28/09/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Scotland's last major steelworks, the Dalzell Mill in Motherwell,


has been officially re-opened by the First Minister.


It closed down last year but - under new ownership -


there are renewed hopes for its future.


Our Business and Economy Editor, Douglas Fraser, reports.


Scotland's steel town where the rolling slab again.


A warm welcome today for the return of Dalzell's thunder.


The deal was brokered by the Scottish Government.


The significance of this for Scottish manufacturing industry,


is really important and can't be overestimated.


There are already 100 people back working here,


and plans that Liberty have for the future will hopefully


see that workforce doubled over the next 18 months,


so this is not just hanging on to an old industry,


this is about reimagining the steel industry for the future and giving


These slabs have been made in England and Russia.


They are destined for construction and offshore energy,


but they could be used for much more.


symbolic of the Lanarkshire steel-making past.


The partner plant of Clydebridge has yet to be reopened.


It depends on finding customers and at the right price.


There is no light at the end of the tunnel for the steel industry.


In the UK industry there is an opportunity to serve the needs


Speaking of opportunity, that return of jobs to Dalzell


was not expected by those recently laid off.


You don't know if you're going to be kept on, and that's it.


Luckily, I was one of the ones to be kept on.


Just get on with it, see where it takes us.


The nearby Ravenscraig site has little on it apart


Where the next generation still looks to a future built on steel.


I left Motherwell because there were no opportunities.


Now they are bringing more back to this sort of area.


The people in our generation, I think it would build up a lot more


opportunity for new jobs and stuff and giving people more experience


and stuff to get into different traits like the steelworks.


Battered and hard-pressed, Lanarkshire itself has been


For now, at least, a brighter future.


The Scottish Government has been defeated at Holyrood in a row


A Labour motion noting widespread concern about proposals to downgrade


Earlier, I spoke to our Political Editor Brian Taylor.


Nothing riles local communities more than the faintest hint to their


hospital services. When communities get riled, politicians get worried.


This is Labour gathering folk from various health services across


Scotland concerned about the provision of those services.


Gathering outside Parliament before taking it to a vote in the chamber


this afternoon. Labour's 's strategy was to pull together a whole series


of issues where services are being questioned and reviewed about


possible revision and demanded that ministers called in all these


decisions from the various health boards and demanded that they take


them themselves. In fact, they said ministers should reject the changes


outright. And the ministers have been defeated? The amendment


defending the record has been defeated and the Labour motion went


through. You could see the exasperation on the face of the


Health Secretary. She accused Labour of trying to get around the due


process whereby the county council is involved in these decisions. She


will report back to Parliament on each of these. Will she speed them


up? I don't think so. She will say that accelerating decisions on these


would cut out people from the consultation. She will look at these


proposals in detail and report back to Parliament. This is a reminder to


the SNP that they are a minority here at Holyrood.


Scotland's Chief Constable has revealed that new allegations have


been raised about members of the controversial police


The allegations, made in the past three months,


are of attempting to pervert the course of justice


Phil Gormley has told Holyrood's Justice Committee the allegations


They arise from the investigation into the murder in 2005


A container ship with four cadets


from a Scottish college on board has finally docked in Singapore


after being stranded at sea for a month.


The trainees had been stuck on the vessel


in the South China Sea since its owners


The ship finally docked at eight club this morning and its cargo


quickly off-loaded followed closely behind by the young cadets from


Scotland who flew home after being caught up in this saga at sea. The


day we heard this was all going on, it was very worrying. Especially for


our families who didn't know anything even. The trainee officers


had been studying at the city of Glasgow College and became stranded


when ports around the world refused entry to any ships owned by the


parent company which had collapsed. They faced sending the ship to


Singapore and running out of food. We had nine days of food left and it


is a six-day voyage from Sri Lankan to Singapore. A potential three day


leeway that could have ended worse. We ran out of fresh fruit,


vegetables, eggs, flour. We were already well into running out of


things. The ordeal ended when the Singapore High Court granted the


things. The ordeal ended when the South Korean shipping giant a


temporary reprieve. Much to the relief of their families. Being


their mother, you want to be able to protect and help them and being so


far away you felt so useless. I waiting until I see him, but getting


far away you felt so useless. I excited. After flying home to the


Highlands, one of his priorities is getting a haircut.


The UK Labour leader - Jeremy Corbyn -


has used the closing address to his party's


conference in Liverpool to put activists on an election footing.


he didn't mention Scottish Labour's leader Kezia Dugdale.


From Liverpool here's our political correspondent, David Porter.


These four lads did not do at all badly from being


Whether Labour like it or not, Jeremy Corbyn is very


He is not looking for pop immortality, but supporters would be


delighted if some of the Stardust rubbed off on him as well.


We are the largest political party in Western Europe,


with over 500,000 members, campaigning in every


More people have joined our party in the last 20 months


Few direct references to Scotland, and tellingly,


Instead, a mention of Scotland's largest council.


Glasgow has introduced flexible workplaces for start-up companies.


It is a proud Labour record, and each and every Labour councillor


deserves our heartfelt thanks for the work they do


and the difficulties they endure in doing it.


He put his party on an election footing, quoting Bill Shankly.


The socialism I believe in is everybody working for the same


goal and everyone having a share in the rewards.


That is how I see football, and that is how I see life.


A traditional end to the conference with a rendition of the red flag.


As delegates leave Liverpool, they know that much still needs


Football now and Celtic and Manchester City


played out a six goal thriller at Parkhead tonight


Celtic were keen make amends following their heavy defeat


by Barcelona and set the tempo for the game.


Our senior football reporter Chris McLaughlin has the details.


A quite incredible night of Champions League football here at


Celtic Park. A roller-coaster match in the rain and what a start for


Celtic. Mousa Dembele with the opening after just three minutes. A


touch of offside. Celtic Park erupted. The visitors levelled after


ten minutes, Fernandinho with the finish. Celtic took the lead again.


This time Tierney taking a big deflection. Again, Pep Guardiola's


side fought back through Raheem Sterling. The start of the second


half, Dembele made it 3-2. But like a true heavyweight match, city came


slugging back and Nolito level. Celtic made amends for their 7-0


defeat to Barcelona. Well, It's over to Christopher


Blanchett now with the weather A stormy night and tomorrow morning.


A yellow warning in force. This area of low pressure trundling around the


north of the country bringing high winds and squally showers. The cold


front slipping south of the border and moving through England


overnight. For others, the wind is the story. By eight o'clock tomorrow


morning, perhaps trying to ease back but still we can see we are likely


to have some disruption, not only on the ferries but on the bridges as


well. Potential for brunch is being brought down, debris on the road.


Some big waves around the coasts. Potential over topping on the


causeways. Blustery conditions. But come lunchtime that brief spell of


stormy weather should be easing off. The weather warning disappearing


around one o'clock in the afternoon. The weather front pulling away from


the Kent coastline by afternoon. We will have showers by afternoon and


the Kent coastline by afternoon. We into the evening. Some really potent


ones in central areas. Friday, a little bit calmer. A few showers


becoming increasingly confined to the west. Like tomorrow, a cooler,


fresher feel. The weekend, Saturday brings showery outbreaks of rain.


Further north, generally drier and brighter but Sunday is the pick of


the two days. Decent spells of sunshine. To night and tomorrow,


it's going to be windy. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25 tomorrow morning. here in Glasgow


and around the country - goodnight.


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