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Tonight a Syrian refugee who moved to Britain on trial for sexual


assault. Newsnight has followed him and his family for a year and is


with them as the verdict comes through. Join me on


The First Minister has told BBC Scotland she feels she may


have a "duty" to call a second independence referendum.


Nicola Sturgeon said the UK that Scots endorsed in 2014 no longer


existed because of the vote to leave the European Union.


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Nicola Sturgeon at her party conference in Glasgow,


She's got the numbers, as the party's business convenor


It's the biggest party political conference in the UK.


She's got a trusted new deputy, Angus Robertson MP won outright


We are very, very close to independence.


Scotland voted to Remain in the EU while the wider UK voted Leave.


That might trigger an independence referendum, but does it push


She accused right-wing Tories of distorting the Brexit vote.


The rampant right-wing of the party is using it as a licence


for the xenophobia that has long lain under the surface,


She delighted delegates with this strictly limited pledge.


I can confirm today that the Independence Referendum


Bill will be published for consultation next week.


The real substance came when he she promise to produce


proposals to maintain Scotland's EU links while within the UK.


She challenged the Prime Minister to back that approach.


If you think, for one single second, that I am not serious about doing


what it takes to protect Scotland's interests,


Around the hall there is no shortage of advice.


I think in actual fact we are probably over the line


in terms of the percentage we need already.


It depends on when we are likely to win it.


I don't think we're ready for another referendum.


It won't be tomorrow, but as soon as possible.


For Nicola Sturgeon, there are political,


She told me there was more to it than that.


To protect the open, progressive, international Scotland that I think


most people want us to be, then, at that point,


perhaps there is a duty to allow people to make that choice.


A sense of duty which may yet prompt a second independence referendum.


But Nicola Sturgeon is not there yet.


A two-year-old girl has died and her brother and sister have


been seriously injured, after being struck as they walked


along a pavement after two cars collided on a road.


The accident happened this afternoon on the A94


It's understood that the little girl died shortly afterwards.


Her brother and sister were taken to hospital in Dundee.


The A94 remains closed for investigations and police have


appealed to anyone who can help their inquiries to contact them.


A woman has died after being involved in a collision on the A9 at


around 7:20pm this evening. The NSPCC, a leading children's


charity, has reported a significant increase in the number of calls it's


receiving about neglect or abuse which are serious enough


to be referred to police I spoke to Reevel Alderson,


our Social Affairs Correspondent, earlier and asked him


what's been happening? The NSPCC has a 24-hour helpline


for people who have concerns about children being either


neglected or abused. Just three are years ago


there were just under If we look into these figures,


we can see almost 400 referrals about physical abuse,


we can see almost 200 concerns about sexual abuse and 800 referrals


because people are concerned That's a 61% increase over


the past three years. You might think that the charity


would be concerned about these Calls to our helpline have increased


by 58% from 2012-13. That might sound like


the incidents of child abuse What it shows is that members


of the public are more aware of the signs of abuse and are less


willing to tolerate and know that they can call us to talk


about it and to decide what to do. Is that the reason for the increase


in calls to the helpline? The earlier figures I gave


you were from 2012-2013. That was the time that


the revelations came out We had a number of other


high-profile cases involving the abuse of children,


particularly with celebrities. Now people have the confidence


that their calls, if they make them, Before the charity says people


might not have phoned because they might have thought,


"What if I'm wrong?" Now they're thinking,


"What if I'm right?" Rail chiefs have insisted they're


fully committed to the future of rail services north of Inverness,


after campaigners voiced concerns that the route


could be under threat. But ScotRail argue that they're


pouring millions into the far north The train leaves Inverness,


passengers going all the way facing That's twice as long


as it would take by road. Breakdowns and delays can make


the trip even more The journey times on this line


are now exactly the same That, clearly, doesn't


meet our modern needs. Critics condemn the reliability


of the rolling stock. The trains are the most unreliable


diesel units in Scotland. When they came in 25 years ago,


they were poor trains then. ScotRail takes the criticism


on the chin. In the depot, trains


are being overhauled and a modern and a modern signalling system is


about to revolutionise the service. Speeding up journey


times is a key ambition. We are looking to increase the line


speeds on level crossings. Those actions are happening now


and for the next timetable. We are improving the signalling


changing to digital. There is a help point here to allow


customers to find out Unfortunately, it's either not


working or there is no reply. It's just another example about how


shortcomings in the infrastructure are putting


potential passengers off. People have been voting


with their feet. That is at a time when most


rail routes in Scotland What we need in place are relatively


small improvements to a number of points on the line,


costing a relatively small That would transform the journey


times and probably knock anything up to 30 to 40 minutes off the time


from Wick to Inverness. This route isn't under any immediate


threat and the rail operators are spending millions


of pounds on improvements. Campaigners welcome that,


but say more investment is vital An investigation says the Royal Navy


endangered the lives of the crew of a fishing trawler


in the Irish Sea in April last year. A submarine from Faslane snagged


the nets of the trawler Along the County Down coast,


there are villages where fishing is an important industry,


but also a dangerous job. Last year, a trawler was damaged


in the Irish Sea in an accident that The lives of all four of the crew


on board were put in danger I can remember the jaws


being pulled back. -- the scene from Jaws


where the boat gets pulled back. It dragged it backwards at speed


snagging the nets. There was a violent


stop to the boat. I thought it must have


been a submarine. From then on it was


a white knuckle ride. If the crew hadn't released


the fishing net and this metal structure that holds


them hadn't have broken, the report concludes it's more


than likely the trawler It wasn't until five


months after the accident that the Royal Navy accepted


that their submarine had been The investigators are very critical


of the MoD for not providing them with all the evidence they need


to conclude why this If you look at the traffic density


of fishing vessels in the area at the time of the accident,


there is no reason why the submarine should have been proceeding


at the speed and depth she was. In a statement, the Royal Navy


apologised for the accident, which involved a submarine


based at Faslane. It says its reviewing its safety


procedures and the authors of the investigation report say


that is important if trust is to be built again with those


who fish in the Irish Sea. Now the weather outlook


for tonight and tomorrow. We started to see a gradual slide


into unsettled weather during the course of this week. But we saw some


lovely pictures from our weather watchers. This beautiful sky.


Overnight, frequent showers across eastern Scotland become more


frequent and turning to long spells of rain, particularly towards the


northeast. Drier over western areas and brisk winds. Tomorrow morning


will start as a windy and wet for the most part, showers becoming more


extensive across the north of the country and is a it will feel cool


display the temperature feeling quite cold on those brisk, easterly


winds, despite temperatures into double figures. Shetland is going to


be dry over the next few days with brighter, sunny spells coming


through. We will see gales towards Caithness. Tomorrow, things start to


ease down with sunny spells coming through and heavy showers across the


likes of Grampian and Angus. Some sunshine for the Western Isles and


the southwest corner. For the rest of the UK, the few is for Northern


Ireland, one to across the North West. There will be cloud feeding


into eastern areas, a sign of more rain to come later in the day,


temperatures about 12 to 15 Celsius and still the nagging, easterly


wind, particularly for eastern coastal areas. The showers will


start to pep up as we head through tomorrow night. Friday night into


Saturday, a couple of tight isobars mean we will have a wet and indeed


start on Saturday and an early one in four Angus but it improved during


start on Saturday and an early one the course of the day.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


and around the country, goodnight.


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