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More on the Ukip leadership crisis on the BBC News Channel.


The Scottish Government is planning a radical extension of the ways


electronic tags can be used on offenders.


Sobriety tags, GPS tracking and tagging will be used


as an alternative to remand for the first time here.


Our political correspondent Lucy Adams has this report.


It means offenders can stay at home rather


Electronic monitoring has been used in Scotland


for almost 15 years, mainly as a form of house arrest.


Now it is fitted, that's when we would


In future, these could be used as an alternative to remand


and for those who offend under the influence of


alcohol, and for the first time in Scotland it could be used


to monitor the movements of offenders using GPS


This is a typical screen we would see for a person that has


There's more than 1,000 people currently tagged in Scotland.


G4S says in future the numbers could be limitless.


They warned there are still blackspots in


reception for GPS and tracking but said overall it is effective.


It is not a soft option, it is a


restriction placed not only on offenders but also the families.


Sobriety tags will be able to pick up on tiny traces of drink in


people's sweat for those who reoffend when drunk.


We spoke to one offender who has been monitored


When I was in prison, I was embarrassed and


ashamed, I didn't want my children to visit me in a place like that


because every dad is Superman to their children


so they don't want to be exposed as having any weaknesses.


I was ashamed to be in prison and to have


done that my family, so having


the opportunity to be out meant the world to me.


It's all part of a wider government review on penal policy.


The objective is to be about thinking about the outcome we are


If it is an individual where we want to monitor


and restrict where they are at particular given times, GPS tagging


could be the most effective way to do that alongside other measures.


can use electronic monitoring more but we also have to be very careful.


We have seen the SNP get soft on issues of justice,


and whilst there is a role to play we have got to


make sure victims don't feel forgotten.


For the Scottish Government now, the job will be


persuading judges monitoring is more effective than prison.


A woman who suffered life-changing injuries in a car crash


when she was sixteen has been warning teenagers about


Laura Torrance has been a wheelchair user since the accident in 1999.


With traffic accidents the biggest killer of young people in Scotland,


she's hoping they'll learn from her experience.


My friend passed his test on the Monday,


this was Thursday night, we went for a drive, had a laugh


We came up to the corner to quickly and rolled into


the farmer's field and I don't remember much after that.


I was 16 and I didn't think this would happen


Hopefully they will look at me and think this can happen to me,


One can have silly mistake and it can


lead to something devastating and life changing.


Demonstrating safety to those about to drive on our


Young drivers up to 25 make up for 10% of drivers in Scotland


and 20% of crashes, it is a disproportionate amount so we need


to do engagement with them to make sure they are where they are


vulnerable and need to work on their experience.


This has been designed to show what a crash might feel


That was a really nasty jolt and it was only six miles per hour.


I'm learning to drive so this makes me more


aware of my situation and


I don't think it will put off anyone from driving,


but I think it will make everyone more cautious about it.


If you're going faster, what would it be like?


One person is killed every week on our roads,


campaigners want people to belt up, slow down, and not use mobile phones


Police in Suffolk searching for a missing airman from Fife say


they still haven't found his phone after checking the contents


Detectives believed his handset may have been lost or discarded


Corrie McKeague, who's from Dunfermline, went missing ten


days ago after a night out in Bury St Edmonds.


There has already been huge publicity about the disappearance of


Corrie, who went out ten days ago on a Friday


night, a few beers, into


the early hours of Saturday, last seen on CCTV, after that nothing.


Police trapped his mobile phone from Bury St Edmunds to this area about


They tracked by using massed in the area.


The theory is it could have been lost or discarded,


mixed in with rubbish, and got into the back of the bin lorry.


Police seized that vehicle and found there


They say they are going through hours of fresh CCTV footage.


They are hoping for a fresh glimpse of


BBC Scotland has obtained the first exclusive pictures of an oil leak


Around 95 tonnes of oil leaked from the Clair field on Sunday,


BP says three surveillance flights flew over the slick today and it


The company says it believes the environmental impact


of the spill is likely to be minimal.


Senior Tories have tonight turned their fire on the SNP,


accusing the First Minister and her party of using Brexit


as a lever to try and bring about independence.


The prospect of a second referendum has been described as a Sword


of Damocles hanging over the Scottish economy.


Here's our political correspondent, David Porter.


Separate but inextricably linked, since that vote in June Brexit and


Scottish independence, issues both vying for attention and causing


From Scotland, no such verbal pitfalls but strong


rhetoric nevertheless on how Brexit is being portrayed.


Using it as an excuse to threaten a second


independence referendum, that's not what the people of Scotland want,


it is a sort of Damocles, the single


biggest threat to Scotland's economy.


And a very direct message to the Government.


We will negotiate as United Kingdom, leave as the


United Kingdom, and face the future together as the United Kingdom.


Elsewhere at the conference, time for the Conservative leader to meet


Most of the stuff I got was, you are from who?


They liked that, but again the issue of Brexit,


It becomes the post of First Minister, the way she has


tried to exploit the vote to get independence back on the table, I


think even she has realised she went too far.


The First Minister will


take issue with that and probably this as well.


Who would we like to see Ruth in Theresa May's cabinet?


Look at that, will you be disappointing these people?


So she doesn't want to be in Theresa May's


cabinet but tomorrow Ruth Davidson will share a platform with the Prime


It becomes the post of First Minister, the way she has


tried to exploit the vote to get independence back on the table, I


think even she has realised she went too far.


The First Minister will


take issue with that and probably this as well.


Who would we like to see Ruth in Theresa May's cabinet?


Look at that, will you be disappointing these people?


So she doesn't want to be in Theresa May's


cabinet but tomorrow Ruth Davidson will share a platform with the Prime


charged in connection with child pornography offences.


Scottish Labour councillor David Fagan,


who represents the Airdrie South ward, is due to appear


A Police Scotland spokeswoman would only confirm a 52-year-old


man had been arrested on the seventh of September.


An MSP is calling for a fatal accident inquiry to be held


into the death of the Dundee boxer Mike Towell, who died on Friday,


after being knocked out in a fight the previous evening.


The 25-year-old had been in a bout with Dale Evans


The Conservative MSP Brian Whittle says it would be


silly to ban boxing, but there needs to be a full


investigation to establish if Mr Towell had a brain injury


In this instance, my concern is around whether there were steps are


missed, we understand he was having headaches beforehand and if that is


the case, why was that Mr? Other steps that are not there that should


be there. It is incumbent upon the sport to ensure that every caution


is taken to ensure tragedies like this don't happen and lessons have


Two Scottish-born scientists have won the 2016


Professor David Thouless - who was born in Bearsden -


shares it with another Scottish-American,


Michael Kosterlitz of Brown University.


Together with the third recipient, Duncan Haldane, they've been


recognised for their work in condensed matter physics.


At the announcement in Stockholm, a member of the Nobel Prize


organisation attempted to explain the phenomenon by tearing a hole


Now for the weather. Good evening. Many of us started the day on a


beautiful note and ended on a lovely note, too. Some glorious sunrise


pictures set and ten from weather watchers. And sunset pictures as


well. The rest of the night will be largely dry. Breezy proposal areas


and some clear spells towards the north west of the country. Low cloud


across parts of Aberdeenshire, Angus and the eastern Borders.


Temperatures likely to drop to around four or five Celsius. By


morning it will be around nine, 11 Celsius. The fine and dry stout in


the day. Sunny both developing and if you're heading out around 8am, it


will be fine, settled and with the best of the sunshine across the west


coast up to the north-west. The east will be cloudy, still fine and dry.


Temperatures around 12 or 13,000 years. The wind still quite strong


coming in from the south-east. The north sea coasts and the Northern


Isles as well. But the wider look at the rest of the UK, fine, settled


and dry for much of the country. Some decent spells of sunshine to


England and Wales. A bit more in you will cloud for England and southern


Scotland. Damage is around average for the time of year. A shade cooler


than it was today. This settled weather is courtesy of an area of


high pressured word Scandinavia and around it we're getting some fresh


winds coming in from the east by the time we reach for their estate. That


high pressure is keeping the Atlantic weather systems at bay. For


most of us on Thursday we are looking at fine, dry set of


conditions continuing, although it will feel cooler with the wind is


coming in from the east apart from England and Wales. The best defence


Temperatures best across the UK here.


From everyone here on the late team in Glasgow, goodnight.


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