inverness and the far north-west but they are light


and well scattered. After the dry, find morning, things go downhill


fairly rapidly. You can see behind me that area of rain sweeping its


way inside and by late morning, lunchtime, meaning most areas


getting fairly wet through the early afternoon. Pushing through Northern


Ireland quite quickly, south of the border, dry and bright, some


sunshine, quite warm in the south, into the low 20s. It will be windy


and after the rain around lunchtime dryer through the afternoon, still


cloudy, but holes in the cloud, temperatures up to 19 or 20 in the


South West of Scotland. Another band of Wednesday evening moving


eastwards. With it, windy again. You can see on the southern flank of


that low front the tightly packed isobars, strong winds through


Thursday. We have a yellow warning for disruption on the travel, not


only the fairies but probably restrictions on bridges as well,


gusts likely around the gale force to severe gale force category, with


it blustery showers and a much cooler feel.


The next update is from 6:25am tomorrow morning. From the


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