07/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Residents in North Edinburgh say they are living in fear


after a rise in motorbike theft and violence by teenagers.


Police say they are cracking down, but locals say


they want more done before an innocent bystander's killed.


It comes as motorbike owners are calling on the Scottish


As darkness fell last night, the presence of the police


As a consequence, we had six arrests and it has resulted in those


As it stands, one individual has received a term of imprisonment.


But despite this, the community does not feel safe.


I have spoken to lots of people here about what is going on.


Some have said they are genuinely afraid to go out after dark.


But when it comes to getting people to talk publicly on camera,


they say they are afraid that they will become targets.


One resident I spoke to asked to remain anonymous.


The posts about attacks and intimidation are updated daily.


On the other side of the city, we met up with bikers who also say


Members of my family have been threatened.


Phone calls basically saying that we are sitting


outside your house, your bike is getting stolen.


Some of them are carrying screwdrivers now.


Kids who are inexperienced are jumping on these bikes, flying


Putting lives in danger and also themselves.


There has been a 22% increase in vehicle theft


Tourists and locals have been targeted.


This theft took place in the city centre only a month ago.


In June, a 14-year-old boy was killed driving a stolen bike


but that has not stopped the escalation in theft and violence.


Despite nearly 30 arrests, we have not seen many


They will meet with community members next week as they continue


Police have released images of ten people they want to speak


to in connection with disorder at last month's Old Firm game.


Effigies of Rangers fans were hung from the stands during the match


at Parkhead and toilets in the away end of the ground were vandalized.


Both teams take to the field but, as the camera pans


across the crowd, two hanging effigies can be seen


One is wearing a Rangers scarf, the other draped in an orange sash.


Four people have appeared in court in connection with that incident.


Police Scotland have now released images of these ten people


they want to speak to in connection with the vandalism


and disorder that marred the Old Firm game.


Mobile phone footage posted on social media after the match


Roof tiles and cubicle doors were damaged in the away stand.


This was the state they were left in.


Police would like anybody with information about these ten


A 45-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death of a


man in Airdrie in North Lanakshire last week.


The body of 40-year-old Malcolm McLaren was


discovered at his flat in the town's Clark Street last month.


Police Scotland said a man had been detained in


custody and was expected to appear at Airdrie Sheriff Court on Monday.


Pressure is mounting on the head of the Crofting Commission to resign


after the First Minister warned the Government would intervene if it


The commission was recently forced to apologise to crofters in the


Western Isles for its handling of a dispute and then passed the vote


of no-confidence in its own convener, Collin Kennedy.


Nicola Sturgeon told MSPs that ministers


would not ordinarily get involved, but legislation does give ministers


A ban on certain types of Super Puma helicopters flying in the UK will


remain in place, despite the European Aviation


Safety Agency lifting its suspension.


The Civil Aviation Authority says it won't allow to


225 and L2 fleet to take to the air again


until an investigation into a crash in Norway in April is complete.


13 people, including Iain Stewart from Aberdeenshire,


were killed in the crash near Bergen.


Rugby now, and Edinburgh scored seven tries at Murrayfield


Damien Hoyland ran in from his own half before Hamish Watson scored


Another try from Hoyland was followed by a powerful


Edinburgh already had the bonus point, but didn't let up -


Tom Brown crossing twice in the second half, fullback


Blair Kinghorn scoring with the last move of the match.


A patisserie in Edinburgh has brought out a range of cakes for


Aileen Clarke has been out on the streets of


You have the pumpkin decorations, plastic spiders


and the fake cobwebs, how about some truly beastly treats?


This patisserie in Edinburgh is putting


creepy crawlies into cakes to get into the spirit of it this year.


It's a chance to promote what they argue is a nutritions


and environmentally friendly alternative to more popular sources


All the insects we have in our shop today


including crickets, meal worms, are all edible ones.


A little crunch to them and fantastic taste.


This will be a very hard sell in Scotland when we don't


even eat as much broccoli as we should?


But people in Scotland are, from my opinion as a


French person, are very tolerant and open minded.


I'm sure there is no doubt they will be tempted at least


Normally, at this stage, your reporter would taste the goods.


You know what, I've got a much better idea.


What we have here, sir, is chocolate brownees garnished


with meal worms and the odd scorpion.


I feel I'm on a jungle celebrity challenge.


I would rather have a strawberry tart


There is chocolate and everything coming through.


The only thing that is missing is a glass of wine.


Ah, would that be red or white with the meal worms, madame?


Well, it's over to Kristeen now for the weather forecast.


Good evening, another fine day of weather across the country, with the


very best of the sunshine across the Northwest Highlands again. Thank you


to one of our weather watchers for this beautiful image. Where we have


had the fine weather today, the clearest skies tonight, a chilly one


in the north with a touch of Frost possibly. One or two mist or fog


patches, cloud elsewhere will hold the temperature up to eight or nine


Celsius. Into tomorrow, dry is how it dawns across the country. One or


two showers across the Southwest possible, a chilly start in the


northwest as well. It closer look at tomorrow afternoon, largely dry, one


or two showers towards the southwestern coastal areas. A


mixture of bright and sunny spells, some cloud around tomorrow afternoon


for much of southern and central Scotland. Across the Northeast, one


or two showers, more in the way of thicker cloud. Across the Northwest


Highlands especially, we will see some fine spells of sunshine,


lifting temperatures to around 16 Celsius and with light winds, that


will feel fairly pleasant or the time of year. For most of us,


13-15dC, chilly towards eastern coastal areas, a breeze coming in


from the North Sea. Looking at the rest of the UK tomorrow, lots of dry


weather around, variable amounts of clouds, one or two showers. The


exception being the South East corner, thicker cloud and a few


showers, highs of around 17 Celsius. Taking a look across our shores


tomorrow evening, we hold onto largely dry conditions, one or two


showers in the East spreading west and for Sunday, high pressure


continues to dominate, keeping us settled and largely dry. That's the




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