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Newsnight. Join me now on BBC Two, 11.00pm in Scotland. That is


Newsnight with Kirstie. Here on BBC One, it's time for


A stabbing at an Aberdeen school which led to the death


of a pupil was "potentially predictable and avoidable".


A report into the tragedy at Cults academy revealed it was known that


16-year-old Bailey Gwynne's attacker was carrying a knife -


October 28 last year, a day that will not be


forgotten by those involved, as the lunch break ends at Cults


Academy, two boys of 16 have an argument and then fight.


16-year-old Bailey Gwynne, a single stab wound to the heart


His killer now serving nine years for culpable homicide.


Today the findings of an independent report into what happened,


a picture is painted of an unexceptional argument that


Entirely, in my view, unpredictable, rose very rapidly


from an inconsequential argument that schoolboys might have every


day, a regular argument which suddenly became inflamed.


On events on the day of the stabbing Andrew Lowe says it was an unplanned


spontaneous conflict that emerged rapidly.


It could not have been predicted or averted on the day.


But he says the course of the conflict was fatally altered


This was potentially predictable and avoidable if those


who knew Child A, the killer, carried weapons to school,


The possession of a weapon by one boy was known by some people


and if they had brought it to the attention of teachers,


that may have enabled the event to be avoided.


All of my recommendations are around making sure that in future


we have a better chance of avoiding that.


There are 21 recommendations in the report.


Aberdeen City Council accepts them all.


I am very, very thoughtful about the impact on the well-being


of all children at Cults as a result of what happened, that


has been my focus for the last year, incumbent upon us all to be mindful


and to provide the support, this will prove to be a significant


dramatic event in the life of a number of those children.


Bailey Gwynne's family met with the author


He said they showed remarkable dignity.


Police Scotland revealed today that since the stabbing incident here in


October, 15 knife incidents have been reported in Aberdeen schools.


From now on, when any weapon is found in a school in the city it


will be reported to police. Our reporter Fiona Stalker has


returned to Cults Academy one year on, to see how pupils and staff


there are coping. A memorial tree for Bailey Gwynne -


the willow a powerful symbol of recovery -


something that pupils and staff here at Cults Academy are working on,


memories of October 28 last I was in an English class


overlooking the car park. After the incident there were a lot


of rumours going around, Nobody could have predicted


that from a stab wound. I remember somebody saying


it was a bleeding nose and then so when all that was happening


no-one knew what had actually happened and there was


a lot of confusion. Then the devastating news that


Bailey had died, and then the questions -


had his killer brought knives At his trial, we heard


he had but where? At his trial, we heard he had


but were staff aware? There was an incident


when he was in the second year when I had to interview him,


as with school procedure - myself and another member


of management met with him and he emptied all his bags


and possessions and we had He was well aware of


the consequences and the school rule and indeed the legal situation


about carrying weapons and did not give us any reason to think


that he did not understand that. What happened at this school


is thankfully very rare but the report is calling


for changes to the law which would allow teachers to search


pupils without consent. It is being considered


but some do not agree. We think it would undermine


the teacher-pupil relationship, undermine trust, it would be almost


like being a prison warden If incidents arose, it


could possibly escalate them. And away from the glare of publicity


surrounding the report today, the family and friends


of Bailey Gwynne are quietly finalising plans for a stained-glass


window in his memory. The life and death of the gentle,


considerate young man forever woven New figures show that in recent


years more than one in ten children have started primary school


in Scotland overweight or obese. The statistics come


from Cancer Research UK which is urging the government to do


more to tackle the problem. Mother of three Kirsty Thomasson


wants to make sure that her She found herself four stone


overweight after consuming too much It was when I was in soft play


with my eldest son for his third birthday, I sat down


and my jeans ripped, I was really upset and could not


look at myself in the mirror. She now weighs a much healthier nine


stone, but that is not Cancer Research UK says Scotland


has one of the heaviest It says over the last decade almost


83,000 children have started school Now the charity wants


the Scottish Government to take direct action by restricting


the billboard advertising of junk food and cutting multi-buy


and sensible markets. food and cutting multi-buy


discounts in supermarkets. And cancer prevention specialists


say action is needed right now. We know overweight or obesity


is linked to 13 types of cancer, so unless we help those children


to become healthier in the future we'll have more overweight or obese


adults and that's a real worry. The Scottish Government says it


will consider taking action where it We would give consideration


to the multi-buy. We will look at that


as part of the obesity strategy going forward,


we've already begun to put some consideration into that


but there is obviously very limited We could do things around billboards


in the cinema but TV advertising, Ministers want all parents to help


their children eat healthily. The Queensferry Crossing has


set a new world record Officials from the Guinness Book


of Records have been to the bridge They are incredibly proud


of the record on this bridge for the longest free-standing


balanced structure anywhere Basically, it's like a massive


see-saw centred around that tower in the centre


section here of the bridge. Over here, this is the south


side of the bridge, but what is really quite unnerving,


right here on the very, very end of this section is,


there is the water down there. You can see how much


we are moving up and down. When the wind really picks up,


it can move a meter, Of course, the record will not stand


for very long because this That means that the record is gone,


because it's no longer Right now the record-breaking


centre deck team can brag across the gap to their colleagues


on the southern deck. The record was for Central Tower -


South Tower can't take much It's great to be able to talk


to the guys face-to-face rather than pick up the phone or the radio


you will a the time. than pick up the phone


or the radio all the time. The bridge was meant to be


opened by this December - delays and bad weather have meant


setbacks to the project. Nearly 40 days lost


between June and September. The Scottish Government is confident


it will now be finished After today there will be eight


pieces of deck to come up. There is very important work to be


done in terms of the wind shielding. It should mean it should never be


closed for high winds We have to put a structure, tarmac,


on the structure itself. That will be happening


at a difficult time of the year. We always said we are at


the mercy of the weather. The contractors are assuring us it


will be finished in May next year. Potentially tough times


ahead this winter. Today it was about basking in


the glow of being record-breakers. Scotland suffered their first


World Cup qualifying defeat in Group F as Slovakia


registered their first points. Alasdair Lamonts has just sent


this report from Trnava. You join me inside the news


conference hall at the city arena as we await the appearance of the


Scotland manager, Gordon Strachan. You have to imagine he will be


enormously frustrated after a second poor result in the space of four


days. There was a good deal of controversy about Slovakia's opening


goal. Steven Fletcher looked to have been bodychecked before the host


went forward. An initial header was kept out, but for's powered in the


rebound. Scotland played reasonably well and were still in the game


until more inadequate defender allowed plenty of time and space


inside the pencil -- penalty area for Slovakia to score a second. The


fragility of the visitors defence was shown even more starkly as


Slovakia scored their third. Scotland were emphatically beaten.


The result may be a little harsh on Scotland, but an inability to defend


or scoring goals is a bad mixture and it means the Scots face yet


another failed qualifying campaign. Now it's over to Judith


with the weather outlook At least the beginning of October


mix for the football results. A lovely starch to the month. Things


gradually starting to change as we had through the course of this week.


Here is a beautiful picture of a sunset. As we had through the


overnight period, we will see cloudy skies and eastern outbreaks of


showery rain. Clear skies in the West where it will be chilly.


Tomorrow morning. -- more morning, there is an east-west split.


Sunshine early on in the West, the East more cloudy with more of the


breeze bringing outbreaks of showery rain. First thing tomorrow, where


the sunshine is it will feel on the cool side if not cold. Toward parts


of the West Highlands, maybe an early frost. In the east,


temperatures are bit higher and across the Northern Isles, dry and


bright start with light winds. Staying that way for much of the


day. As for the rest of the morning, we will continue to see cloudy


skies. Cloud starting to increase further west as we have go through


the course of the danger the afternoon. One or two outbreaks of


showery rain though we hold onto clear skies in the west of the


Highlands. Northern Ireland faring well, the west of the UK seem good


sunny spells. We will see some blustery showers running along the


south coast tomorrow underline from linkage to North Wales. More cloud


across the eastern side the country where you will feel the noticeable


easterly, quite keen breeze making it feel cool. Scotland, temperatures


around 11 to 12 degrees in the East, perhaps 14 or 15 across the


north-west. As far as the rest of the afternoon and evening is


concerned, further outbreaks of showery rain feeding in. In the


West, largely dry. That cast-iron area of high pressure is still


there, but we see lower pressure feeding him from the south,


squeezing the isobars, bringing stronger winds. It will be windier


on Thursday with showery rain in the East and dry in the West.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25 tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


and around the country - goodnight.


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