03/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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You have a fight coming up, you have a


medical, they are always checking you.


Obviously it is just now and again, a tragedy


The former world champion, Ricky Hatton, has


started a fund for Mike Towell's partner and son.


He knows the sport is under scrutiny.


The daggers have come out, boxing should be banned.


But the authorities have everything in order to make the boxers as safe


But there must be changes in the sport, according to one


There are medical checks, perhaps they will be


But so much is also dependent on


Sports people will tell lies so they don't miss a football


A lot of it is dependent on their honesty.


You can never make this 100% safe, it


The very nature of the sport as well, means


An investigation into the death of


His Welsh opponent says he is absolutely heartbroken


and his family are trying to come to terms with their loss.


Police searching for an RAF serviceman


who disappeared near his base in Suffolk nine days ago


say there's nothing to suggest that he was abducted.


23-year-old Corrie McKeague was last seen on CCTV walking alone.


Police are now examining a bin lorry, which is believed to have


gone along the same route as a signal detected


Just four words from his mother, Nicola,


brief, brutally honest about something the family


There seems to be no evidence to suggest


At 3:24am on Saturday morning he was seen on CCTV,


and so far, there is no evidence to show where


Police have released images identical to that of what he was


wearing and searching have covered hundreds


Today, the focus was at Barton Mills by the A11.


Phone tracking picked up Corrie's phone on


At the same time, a bin lorry travelled


The vehicle has been seized and the conference was told


Where do you place this in terms of its importance


Difficult to say, different lines of enquiry and the


CCTV is important, both in terms of Bury St Edmunds but also


The phone is important, but so is a lot


We have a dedicated team who are focused this


The search teams admit their task is like looking for


a needle in a haystack, but they remain determined and methodical.


We will use historic data from something like


That information has been collated by people and it gives us


As his mother I could sit here and talk to you about


But I don't want this to be a story about


Corrie and the person he is, it is about finding him.


The search teams were joined over the weekend by


As much as anything, they wanted to say thank you for


The Scottish Secretary David Mundell says


that the Prime Minister wants to engage with all parts of the UK,


including Scotland, as Brexit negotiations move forward


but that the Scottish Government has no veto on any developments.


Speaking during the Tory party Conference in Birmingham


Mr Mundell also said Scotland cannot stay in the EU


while the rest of the UK exits, but says instead work is underway


Ultimately, the Scottish parliament doesn't have a veto over the UK


Of course they will have a say and important debates,


but they will not have a veto on the process.


I want them to be engaged and and that is why I'm going to


appear before the Scottish Parliament and why David Davis is


We want to proceed on the basis of partnership


and we are looking to work together, not looking for confrontation or


The former Rangers owner Craig Whyte has appeared


again at the High Court, in connection with his takeover


He's charged with obtaining a controlling stake in Rangers


by fraud, and of breaching the Companies Act.


Mr Whyte entered no plea and is due back in court for a hearing


Scientists at Edinburgh University have been testing ways


in which the body's own natural defences might be used to create


The often distressing skin condition affects around eight


There are only so many photographic filters you can use to cover the red


I will do it around my eyes and my cheeks.


As you can see from the creams, I had to


apply them regularly, to hopefully cover up the marks.


Liam has lived with eczema all his life, but the


Growing up as a teenager, you're going through a lot


If you are faced with problems with your skin on top of that, it is


another problem you have to deal with.


When skin is damaged, people usually produce a compound


It doesn't seem to happen with eczema.


At Edinburgh University, scientists have been


It is a culture broth that allows these


artificial skin systems to grow in the lab.


They have instructed the cells to produce this substance


They have been able to show this defensive thing not only kills


bacteria, but strengthens the skin barrier that fights


For many people, it is a lifelong treatment and that is a


mixture of moisturisers and steroid creams.


Steroid creams can become less effective as you get older, but


This can give us an insight into how you


It could be trying to instruct the eczema


skin to try and make this defensive thing.


Or it could be making the defensive to make


The challenge is to get it out of the lab, but that could be


But the sufferers like Liam, it would been freedom


Aberdeenshire singer-songwriter Emeli Sande is back in the limelight


The pop star is playing a series of intimate gigs ahead of her second


Back on home turf and back in the spotlight, the last few years


have been an emotional roller-coaster for


It just feels like a big emotional explosion,


it felt like the first time I wasn't trying to like censor


anything, I just let it all out, this is how I am feeling.


This intimate stage is a long way from


the global one that she dominated for years ago.


Awards galore, bestselling debut album, and


A little bit overwhelmed, to be honest, especially when it was going


on, I wasn't taking in every moment and really reflecting on the days.


When I had time off and looked back at old photos, you know, I felt


proud of not just myself, but the whole team


on a journey together from performing here 15 years ago


There were definitely points where I did feel very tired,


This time around, I want to make sure I


have put aside personal time and do not


This time it is important for me, if I have a day off, don't go


into the studio, just enjoy that peace and time to reflect.


But tonight is a homecoming for Emeli Sande,


with family, friends and fans, a fresh beginning, a new


Well, let's get the weather outlook for tonight


Good evening. A quiet spell considering what we are seeing over


the Alain take with the hurricane in full swing. Tonight, it will be dry.


Here's a picture for one of our weather watchers. Dry with clear


skies for many as we head through tonight. Breezy which should keep


temperatures mild, especially as the winds are quite. Briscoe winds on


the West Coast on the northern isles tomorrow, but dry with spells of the


jive from the first live. Cloud across eastern areas, but still a


pleasant morning. Temperatures already into double figures, but


some inland parts 8-9dC. It will be a lovely start and a lovely autumnal


morning. We hold onto dry conditions with good sunny spells throughout


the day. Maybe some cloud towards eastern coastal areas, particularly


towards Aberdeenshire and the coast and the Northern Ireland 's. The


high pressure dominates things, Northern Ireland looking good,


Wales, across the UK, in fact, dry with sunshine and temperatures above


the seasonal average, 18-19dC and even back in Scotland we could see


highs tomorrow of 18 Celsius for the South West. Holding on to cry


Briscoe winds in coastal areas. The rest of the day pans out the same,


dry, sunshine, dry overnight with clear spells, breezy in coastal


areas. There's a reason for this settled weather. There an expansive


area of high pressure over Scandinavia Scandinavia at the


moment. It's keeping things well outings in the Atlantic at the winds


going to the east, they will increase the weather fronts further


back, so lots of dry weather in its few days, invite the whole week.


Wednesday, dry with this spells, cloud in the east, pleasant with


temperatures are bit lower than we will see tomorrow. Thursday similar,


but brighter in the East. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25am tomorrow morning. But from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around


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