14/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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EU students in Scotland have been promised funding for another year.


Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, who made the announcement at the SNP


conference in Glasgow, also challenged UK Ministers


to guarantee the right for EU students to stay


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


After the Brexit vote, the university here promised their study


places were secure. But still, they fret. For themselves and for those


who want to follow them. A lot of my friends are EU students. So it was


worrying for every single person. At the SNP conference, John Swinney


promised to extend funding to EU students for another year, covering


2017/18. He wants UK ministers to guarantee their right to stay,


regardless of Brexit negotiations. These people are not cards to be


played. They are fellow human beings, to use them as negotiating


chips is be scene and this party -- obscene and this party and SNP


Government will have none of it. The conference broadened the theme by


welcoming the Brain family from Australia, who eventually won the


right to stay in Scotland. Alex Salmond said the story showed the


Conservatives' true intent. If we stick to London rule, we know


exactly what lies in store for it, it will boil down to its essence, a


closed, intolerant, backward looking society. Theresa May's little


England. And the new Deputy Leader had an explicit warning for Theresa


May. If you continue to ignore the expressed will of the people of


Scotland, if you refuse to even consider how we might protect


Scotland's place in the EU, then be in no doubt, your days as Prime


Scotland's place in the EU, then be Minister of a United Kingdom are


numbered. But does it all add up to an early independence referendum?


Tell bats are not entirely -- delegates are not entirely certain.


Some argue yes. The message is this: The days of Scotland being side


lined is over. Remain means remain. Our voice will be heard. The next


independence referendum must be one we are confident we can win when the


time is right. I do urge caution, while a plaud the sentiment of the


resolution, my concern is that we're tying the independence referendum


solely to the trigger of Brexit. Reflecting on that dilemma, Nicola


Sturgeon stoled delegates, "Welcome to my world." Welcome indeed to post


Brexit politics, rarely pure, never simple.


Hundreds of mourners have attended the funeral


of the boxer Mike Towell, who died after a bout in Glasgow.


The service at St Andrews Cathedral in Dundee was also attended


It's emerged that in the weeks before the fight Mike Towell had


been suffering from headaches but had put them down to stress.


The family of Mike Towell say the two weeks since his death have been


surreal for them. This morning, they gathered at St Andrews cathedral in


the boxer's Dundee home to say their final goodbye. They weren't alone.


Around 300 people joined them - friends, ordinary community members


and the boxing fraternity wanting to pay their respects. Among them was


Dale Evans, the fighter who delivered the blow which floored


Mike Towell. He later paid his own tribute to Mike at this mural. In a


statement, the family said: That spirit of generosity was also


evident in the funeral service. One of his friends spoke. He was very


humorous. He talked warmly about Mike's life, the type of upbringing


he had. He was a guy with a great sense of humour, a guy who was very,


very much loved among friends and family and the boxing community


generally. The funeral's not the only way Dundee is remembering Mike


Towell. There's a huge amount of respect and affection for Mike


Towell and his family here in Dundee, but questions remain about


the state of his health in the lead up to that fatal fight. Mike died


after his life support machine was switched off following his collapse


in this fight last month. It later emerged he was suffering headaches


during training. What is clear, is that his family is devastated, but


they say they'll also smile every day at his memory.


The two-year-old girl, who was killed after being hit


by a car in Perthshire, has been named as Harlow Edwards


Her six-year-old brother and 17-year-old sister were also hit,


when the car mounted the pavement, after being in a collision


They're both in hospital with serious injuries.


The accident happened on the A94 yesterday afternoon.


Police say they're very concerned for the welfare of a woman from Ayr


who's gone missing with her two children.


29-year-old Farah Fadli, who's also known as Farah Gillespie,


was least seen by a friend on Wednesday morning.


It's believed she was with her ten-year-old son McKenzie


In just over a week, the Burrell Collection in Glasgow


will close its doors for four years for a multi-million


While the A-listed building is refurbished, the collection


of more than 9,000 artefacts will be moved.


Our arts correspondent Pauline McLean reports.


I've got a beautiful and unique carpet fragment from Afghanistan


from the ancient city of Herat. It was made there by weavers in 1610


AD. Deep in the basement of the Burrell collection lie many


treasures which have never seen the light of day. It's lived in this


stores for very many years. We're hoping in the new refushish Burrell


stores for very many years. We're it will apair in a story about fig


ative imagery in Islamic art, is it permissible or forbidden given it's


a controversial issue. Less than a fifth of the collection is out on


public display. In the new building it will be nearer 90%, including the


basement, which will be open to the public for the first time. This is


the biggest undertaking since the Burrell collection opened in 1983.


It must be great satisfaction to you to see this building open and its


treasures so well displayed. The parkland site, far from city centre


pollution, a condition of the bequest. Ascy shipping magnate, Sir


Whirl Burrell was concerned about keeping his treasures safe. It was


why he insisted it never tour abroad. The City argued this was


outdated. After a lengthy legal battle overturned the condition.


While the Burrell is closed, key art works will tour the world, raising


the collection's profile as well as funds. This has been a great pivotal


achievement for us. It means that we're really released on the world


stage now for the first time. That means it encourages great


collaboration with international partners, such as the museum of fine


art in Houston, where four of our pictures will go on display


imminently. Most of the 9,000 artefacts will go into storage,


imminently. Most of the 9,000 carefully wrapped and boxed and


catalogued in the coming months. Ready to go back on display in the


new Burrell museum in 2020. Let's get the weekend weather


outlook now, from Judith. Good evening. We did actually see


something sunny coming through towards the end of the day.


As far as tonight's concerned, we have a weather front introducing


outbreaks of rain across Eastern Scotland, mainly dry in the west. It


will be windy particularly across the far north. Tomorrow it's a wet


and windy start for many of us. Where we're not seeing the rain, it


will spread to western areas, accompanied by strong, gusty, east


or south-easterly winds. It stays dry for Shetland tomorrow, though.


For the rest of the UK, we see the rain across Northern Ireland. That


moves away northwards. Further south, there's a lot of dry weather.


Temperatures getting milder in the south. The winds here go to the


south, 18 at best. Showers band together across south-west Wales,


heavy down pours in the mix. Back here in Scotland, we see highs of 15


Celsius, when the sun comes out. Drier conditions feeding into the


south-west. Still a brisk easterly wind taking the edge off the values.


Shetland staying dry with sunshine wind taking the edge off the values.


further north. Not looking too bad. The rain moves north into the


evening, brighter for the south. The rain clears away. Low pressure never


too far away. We will see a number of showers courtesy of that low


pressure on Saturday. Still a lot of bright, sunny weather with a fresh


southerly wind. From everyone on the late


team here in Glasgow Plus, we've got videos from


Heaven 17, Def Leppard, Diana Ross and loads more. Press the Red Button


on your remote...


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