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from bad to worse. We'll be speaking to the party chairman. What does he


The Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey, who contracted the ebola


virus in West Africa, is back in hospital in Glasgow.


She was taken from her home in Cambuslang by ambulance,


with a police escort earlier today, after becoming ill.


Doctors say Miss Cafferkey has tested negative for Ebola


Our reporter Aileen Clarke has been following the day's events.


It's just three weeks since Pauline Cafferkey emerged


from a hearing in Edinburgh cleared to go back to nursing.


This process has been upsetting and stressful for Pauline but she's


delighted that the panel is made the decision that she


As she left that day, she must have been looking forward


to continuing with her nursing career but this morning


she was taken from her home in Cambuslang by ambulance


under police escort by hospital in Glasgow.


Neighbours expressed concern and hope for


She was making progress, out and about and going to work.


She's come through so much and, each time she gets out,


she thinks she's on the road to recovery and then


Unfortunately she contracted the disease


We thought she had turned the corner last time and was OK.


Pauline Cafferkey contracted Ebola after going out to nurse patients


in the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.


On her return home, she became critically ill and complex


arrangements were put in place to transport her to a specialist


unit in London, where she stayed for a month.


Last October, the virus re-emerged causing meningitis and she was


In February this year, another complication,


another readmission to the specialist unit.


In September, the hearing into what she had told health


officials when she arrived back in the UK from Sierra Leone


This morning, she was taken back to hospital as a patient.


She spoke a year ago about how she didn't really know how herself


It's taken me a good few months to recover.


Hopefully this is the end of it, but you just don't know.


The health board said they are pleased to report Pauline Cafferkey


tested negative for the Ebola virus. She remains in hospital tonight in a


stable condition but the health board said because of her medical


history, it was appropriate precautionary measures were taken


whilst further investigations were carried out.


The Scottish government is banning the controversial practice


The technique involves burning difficult to mine


coal under the ground, and capturing the gas it gives off,


Environmental campaigners are against the practice


but the Conservatives argue it has the potential to boost the economy.


Here's our Environment correspondent, Kevin Keane.


It lies deep beneath the rippling waves and is causing alarm to


communities along its banks but today the monster was silenced.


That monster is coal, and this campaign has fought hard


for a ban on the controversial technique to turn it into energy.


Nobody knows what's above it and nobody can convince us how


they are going to prevent any of it, the gas leaching into old mine


The technique involves drilling to the coal seam and getting oxygen.


That causes gas to rise back to the surface where it is captured.


The amount mined here at the coal face was only the most


accessible, just a small proportion of what exists.


Little now remains here of the industry that these


They once supported tens of thousands of jobs,


and some have predicted that gasification would prompt


The techniques might be different to fracking but the protests covered


them all and today ministers confirmed what was a first victory


It doesn't come at any price and we have to take a balanced,


proportion of view, listening to the scientific evidence


Underground coal gasification is very different to fracking.


Last week, the first imported shipment shale gas


The Scottish Conservatives say these technologies have


This ban is nothing short of environmental nimbyism.


It's clear that the SNP is happy to allow shale gas to be


imported from Pennsylvania and America and today,


when asked, there was no ban on importing any


For now, one controversial technology is dead in the water


but the bigger battle against fracking here


A new report has warned that Scotland could lose between thirty


thousand and eighty thousand jobs, as a consequence of leaving


The report - from the Fraser of Allander Institute -


suggests the relative impact on the rest of the UK


The issue dominated questions to the First Minister,


Here's our political editor Brian Taylor.


Scotland trades with the European Union, and that's


potentially affected by Brexit, especially if tariffs replace free


The report commissioned by Holyrood puts


It tracks the extent to which Scotland disengages


Under the best scenario, the economy would shrink by at least 2%,


Under the worst scenario, the economy would contract by 5%,


The report says that Brexit may have a worse impact


than on the remainder of the UK because Scotland is less exposed.


It insulates Scotland slightly from the shock of Brexit.


It isn't surprising when you think of the trade composition


of the Scottish economy and the UK economy.


Nicola Sturgeon said the report underlined the need to minimise any


disruption caused by Brexit but she was challenged


by Ruth Davidson of the Tories to say what she would do.


My position is to face up to the realities ahead of us,


to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities,


and this Parliament now faces a choice about whether to put


the lions share of its efforts into examining practical


solutions or simply complaining about the results.


Ms Sturgeon said the Tories brought about Brexit.


Unlike Miss Davidson, my position hasn't changed.


I continue to think that Brexit is a bad idea and I continue


to think it's my responsibility to protect Scotland from it.


These foreign workers are our neighbours,


-- the idea of an audit of foreign workers.


The First Minister offered a suggestion.


To call on the UK Government to stop using human beings as bargaining


chips and give them the guaranteed right to stay where they belong,


Supporters of Brexit said it would open opportunities


The report authors concede circumstances may change


with passage of time and under political direction but,


as of today, the Scottish take on Brexit is wholly negative.


The Auditor General is warning that two Scottish health boards


are facing prolonged and serious financial challenges.


NHS Tayside needs to make savings of one hundred and seventy


five million pounds over the next five years, while the bill


for NHS-24's new IT system has soared by seventy five per cent.


The financial watchdog said the difficulties faced by the boards


would "continue to have an impact on the way they operate


Now feeding people is an important part of the Sikh religion,


and every temple offers free food to anyone who goes there.


This week, Sikhs across the world are taking this principle a step


further, by serving free food - known as lungar - on the streets


They hope to target those in need, and to promote peace....


These women in Edinburgh meet every week to prepare food for anyone


who comes to the temple, regardless of faith or background.


And, for the past two years, they have been making extra portions


on Wednesday to take onto the streets of the capital.


We make a curry with potatoes and rice.


We also give hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sweets, biscuits.


The stall is set up in the centre of Edinburgh for anyone


In this Langar Week, the scene is being repeated in many countries.


Some people are busy and we thought we would do Langar Week every year.


We are here to help anyone in anyway.


The smell and taste of the curry cheering up an autumn evening.


Many people seek Langar as a welcome service.


If it was not for themselves, the homeless would be hungry


Even after Langar Week the Sikhs in Edinburgh are hoping to increase


the amount of free street food they provide.


Time now for the latest weather forecast, with Kawser.


Good evening, a fine evening so far and overnight tonight we will see


more cloud increasing but staying largely dry the many of us. The risk


perhaps of a few showers developing across the southern borders on the


South easterly wind drawing in cloud and showers on the coast. For most


of the country, dry with clear spells and clear spells across the


North West with temperatures dipping to four or 5 degrees with patchy fog


on the great Glen area and inland. Tomorrow morning, a fair bit of


cloud around, showers and die away, more sunny spells developing so 8am,


the risk of showers across parts of the West Coast but in the north a


good deal of sunshine to start the day, a chilly start and some


sunshine for the Northern Isles. Still breezy Orkney. A wider look,


much more cloud tomorrow across England and Wales and Northern


Ireland, the risk of showers as the wind becomes more easterly. Across


the North East the best of the sunshine and temperatures reaching


up to 16 Celsius. We still have high pressure across Scandinavia bringing


settled fine conditions and keeping these were the sisters at bay but


the wind direction becomes more easterly with a fresher feel looking


ahead to the end of the week and towards the weekend. For the


weekend, sunny spells, the risk of a few showers mainly towards eastern


areas and feeling cooler with temperatures down to average for the


time of year. Saturday, the best of any sunshine in the west, more cloud


in the east and showers will be fairly isolated and well scattered


and light with sunny spells between and temperatures around 13 or 14


Celsius. The wind is like inland, fresher on the coast. A similar day


on Sunday. Our next update is during Breakfast


at six twenty five tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late


team here in Glasgow and around the country -




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