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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


A sandwich shop owner has been jailed for at least 27 years


for the murder of 15-year-old Paige Doherty.


John Leathem carried out a frenzied knife attack on the teenager


in the back of his shop in Clydebank inflicting more than 140 injuries.


Paige's mother described Leatham as a monster who had carried out


From the High Court in Glasgow, Aileen Clarke reports.


A family left heartbroken and devastated by the loss


of their daughter, but today they said they saw justice


Today we see a monster put behind bars for the unthinkable


brutal crime he committed against our daughter Paige.


A beautiful 15-year-old with a full life ahead of her and a mass


of family and friends left to carry on with her no longer here.


There is no sentence high enough to justify what has happened,


but we can now say there is one less evil man in this world,


which then makes it that bit more safer for our kids to grow up in.


John Leathem ran a deli in Clydebank.


Here he is opening up on a Saturday morning in March.


CCTV outside shows Paige Doherty popping in for a roll and sausage


She was on her way to her Saturday hairdressing job but she didn't


Within ten minutes of her buying that roll, John Leathem had


taken her through to the back and killed her.


He stabbed Paige more than 146 times.


CCTV showed him in a white T-shirt and trainers, running to a shop


next door to buy wipes and bin bags to clean up.


He went out to his car and opened the boot.


The next thing he did was carry Paige's body out


He put her in the boot and closed it.


Two days later, he dumped Paige's body just off this busy dual


The only explanation that Leathem offered the court for that savage


attack he launched on Paige just moments after she got


here was that she wanted to work here and they had fallen out


about it, but he didn't tell that to the police and the police heard


nothing from Paige's friends or family to back that up.


What he did tell the police, however, was that he was positive


they would not find any trace of Paige's blood here.


Well, he was wrong, they did, in the shop and also in the boot


No evidence of any motive has been put before me to explain


You must have struck the victim in excess of 146 times with a knife,


which on your account just happened to be handy in the back room


What you did was truly reprehensible.


It is impossible to comprehend how an apparently happily married man,


with a young child, who is running a successful business,


is capable of such an horrific level of violence.


After Lady Rae sentenced Leathem to a minimum term


of 27 years in jail, the court room which


Friends and family of Paige shouted "beast" and "monster" and one woman


relative banged on the side of the dock screaming,


Leathem didn't look up, he didn't look at them,


he kept his eyes on the floor as he was led downstairs


There's a huge piece missing in our family that can


I am thankful for the 15 years we had with Paige, from the kind


and generous wee soul she was to the mature young woman


She may not be with us any more but she will live


on through her brothers and sister and through all the


People in Scotland are to be asked to look out for signs that a person


has been trafficked and also consider whether goods they're


buying have been made by someone forced to work against their will.


It's part of a new strategy to address the problem


as figures show an increase in human trafficking here.


More from our political correspondent, Lucy Adams.


This man was trafficked to Scotland from Vietnam this year


after his brother was involved in an investment that went wrong.


TRANSLATION: The gangster said they would kill my family


if we could not pay back my brother's debt.


My brother was killed as a warning, and for my family's safety,


The Scottish Government want people to wake up to the fact that human


It could be in remote rural areas or in high streets like this one.


Last year there were 145 victims identified, a 30% increase


Now they want customers to think about whether there could be


victims of trafficking in their local nail bar,


in their local shops, or indeed, in their car wash.


A key part of this strategy is to raise the whole issue


of human trafficking into the public's consciousness.


Many people will think this is something that doesn't affect


them or isn't happening within their community,


What we want to do is make people more aware of the risk of human


trafficking and if they have information or suspect


it is happening, then to share that concern with the police so it can


The strategy says there is a strong presumption against prosecution


where victims have been forced to commit crimes such as working


in cannabis factories, however the BBC understands some


victims have faced charges regardless.


The strategy is not enough in itself.


Awareness raising is a necessary first step, but there


By that I mean that the strategy needs to lead to actions


in our public services to identify and root out trafficking


as well as within our communities as well.


Without that whole society effort and that relentless proactivity


in our communities and public services, then we won't get


underneath this and we won't be able to identify those who really


Human trafficking is set to increase further because of


The new strategy has been welcomed but experts say everyone involved


needs to ensure its being implemented on the ground.


Donald Trump's two Scottish golf courses together lost


about ?9.5 million last year, according to accounts filed


The Trump Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire, which the US


presidential hopeful bought for an undisclosed sum in 2014,


Mr Trump's other Scottish course - Menie in Aberdeenshire -


The American has said he would invest ?200 million


in Turnberry, having bought the resort from


NHS Lothian says there is one more confirmed case of measles


The total number of patients in the current minor


Most of those affected by the virus are students


at Edinburgh University, where special clinics are being set


up for anyone who may not have had both doses of the MMR vaccine


Output from the Scottish economy grew by 0.4% in the second


quarter of this year, according to the latest statistics.


That's compared with a growth of 0.7% for the UK


It follows no growth in Scotland over the first


Rail passengers have been warned to expect disruption ahead


of engineering work getting under way across the network.


ScotRail said some services were being cancelled, while many


Earlier I spoke to our reporter Andrew Black


about what the engineering work was for.


Scotland is promising a revolution in real services and it wants to


improve and make vastly improved services. Firstly it is saying that


passengers will have to experience some pain. The rail operator ball


start the latest round of engineering works which will affect


services in Central Scotland, including the services which runs


here from Glasgow Queen Street station. That begins on weekends


from the 22nd of October and continues into the 20th of November.


There were no direct trains between Glasgow and Dunblane and Edinburgh


and stumbling, that is one of the big changes but other changes exist


as well and some services will be cancelled, some will be replaced by


buses and it will probably need tuning systems at Key stations as


well. ScotRail have suggested passengers look at the alternative


pin cable that has been put in place before travelling. Earlier I spoke


to the boss of ScotRail and he told me that the work they were carrying


it was vital. We have got a huge workload that must be completed to


bring in this faster, greener and longer electric trains next year.


bring in this faster, greener and Part of this is the new -- the


renewal of tracks and it will happen Part of this is the new -- the


over the weekends. The electrification of the line is also


necessary. We would ask customers to be patient with us, we understand


this has a negative impact on some journeys. The Scottish Government


has said that ScotRail's performance this year has not quite been at the


level that is expected and that is the backdrop to the announcement


today. The Dutch owners have been running the service since last year


and says it is determined to make improvements. On the engineering


works and ends today, Scott Kriel know that some people will not be


works and ends today, Scott Kriel happy but insist this work will


transform the rail network in Scotland into one of the best.


Passengers will need to endure some short-term pain for long-term gain,


the tellers. -- they tell us. A man who died after falling


during a climb on the north face of Ben Nevis has been named


as Fraser Campbell He was injured on Friday


while climbing with another man and airlifted from the scene


to hosptal early on Saturday after what rescuers


described as a "difficult The next Moderator of the Church


of Scotland's General Assembly has called for the Church to respond


to changes in society and help bridge gaps between individuals,


communities and nations. The Reverend Dr Derek Browning,


a minister at Morningside Parish Church in Edinburgh,


will take up his position next year. The charge is no longer the same as


it was ten, 20, 30, 40 years ago and one of the things I find exciting is


the way that the church is embracing different communities, different


ways of doing worship but also doing things that people find valuable. We


have to be a church that this fit for purpose for the 21st-century.


Plans to rebuild the main stand at Tynecastle football stadium have


been approved by Edinburgh City Council.


?11 million will be spent on the upgrade at the Hearts ground,


which will increase its capacity to more than 20,000.


The club hopes work will start next month and be finished


Let's get the weather now from Judith.


Thank you, Jackie. So far, it has been the season of mists and mellow


fruitfulness. Things are set to change over the next few days. The


high pressure which has been responsible for the dry weather over


Scandinavia shrinks away and we will see will pressure pulling him from


Spain and France, bringing outbreaks of rain and windy conditions as we


head into the rest of the week and the weekend. There are signs of


something more settled into next week. As far as tonight is


concerned, right across the West of Scotland with clear skies,


particularly for Shetland and the North West with showers coming in


from the East. Tomorrow will start dry in the West and South. Clearer


skies across the North West and possibly a touch of frost first


thing, so quite chilly. The showers beginning in the South East.


Temperatures will feel chilly with those easterly winds coming from the


North Sea and introducing some cooler and cold here. It has been


like that across the North with lower temperatures. Lighter winds


for Shetland and it looks to be staying fair tomorrow with light


winds compared to what the rest of us will see. The East of Scotland


will see those showers pick up during the course of the day. Fife


and Tayside will get the heavier showers. Very few in the West. The


best of the sunshine is across the West and North West Highlands.


Further for Northern Ireland and a lot of the UK tomorrow, although we


will start to see sunny and dry conditions feeding across the South.


Brisk winds across the East coast feeding though showers and it will


feel chilly everywhere across the board. Highs of 14 or 15 Celsius at


best. Similar values for Scotland with the wind is taking the edge of


the temperatures. Showers for the East of Scotland, drier in the West


tomorrow, and Friday, we are looking at a windy day with possible gales


up towards the North East corner. Heavy showers here as well. Drier


across the South and far West and it will feel cooler. That is your


forecast. Our next update is during Breakfast


tomorrow morning. But from everyone on the


late team, goodnight.


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