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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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It's taken 18 years and three trials, but today, Ronnie Coulter


was finally convicted of the murder of Indian waiter


Coulter was tried for a second time following changes


He'd been originally cleared of the stabbing in Overtown


in North Lanarkshire following a trial in 1999.


The case resulted in wide-ranging changes to the police


and prosecution service after mistakes were made


by the Crown Office and there was found


to be institutional racism within the police.


After an 18-year fight, the family of Surjit Singh Chhokar


Surjit was a loving son, father and brother, who was lucky


to have two stubborn parents, who refused to be silenced


as they fought for justice as a right and not a privilege.


Surjit's late father, Darshan, always said that,


that he would have a hope for justice.


Whilst the dead cannot cry out for justice, it is the duty


after Ronnie Coulter was convicted of murder.


He was working at this Indian restaurant


while also claiming unemployment benefit.


He had a flat here in Gowkthrapple, Wishaw.


Ronnie Coulter, seen here, also lived in the same building,


The trial heard that, on the morning of the 4th of November, 1998,


Andrew Coulter, jobless and looking for cash to buy alcohol,


broke into Mr Chhokar's flat and stole a giro cheque for ?100.70.


After getting his Uncle Ronnie to forge Mr Chhokar's signature,


Mr Chhokar's partner, Elizabeth Bryce, found out


what happened and threatened to call the police.


It was a threat which ended in murder.


Most of the time, Mr Chhokar lived here,


in Garrion Street, Overtown, with Elizabeth Bryce.


On the night of the 4th of November, Ronnie and Andrew Coulter,


travelled here to meet Mr Chhokar coming home from work.


There was a confrontation in the street and it ended


with Ronnie Coulter stabbing Mr Chhokar to death.


Ronnie Coulter was tried and acquitted of murder in 1999.


The following year, Andrew Coulter and David Montgomery were also


There was criticism of how the case was handled.


One report found institutional racism within the police.


Today, officers said the lessons learned from the original case


have vastly improved the way things are done.


The thing for us to do is make sure these things never happen again


and we continue to work the way we do just now.


In terms of this type of investigation,


it's only the second double jeopardy, so these are pretty much


models that we carry out, not just investigation,


but also how we deal with the family and the people involved around about


Ronnie Coulter once boasted of getting away


Now, he faces a life term, when he's sentenced later this month.


The Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, has warned


the SNP government not to pick fights with Westminster.


She was speaking at her party's UK conference.


Our political correspondent, Nick Eardley, was there.


She's something of a superstar at Tory Conference.


Ruth Davidson used her keynote speech to say government


She's been basking in the Scottish Conservatives'


recent electoral success, and she told delegates what she'd be


Instead of picking endless fights with Westminster about


whatever grievance you concocted, pick a fight with poor literacy


and numeracy, and standards in Scotland's schools.


You are the government of Scotland and you were elected to improve


You've seen Nicola Sturgeon on the television most weeks


telling you that Scotland is up in arms, again.


Asserting that independence is closer now than ever before.


Declaring that separation is somehow inevitable.


Well, today, speaking to people from across the UK,


Ruth Davidson has again been given one of the most prominent slots


And although Brexit has been the key theme,


there's been plenty talk too of support for the union


and opposition to another independence vote.


A message that continued as Theresa May set out


I will always fight to preserve our proud historic union


and will never let divisive nationalists drive us apart.


Nicola Sturgeon thinks Mrs May's vision


She's branded immigration proposals hugely worrying.


The Prime Minister insisted change would come.


But she promised it would work for all.


So, my vision is for Britain to be a great meritocracy.


It's what I've always believed in, the cause of everything


I've ever done in politics has been designed to serve.


Because a country based on merit, not privilege,


That's the message they hope will emerge from this conference.


It's one the Conservatives think people want to hear.


Nick Eardley, Reporting Scotland, in Birmingham.


Holyrood has taken the first steps towards


increasing the top four bands of the council tax.


Speaking to Holyrood's Local Government Committee,


which endorsed the plan, the Finance Secretary Derek Mackay


said he wanted some households to pay more for a ?100 million


attainment fund which would help the poorest children.


on the next generation of Royal Navy submarines,


which will carry controversial Trident nuclear missiles.


The first steel was cut at Barrow-in-Furness,


but they'll be based at Faslane on the Clyde.


We're investing in Faslane, all our submarines are going to be


based in Faslane, not just these Successor submarines,


but the Astute-class submarines, of which three have already


been built, and eventually, the Trafalgar-class submarines


that are moving up from Portsmouth, so Faslane will become the base


for all Britain's submarines in future and that is a vote


Workers at Scotrail have voted to accept a deal to end


The RMT union said the agreement guaranteed that guards


would retain their responsibility for safety.


A union spokesman said the settlement should be


where a similar dispute is continuing.


of missing Clydebank teenager Scott Diver.


The 16-year-old has been missing for almost three weeks


and police and his family are increasingly worried.


This image is of Scott walking through Dalmuir Park in Clydebank


just before three on the afternoon of Saturday the 17th of September.


It's the last confirmed sighting and police hope anyone who remembers


An oil supply ship has been detained for a second time


at Aberdeen Harbour for non-payment of seafarer's wages.


The Malaviya Seven was detained in June


under merchant shipping regulations, but later released.


The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has confirmed it has been detained


again and will remain in harbour until the workers are paid.


The Scottish Government's set out seven priorities


They include resilience, responsiveness and adaptability.


And will the aims cut crime and keep communities safe


at a time of financial efficiencies? Morag Kinniburgh has this report.


That is really buckled. Yeah.


Community support in West Lothian,


where more local policing is welcomed.


I think, in previous years, we have seen a little bit of a shift


away from community policing and it's nice to see


Because I think that's about prevention.


You know, if we've got good quality officers on the ground


who know the people here, know the community and people know


them, they build up trust and they build up a rapport that


just strengthens the relationship. And they can nip things in the bud.


They know who's who, people know who they are,


The Justice Minister met police leaders to unveil seven


new strategic priorities, inclusion, prevention


In practice, that means the force is to tackle developing


threats, like cyber crime, as well as community policing.


What the purpose of these new priorities is to make sure


we get that balance right, reinforcing the localism


of policing, but at the same time, making sure the police are able


to adapt and to respond to those new and emerging threats,


which can be in someone's front room.


But new priorities come with no new funding and there's already


Well, we need to make the most of the money that we've got,


we need to spend it wisely and I'm convinced that we can do more


Ultimately, we will have to make choices and that's the same in any


But we are going to do that with people, rather than to them,


and people understand and agree with the decisions we are making.


On the ground, volunteers here hope that means the authorities


are listening and responding to local needs.


Morag Kinniburgh, Reporting Scotland, West Lothian.


Rangers midfielder Joey Barton has been charged with breaking rules


relating to gambling on football matches.


The 34-year-old is accused by the Scottish Football Association


of placing 44 bets between July and September this year.


The player has a week to respond to the charge.


SFA rules ban players, coaches and club officials


from betting on football anywhere in the world.


Scots scientist, Sir Fraser Stoddart, is among


three recipients of this year's Nobel Prize for chemistry.


It has been awarded for his work developing molecular machines.


The machines are a thousand times thinner than a strand of hair.


Sir Fraser was brought up in Midlothian and educated


at Edinburgh University, where he also endows


He was back here in April and we had a really, really,


very enjoyable ceremony and he always enjoys coming back


and I think one of the things that came across from him


was just how... what a nice individual he is.


He's a very, very kind man and he was inspiring.


He gave a presentation to all of our


postgraduate students and researchers and they were inspired.


Bayern Munich showed their class against a young Hibs side


with a comfortable 6-0 win at Easter Road in the Uefa


Hibs were in the last 32 of the competition


The sides meet again in Germany next Wednesday.


And Scotland Under 21's have lost 2-0 to Iceland in their latest


Well, let's get the weather outlook from Kawser.


Thank you, good evening. Today was another lovely day and a fine


evening. We have had some beautiful pictures, look at this sunset across


the Western Isles, beautiful colours! For the rest of tonight it


will be dry, breezy and we see cloud increasing, coming on and on fairly


strong east and south easterly wind, pushing across more eastern parts,


the wind strong across the Western Isles and Galloway coast.


Temperatures 7-11 degrees. Under clear skies in the North West,


perhaps dipping down to four or five Celsius for sheltered claims.


Tomorrow morning cloudy across southern and eastern parts, the best


sunshine across the North West once again, but if you're heading out at


around eight o'clock it will be fine and dry. Sunny spells breaking


through, perhaps back. Across the North West but lots of sunshine.


Fresh wind across the north-eastern coast and for all be and good


sunshine in Shetland. And the rest of the UK, fine and dry unsettled


conditions for all, more cloud pushing in across eastern coastal


areas with the risk of some showers across East Anglia and south-eastern


England. For the North West of Scotland, once again, the best


sunshine and temperatures could reach 16 or 17 degrees. This fine


and settled weather is courtesy of low pressure, still across


Scandinavia, pushing into Norway, keeping of these Atlantic weather


systems at the and we continue with dry weather for most although more


easterly wind and bringing some cooler air across southern England


and the risk of some showers. For Friday, largely dry, and fine for


most of Scotland, but elsewhere at the risk of showers, mainly to the


east, and temperatures near average, 13-15d. That is your forecast.


Thank you. That is Reporting Scotland,


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