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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Scottish Government throws its weight behind


It described the third runway at Heathrow as the best for Scotland.


It is expected decision by the UK Government will be made this month.


They may be over 400 miles away, but the future of Heathrow and Gatwick


Airport does matter to the Scottish economy. Today, the Scottish


Government said they would back Heathrow, as they secured a deal to


secure jobs and growth here. Increased flights, more regular,


easier to get to London. He is London and the rest of the world to


get us. Of course, we want additional direct flights Scotland,


but people are interested in connectivity. The Scottish


Government and Heathrow have signed a memorandum of understanding. This


includes... But over several decades. And ?200 million of


construction related work. Prestwick airport is helping to increase its


role as a cargo hub. That means shipping components and machines


made by Scottish companies down to London. Aberdeen and Inverness also


want better access to Heathrow for worldwide flights. We're hoping to


have access ability for the regions, regions like ours will be competing


for additional slots at a reduced rate, which is what Heathrow have


undertaken to do. For us today, we have a single flight to and from


Heathrow. I'm hopeful that providing Heathrow gets the go-ahead, we could


be up to perhaps two flight stray within as many years. But everyone


is happy. Rival Gatwick and its sister business say the deal will


make passengers more reliant on London. It has been put off long


enough. Whatever the decision is, whether Heathrow or Gatwick, we need


to make sure that Scotland has the connectivity and flights and


services into those airports to allow our residents to benefit from


the investment and expansion. Other campaigners are sceptical about the


boost to business. And fear the cost to the environment. I think there is


a great overestimate of the number of jobs and economic benefit of


airport expansion, and completely ignoring the climate change impacts.


The Scottish Government have decided what they think is the best plan for


this country. A decision is expected in around ten days.


The time for Brexit is unclear, but the city of Glasgow has commissioned


a report highlighting the challenges and opportunities of Brexit. It also


has a wish list for politicians. The UK as a whole has decided to get out


of the European Union. That was the result. Do we know yet what it


means? This morning, Glasgow's City Council published a report on the


challenges and opportunities facing the city after Brexit. The most


important success is the potential loss of EU funds, totalling ?780


million, which pay for training, development and social funds. They


want a guaranteed by Westminster and Holyrood, but is that likely at a


time of political uncertainty? Let us not nasal gave about


constitutional arrangements. We need practical, pragmatic proposals to


give confidence back to the business community. Bringing investment


forward early, finding ways we can make sure that European structural


funds are still kept in the Glasgow economy. The report's also calls on


the ?1 billion city deal to be exonerated. Fast forwarding the


proposed rail link to Glasgow airport. Glasgow's strengths include


its retail sector, second only to London's West End. But there is fear


that any future trade tariffs will make imports more expensive.


Although a weaker pound could bring more tourist shoppers. Business


leaders fear that their concerns are not being taken seriously. At the


very best, we have to continue to make the arguments. We feel at the


moment as if the government has taken a slightly anti-business


perspective at Westminster. That is incredibly dangerous position to be


in. And it is not just the tourist trade that may go elsewhere.


Academic leaders are also worried. They say 15,000 foreign students are


in the city, more than 6000 of those are from the EU as well as more than


1000 staff. And ?25 million worth of grants from the EU go to Strathclyde


University alone. Cancel and business people know that they will


have to work hard to protect Glasgow during Brexit. They also know that


other cities across the UK are clamouring just as loudly.


Police searching for a 15-year-old girl on the banks of say a baby has


been found. She was last seen at power. Police say -- body has been


found. Leaked documents say Royal Bank of Scotland try profit from


ailing businesses. They say the bank profited from ailing businesses.


Staff could then gain cash from squeezing the firms in what was


called a dash for cash. It has been denied that they


How important is your mental health compared to your physical health?


If you think it's just as important but you don't take the time to look


A survey to mark World Mental Health day suggests a significant


number of us don't look after our psychological well-being.


So, addressing that is the message of a Scotland-wider arts


Our arts correspondent Pauline McLean reports.


Experts in a short trousers is a piece of theatre for five rods and


their families. These aliens have piece of theatre for five rods and


been crash landing into spaces across Scotland -- for


five-year-olds. Yeah it is lovely to come from such a young age. It is


about finding spaces to realise that people are different. And busy we


are aliens, so very different. But also space to recognise what people


are strong at. What began ten years ago is a small film Showcase has


since become a major festival. Alongside films are theatre,


exhibition and theatre. And shows all across the country. Among them a


new touring the show by the original lead singer of Pink Floyd in the


1960s. The band have set themselves that back then, there wasn't a great


deal known about a lot of these issues. And people are now much more


aware and knowledgeable. And in my opinion, have did not get the help


and treatment they needed. Today, that has changed, not least thanks


to festivals like this where mental health can be discussed openly. It


is much more talked about in popular culture. A lot of TV shows deal with


mental health very well and sensitively now. We'll bring


together organisations and artists and individuals that might not


otherwise worked together. It is quite a powerful thing. But there is


still some way to go, although the vast majority of Scots consider


their mental health as important as physical well-being. The message is


finding the time to do anything about it. Find the time, and use it


well. A man has died from injuries


sustained in a fall on Ben Nevis. The incident happened


on the North Face of the mountain on Friday evening when the alarm


was raised by the victim's The men were found by


the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team and airlifted from the scene


during the early A former prisoner-of-war


who credited the Nagasaki atomic Gordon Highlander Alistair Urquhart


said the bomb prevented a Japanese He was blown off his feet


by the Nagasaki bomb in 1945. He also survived a ship


being torpedoed. Aberdeen-born Mr Urquhart,


of Broughty Ferry, passed away Police are investigating


whether the death of a 56-year-old man at a flat in North Ayrshire


is linked to attacks on two other The man's body was discovered


at the flat in Stevenston Police are looking at possible links


to the attempted murder of a 52-year-old man,


who is being treated A 30-year-old man was treated


for a serious injury The Scotland football


team are in Slovakia for their third match


of the World Cup But Saturday night's draw at home


to Lithuania has led His popularity in Slovakia is


undiminished, but as he and his squad arrive this afternoon, perhaps


the first time can't be said about squad arrive this afternoon, perhaps


his standing with Scotland fans is. The supporters and thousands like


them had overwhelmingly backed the manager, despite the failure to


reach Euro 2016. It have their attitude began to change in recent


weeks? It seemed to turn quite quickly, and I don't know why. We


had a couple of friendlies. They were just friendlies against two


decent teams. His team selections are questionable. His record at 18


competitive games is unspectacular. Eight wins, four draws and six


defeats. As he seeks to improve his record or from home, he concedes


automatic qualification is a long shot. In the footballing world, that


England would win it. It's a crazy gang here in this group they have


got. You never know. Second, yes. We will definitely go and get second at


least at the end. If we got first then great, but second is our target


as we sit here. There will be personnel changes from the team that


drew Lithuania, but there are absent from this training session, Fletcher


isn't ambient -- is determined to be involved. And desperate to play. I


have nothing really to save myself. Club games are important, but


representing your country's equally important. Scotland phase is like


inside with no points for their opening two games, and an even more


desperate need of a victory than these Scotland players. Let us get


the weather now. We have had a fine day and evening so far, especially


further across the West, where we have some clear spells and lovely


sunsets sent in from our weather watchers. This is from Angus. Across


the East, more in the way of cloud building and we start to see more in


the way of showers keeping in, too. All away from Orkney, the coastline


and down to the Borders. One or two is running across to Glasgow as


well. The best of clear spells across the North West. Temperatures


could close to freezing, maybe some frost and frost and mist and fog.


Elsewhere, temperatures could climb up to five or 10 degrees. Tomorrow


morning, a cloudy start from many of us with showers still around. There


will be some sunny spells, too, across the Galloway coast. One or


two showers at around 80 towards the east. Temperatures nine or 10


degrees. The best of the sunshine -- at around eight a. Add the rest of


the UK, those showers line all the way across the East Coast. Further


towards the west, from the south-west, Northern Ireland and


western parts of Scotland. Sunshine and temperatures here could climb up


to 14 or 15 degrees. Towards the east, cooler as the winds start


increase. That area of high pressure still with us across Scandinavia.


The wind coming from East draws in more moisture from the North Sea.


More in the way of showers. The wins will start to strengthen on


Wednesday and Thursday, making it feel fresher. For Wednesday, those


showers still with us further towards the East with a few


spreading in across parts of the central lowlands. Towards the West,


the best of any brighter spells. Temperatures 12 to maybe 14 Celsius.


With the strength of that wind, it will feel fresher, especially for


coastal areas, up over hills as well. Some chilly nights to come to.


You can get the rest of the details on the BBC weather website with the


outlook for Friday and the weekend. That is reporting Scotland. We are


back tomorrow morning, but goodbye from the


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