30/09/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Prime Minister has told BBC Scotland that she wants


the Scottish Government to be "fully engaged"


in the Brexit talks - but she's emphasised that


ministers in Edinburgh can have no veto over the process.


We're hearing from all the party leaders


Ahead of the Conservative party conference, Theresa May has been


speaking to our Westminster correspondent, David Porter.


One of the consequences of the Brexit vote,


a new Prime Minister entering Downing Street with


The full title of my party is the Conservative and Unionist


party, and that word "Unionist" is very important to me.


Within days, Theresa May was in Edinburgh


As expected, no meeting of minds on politics but an agreement


how will the Prime Minister deal with Brexit and Scotland?


Well, the negotiations will be for the United Kingdom to conduct


I want to ensure that we hear from all parts of the UK,


from the Scottish Government, that we engage with them


on the issues that particularly matter to Scotland.


But what is crucial is that I'm determined we will make a success


of this and I'm really clear that we there will be opportunities


for the whole of the UK as we leave the European Union.


We must grasp those opportunities, but I also want to be a government


that works for everyone, not a privileged few.


That means ensuring the benefits of economic growth


For clarity, there can be no Scottish veto?


The United Kingdom will have a position in the negotiations


and as the United Kingdom government we will negotiate


But we will listen to and take account of the particular concerns


of Scotland and other parts of the UK, and we want to ensure


crucially that the benefits we are able to achieve from the deal


we get with the European Union, from the opportunities that


will open up outside the EU in the rest of the world,


Of course, it all plays into the wider


On this, the Prime Minister is resolute.


There are two questions about a second


One, could there be? That is a process issue.


I think the real question is should there be a second


referendum in Scotland? My answer is no.


I continue to believe Scotland is better off as part


of the United Kingdom. I think that is important.


People talk about what is going to happen in terms of leaving


the European Union for Scotland's trade with Europe,


but actually their trade with the rest of the UK,


the economic importance of Scotland being part of the UK


If Nicola Sturgeon came to you and said,


I am planning to hold a second referendum.


Would you say to Westminster, tell them they can't do it?


I think there should not be a second referendum in Scotland.


I continue to believe Scotland is better off as part


of the United Kingdom, and I believe passionately


in the strong union there has been between Scotland


and the rest of the United Kingdom for so long.


Our history, the economic ties that we have,


I want Scotland to remain part of the UK.


Brexit is the dominant issue in the Prime Minister's in-tray.


As the Conservative and Unionist party, to give it its full title,


gathers for its conference in Birmingham, how it impacts


on Scotland is also sure to be a major talking point.


A Scottish boxer is in a critical condition in hospital tonight


after being injured in a fight in Glasgow.


Mike Towell was stretchered from the ring during the bout.


The event was being broadcast live on television.


The fight was against Dale Evans in Glasgow last night.


The Dundee boxer was undefeated going into the fight,


but the 25-year-old was knocked down in the first round


and again in the fifth, before the fight was stopped.


The event at the hotel was organised by the St Andrews sporting club.


They say their thoughts and prayers are with the box and his family.


The club director and Mike Towell's manager travelled with him


in the ambulance to the hospital and spent the night by his bedside.


I know he is a good fighter and he can punch like myself.


It was either going to be him or me, but nobody ever wants to see someone


stretchered out of the ring and I hope he is all right.


The referee was also in charge of this British middleweight


title fight in March between Chris Eubank Junior


and Nick Blackwell, in which Blackwell suffered


a bleed in the skull, ending his career.


That fight, and about last night, raised questions


about the safety of the sport, but it is being defended.


The way boxing is run, the medics in the game,


the British board of Boxing Control do a fantastic job,


I believe boxing is a relatively safe sport.


Mike Towell's family remain with him at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,


where he is still in critical condition.


A former Scotland international footballer has denied offering


advice on how to bribe coaching staff at clubs in England.


Eric Black, who's now assistant manager with Southampton,


was filmed talking to undercover reporters.


It was part of an ongoing Daily Telegraph investigation


More from our sports reporter David Currie.


This is Eric Black Bean filmed covertly. It's claimed he knew staff


It all could be eges he named staff at


pass on information about players to the company


black denied suggesting that any football officials should be paid


and said that it related to food and scupper an agency might approach.


Eric Black made his name as a player at Aberdeen.


The Lanarkshire born forward spent five years with Aberdeen before


moving to France with Metz. He had a brief period as assistant manager at


Celtic and a short time as Motherwell manager before starting


his managerial career in England with Coventry City. After a number


of coaching and caretaker manager positions he became assistant boss


at Premier League Southampton this year. Southampton say that they are


fully committed to investigating the claims and intend to work closely


with the English Premier League, and the English FA.


Football, and there was one match in the Scottish Premiership tonight.


Hearts won 3-1 at Motherwell to move up to second place.


The Edinburgh side scored through Nicolson, Paterson and Joum,


before James McFadden hit a late consolation goal for the hosts.


Let's get the weekend weather forecast now, from Christopher.


Good evening to you. It is dry, clear and cold tonight. Touch of


missed and cost as well, but generally dry. Most of the wet


weather to the south courtesy of this low pressure bringing showers


from Wales towards England making for a soggy Saturday year, but for


us, reasonably dry. Some showers towards the North Channel but most


of the mainland dry with some cloud and some spells of sunshine. But it


is south of the border where the wet weather is on Saturday. Really quite


soggy through parts of Wales into the Midlands and the south coast.


Dry for the North of England and towards Northern Ireland with a few


bright spells and showers. Similar to what we will see by the


afternoon, bright spells and showers. This is a scene at 4pm,


around 14 Celsius at best and feeling pleasant in those light


winds. There is the chance of one or two heavier, thundery downpours but


they will be later and he will be unlucky to catch one. Some showers


for Orkney, Shetland should be dry and bright. By the end of the day


those showers fade to leave spells of sunshine and overnight it will be


cold than this coming night, but for Sunday, with a ridge of high


pressure in charge across the UK, it will be dry, fine and sunny. A


chilly start on Sunday, round about freezing mark but when the sun comes


up it should warm up and it will be a lovely day with plenty of sunshine


and blue sky. The winds light, with temperatures up a notch or two.


From everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


and around the country, goodnight.


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