17/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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have been meeting a UK defence minister,


to discuss the future of Fort George.


The 250-year-old barracks, outside Inverness


is among a number of bases in Scotland at risk of closure


which is expected to report by the end of the year.


Here's our Westminster Correspondent David Porter.


Fort George, the army's most northerly barracks in mainland UK,


For two and a half centuries the base has been an integral part


Supporters insist its strategic military and economic importance


Anything else would be short-sighted, they say.


This is proven to be one of the most efficient army bases


It has a great record of doing the kind of things


we need in modern defence, and it makes no sense


that after investing ?30 million in Fort George,


that they would look to close it on financial grounds.


Fort George's future will be decided here, at the Ministry


The MOD is one of the biggest landowners in Scotland,


with an estate more than eight times the size of Glasgow.


Every penny made from the sale of sites will be invested back


into defence on things like the new maritime


We will be losing more jobs there then we've lost


in the downturn in the oil and gas industry at the moment.


So you put those two together, and you look at the uncertainty


of exit, and it really would be a blow to Highlands


We would be more than unhappy if the barracks and the people left


us, but we were left with the bombing ranges


and the nuclear submarines on our coast.


This is part of a wider review of MOD sites across the UK,


and just one big defence decision that will impact Scotland.


The renewal of Trident, though controversial, would mean


The manufacture of type 26 frigates for the Navy


would bring cash to the Clyde, but there are already concerns that


delays to that programme could put jobs at risk.


Proof that defence is important to Scotland, and also that Scotland


The new chair of the troubled Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry says


she'll carry out her duties independently and thoroughly.


Lady Smith took over in July after her predecessor resigned,


Three people have been charged with drugs offences


following the death of a teenager in Midlothian at the weekend.


Police say 16-year-old Shellie Callaghan may have had


access to "ecstasy type tablets" at the party in Newtongrange.


She died in hospital after falling ill.


A 42-year-old woman and two girls aged 16 and 17


are expected to appear at court tomorrow.


Representatives of Donald Trump claim there's been a surge


in investment at his golf resort in Ayrshire to around ?150m.


That compares with accounts filed with Companies House which showed


the Trump organisation had spent just 18 million pounds


As well as Turnberry, Donald Trump owns a course in Aberdeenshire.


Our reporter Steven Duff has been to meet two people with very


different opinions of the man who aims to be America's


It's where my mother was born and raised,


The presidential nominee no stranger to Scotland,


the acquisition of Turnberry golf courses.


Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire,


his love of the Western Isles, from where his mother hails.


Donald Trump is a real Marmite man and politician.


Stamina, determination, grit to overcome whatever


The most obnoxious man I've ever met in my life.


So big headed, full of self, and all he talks about


As the owner of a successful hotel chain, Charles Skene is an admirer


He believes the American's golf course in Aberdeenshire


We accommodate a lot of golfers coming to the north-east


of Scotland, and they all say the same thing, the course


He defied Mr Trump, who wanted to buy up his land.


They built the road on top of it, they dug the pipe away,


and we were drinking water off the road for five years.


The Trump Organisation says that claim is untrue.


The water supply was restored within hours.


Both men have had their brushes with Donald Trump.


Charles Skene bumped into him in New York.


We had a chat for about five minutes.


I went back, finished the meal, called for the bill,


and the waiter said, the Donald has paid for it.


I said, if I'd known that, I would have ordered


My only regret is that I didn't knock him on his (BLEEPED).


We will find out soon whether Donald Trump


Andy Murray is catching up on Novak Djokovic


behind the Serbian, as he bids to gain the top spot.


A victory in Shanghai for Andy Murray.


Valuable ranking points in the battle to be


How can he reach the world's top spot


He will play three events, Vienna, Paris and the season


ending with the ATP World Tour finals in London.


Andy Murray could win the 500 points in Vienna while Djokovic rests.


Djokovic one Paris and the world finals last year so he has


2300 points to defend or lose if he doesn't win the titles this year.


Murray only won 800 last year so he has many to gain.


In fact, he admits when there was a turning point


that led to his current career's best form.


Winning Wimbledon was a big boost my confidence after I'd had quite


a few tough losses in a Slam in the last few years.


Since the French Open, it's been the best three months


It's a huge achievement to be world number one


in any sport, not a feat achieved by many Scots.


Takes a lot of hard work and determination and love for the


I don't think Andy will have any problems if he


Scotland's football team is 44th in the world.


The rugby team fares better at eight.


Russell Knox is the highest ranked golfer at 20th.


In boxing, historically, we have


punched above our weight with Ricky Burns the latest to be crowned


So will Andy Murray add to that list?


He's certainly mapping a path in his mission to succeed.


Grey squirrels are among the most common woodland creatures.


Their cousins - red squirrels are much rarer.


But few of us have seen a squirrel that's completely white.


Now a family of white squirrels has moved into a garden in Edinburgh,


and our reporter Cameron Buttle has been along to try to get a glimpse.


There are thought to be more than 2.5 million


Cute, cuddly, fun to watch and mostly grey.


It's incredibly rare to see one like this.


So the chances of seeing this, two white squirrels are even rarer.


This is a family of at least four that have made a corner


The guys working here said that there were


white squirrels but we were reluctant to believe them


My friends wouldn't believe it either until they saw them.


This is one of the white squirrels. There are three.


Around the corner for nature lover Ronnie Stevenson,


We've become so used to them that we take it for granted.


Every day, about 8:30am in the morning they come.


Ronnie had travelled around the North of Scotland


in search of a white squirrel but never saw one.


We travelled up to northern Scotland one Sunday to see them


but we never saw them and now we see them every day.


Conservationists say it is very rare to see even one white squirrel.


That makes them easy targets for predators.


But the Edinburgh white squirrels seem to be surviving fine.


With neighbours looking out for them, hopefully,


Time now for the latest weather forecast, with Kawser.


We are already seeing some heavy rain across western parts of the


country. One of our weather watchers managed to capture the building rain


clouds. This evening, outbreaks of rain moving eastwards. Behind it,


colder air. There could be some wet snow over the highest hills and


mountains. The air is much colder behind it and temperatures could dip


down to close to freezing or just below in the rural areas. Showers


behind it. For tomorrow morning, and East - West split. The best of the


sunshine in the east. Around 8am it will be fairly chilly with some


showers. The best brightness across parts of Aberdeen share. Further


north, some decent sunny spells as the day progresses. Plenty of the


sunny spells through the day but showers could be quite heavy. The


winds may touch gale force for a time in north-west coastal areas.


Feeling much colder in the wind. Mid week onwards, high pressure tends to


build. That low pressure moving week onwards, high pressure tends to


towards the east. Dry weather with sunny spells, the winds will be


lighter, it will make the difference in the feel of the weather. Showers


along the east coast on Wednesday but across the UK plenty of


sunshine. Temperatures a degree or two up. Similar for Thursday and


Friday. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25 tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around Drama. Jeopardy.


I just haven't been sleeping. Excitement. Tension.


This is manic. Bakers. Passion.


There's nowt wrong with that. BOTH: C'est la semaine de...




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