18/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The prices we pay - in shops, for travel


and for household bills - are rising.


Official inflation data almost doubled last month and it's widely


expected this could be the start of a new bout


One of the main factors driving this up are fuel prices.


Here's our Business and Economy Editor Douglas Fraser.


Inflation had risen to 0.6% to August, and it was expected


to rise, but it was up 1% in September against a basket


to rise, but it was up 1% in September across a basket


One of the reasons was the increase in fuel costs.


Petrol and diesel have been rising steeply


and they are expected to continue rising in the weeks to come.


They have been hit by a double whammy.


Brent crude, is the benchmark price and that has been rising


and in January it hit a low point of $30 but now it is over $50.


The pound since the European Union referendum, it has dropped in value,


so anything which is valued in foreign currency including oil,


That is driving costs up right across the economy.


Inflation is measured with a shopping basket of more


than 700 everyday items in the household budget


and many of them will be affected by the same thing.


decided to leave the European Union our currency sterling has declined


in value, down about 18% against the dollar and the euro


The price of importing raw materials is up.


Two more items rising fast, clothing and hotel


But there are exceptions - competition remains fierce


in the supermarkets keeping prices down, and that means food prices


continue to fall in September, but don't expect that to last.


The price inflation basket is a very large one but it is not big enough


to include housing costs, and we also get figures on them.


The average home in August sold for 4.3% more than last year,


nothing like the price rises seen in England, partly because of


The oil sector has stalled and city prices have plunged 18%


Home-buyers and consumers are looking for confidence,


but they are facing uncertainty and that is with


We can put up with inflation, as long as we can expect


to see incomes rising, but is it rising, will it rise


We will find out more when we get wider figures about the labour


Ukip's David Coburn says he's considering running to become the UK


leader of his party - if he's asked by colleagues.


There's a leadership vacuum in Ukip, which has had a torrid time


But, the party's former Scottish chairman says he laughed


when he heard David Coburn - Scotland's only elected


Ukip politician - was considering the move.


Our political correspondent, Andrew Kerr has more.


David Coburn was elected two years ago to serve


Now his sights could be set on the top Ukip job.


Nigel Farage's departure has left a power vacuum in the party,


his successor Diane James was in post for just 18 days,


as the leadership contest opens David Coburn has said


Many people have suggested it, but I will wait


It is more important to get someone we can unite around,


that is the most important thing, but if nothing else I've got some


experience in running Scotland so hopefully that would be helpful,


but we have a lot of people, very talented in Ukip and we need


to settle on somebody who will do a good job that we can agree with.


But the MEP was shunned by the Scottish political


There are wider problems for Ukip with the leading leadership


contender having dropped out after an alleged


You have elected politicians fighting each other where there


is this hatred in some cases towards Nigel or anyone who is seen


Some people called me his puppet, things like that.


Whilst that is happening, they are letting down the members


I do think at this stage Ukip is ungovernable.


David Coburn doesn't recognise that portrayal.


We are not easy to govern, why should we be?


We are ordinary people, it is not like the smooth


politicians who want to head for the House of Lords.


But here in Scotland, for some people the prospect


of David Coburn becoming Ukip's UK leader is a step too far.


Ukip's former Scottish chairman fell out with the party,


I laughed when I heard it and I phoned a few friends,


former Ukip, who also had the same reaction, it is not funny,


The idea that the man has any leadership qualities to lead a party


If David Coburn decides to run he could be against these Ukip


figures, Paul Nuttall, Suzanne Evans and Raheem Kassam.


These people and the party have achieved what they set out to do,


David Coburn might wonder about the leadership,


while others wonder about the future direction of the party.


There were numerous failings in the treatment and assessment


of a mentally ill man who attacked his parents in Troon.


Four years ago, Graeme Morris, who was living in Brighton


at the time, travelled to Ayrshire where he killed his mother


A new report criticises mental health services


Ten patients of the Sussex Partnership Trust have killed


Aileen Clarke has been looking into this Scottish case.


In October 2012 Graeme Morris, who was 30 at the time.


to his parents' home in Troon and he


slapped and pushed his mother and beat up his father,


He was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and pleaded guilty to culpable


homicide and is being detained indefinitely.


He had attacked his parents, such was his paranoia


he believed his father had abused him and along with his mother


This lengthy independent report into Graeme Morris's care


in Brighton where he was living has found a number of failings


and weaknesses in his treatment and assessments and a failure


to involve either his family or a former partner,


when assessing the risk he might pose.


To discover, that he was using drugs, for example, and legal highs.


Despite that the report concludes that Graeme Morris's violent attack


on his parents was neither predictable or preventable.


However the report notes that his family do not agree.


They believe it could have been predicted and prevented.


Today the chief executive of the Trust responsible


for his care, gave this apology to his father.


I apologise entirely, this is not something we wanted


to happen and I can understand how devastating it is for him.


There is nothing I can say that can bring his wife back.


I would want to assure him that we are serious


Cafes, shops and restaurants in Aberdeen have signed up


to welcome women who want to breast-feed on their premises.


Figures show almost half of new mums feel uncomfortable


nursing their babies in front of others.


It is still a fairly uncommon sight in public,


but here in Aberdeen that could be about to change.


Businesses are being recruited to display their breast-feeding


I have gone to a few places myself where I've been desperate


to breast-feed and to have a sign on the door to say that


you are welcome is good and I will feel less uncomfortable.


Still in this country compared to Sweden where I'm from,


you rarely see people breast-feeding in public, and it is important that


women who have just given birth have got


the opportunity to go out and do


what needs to be done and also have safe places to breast-feed,


where we have facilities to change our babies


This is one of more than 60 cafes, shops and restaurants


in Aberdeen which have already signed up to the scheme,


they will display a logo saying that breast-feeding is OK here,


women can see it as a safe and secure environment for them


The aim of the scheme is to reduce the stigma and to make it more


It is a woman's right to be able to breast-feed in public


but it is helping them to feel more comfortable to do that.


This cafe is already a haven for breast-feeding mothers,


We have had a great response, we have done this now for four years


and there has been no negativity from any guests and we have


been bold enough to say, use our units to breast-feed.


Is this it scheme something older mothers approve of?


Someone of my age, we didn't do it, but it is all changed


When you were breast-feeding you would not have gone


If it had been happening at the time, I would have done,


but everything was hidden in those days.


This is the logo to look out for, it is dotted around businesses


in Aberdeen city centre but the scheme is already expanding


into rural areas, another important step to a breast-feeding


The number of people killed in fires in Scotland has gone up slightly.


45 people died - that's up four on the previous


12 months, according to the Scottish Fire


More than half the number of call-outs were false


Here is the weather. There is a lot of dry and settled


weather in the forecast over the next few days and we need to look to


the jet stream to understand. This steers weather systems across the


Atlantic. Its shape is important. Developing into a horseshoe shape


keeping the rain at bay and within the apex of that high-pressure sets.


That will edge and sweet and over the next few days keeping as largely


dry and settled. Some crisp autumnal sunshine. Tonight mostly dry. One or


two showers. Still quite breezy. Nothing to call. Tomorrow morning a


number of showers to start on the West Coast, through the Hebrides,


but most of the mainland starting dry and bright. Temperatures there


at eight in the morning. Showers in the Inverness area, far north-east,


north-west and Northern Isles. I please from the north-west. Through


their course of Wednesday showers in the West tend to fizzle and feed


away. There will be some on the East coast. Elsewhere plenty of sunshine.


Down the East coast from the Borders towards his anger and cant quite


breezy with a number of showers elsewhere. Dry and bright. Light


winds and sunshine, it should feel fairly decent. Into the evening


showers across Eastern part of a country but more cloud and a call


that night. Into Thursday, high-pressure still with us. Keeping


that low pressure at bay and keeping their weather front in the Atlantic


there. We start to see thickening cloud for the Western Isles but for


most it is dry and bright and sunny. Temperatures similar. And to


most it is dry and bright and sunny. little in the way of change. Might


it not sunny spells. One or Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25 tomorrow morning. But from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around the country, enjoy what's left


of your Tuesday evening. It was the most beautiful view


I've ever been through.


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