20/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Scottish Government has published a consultation


on a new Independence Referendum Bill.


The First Minister said she'd been forced into the position


because of broken promises from Westminster and


But opposition politicians have argued that Nicola Sturgeon should


Our political correspondent Lucy Adams reports.


If you think for one single second that I am not serious about doing


what it takes to protect Scotland's interests, then think again.


It is not the first time the Scottish Government has launched


But failed to get the result they wanted.


Greenock, it is one of the few parts of Scotland that voted


with the 50-50 yes-no split in the independence


But in June of this year, 64% of the electorate here voted


Today is not necessarily about securing independence,


it is just a first step and might not even lead to a bill.


In effect, it is the Scottish Government's insurance policy


against a so-called hard Brexit and removing Scotland


Well, it is important to protect Scotland's interests against a hard


right Tory Brexit that could cost up to 80,000 jobs.


So we are consulting on a draft Referendum Bill,


should it prove that independence is the best way or indeed the only


But opponents have said they should get on with running the country.


They promised the people of Scotland that two years ago,


if they came out and voted in the independence referendum,


that their voice would be respected - this is not the respect that


The majority of people in Scotland do not want another referendum,


the majority of people in Scotland do not want independence and the SNP


Experts have reflected on the legal status


This time around, the Scottish Government has said that it will ask


the UK Government to make an order under section 30 of the Scotland Act


to authorise the referendum, that is what they did


However, I doubt if the UK Government would agree to that.


Parts of the waterfront in Greenock have been transformed


It is people living in areas like this that the Scottish


Government will need to persuade of the requirement for a second


independence referendum and who they hope will be swayed


by the UK Government's move to leave the EU and the impact they say


Well, I voted to stay part of Europe, but I also voted


I just think economically I would not vote to break the UK up.


For me, Scotland being part of Europe is really important


You know, I would vote accordingly for that.


I would still vote for independence because I feel that Scotland did not


The bill would have the support it needs to be passed,


but questions remain as to whether it will get that far.


Lucy Adams, Reporting Scotland, Greenock.


ScotRail has unveiled an action plan, detailing how it's


going to tackle the problems that have plagued the rail network


It comes the day after a petition was handed into the Government,


calling on the company to lose the franchise to operate


Well, that petition yesterday was the result of enormous public


pressure calling on Scotland to either improve its performance


or give up the franchise, and they have had problems -


reality and punctuality issues meaning that they have dropped below


a certain standard of performance, that is 90.3% and that is what has


triggered Transport Scotland to order the company to publish


It has not been all bad because there have been significant


successes over the past year for ScotRail, not


least the introduction of the new Borders railway.


But the company admits it does have problems and has said it will spend


?16 million over the next two years putting those problems right.


But they are under a lot of political pressure and I asked


the company earlier today whether they were now


involved in a PR battle with government ministers.


People are expressing their frustration and that is fine,


we would not be critical of anyone for doing that.


But for us, it is just about how do we make sure that we do everything


as well as we possibly can to make sure that we provide our customers,


at the end of the day, with the best experience


that they can have on Scotland's network as they go to their jobs,


go and see their family and their friends?


Well, there is a lot of promises in this report, not least,


for example, things such as bringing online new electric trains


and upgrading existing older rolling stock with new doors


Upgrading stations and spending more money on all of the services


For example, 200 carriages over the next two years.


Senior investigators have warned that an "extremely violent" Scottish


fugitive is likely to be hiding in Spain's ex-pat community.


36-year-old Jonathon Kelly is one of ten people featuring


on a new "most wanted" list, revealed by the National Crime


Kelly, from Glasgow, absconded after being released


Our reporter Aileen Clarke has more details.


Armed police surrounding a Glasgow tenements two years ago.


Officers poured into the Govanhill Street in a bid


to capture a violent career criminal with a string of assaults to his


They'd been looking for Jonathan Kelly since he had gone


on the run almost two weeks earlier, but if he'd been here,


When Kelly was released from prison on licence in August 2014,


one of the conditions was that he would turn up


here at his local police station in Drumchapel every day.


That lasted less than three weeks, and then he cut his electronic tag


Two years on, the police have still to catch up with him.


Now detectives believe he has fled to Spain and is one of ten fugitives


the National Crime Agency is targeting in this latest push


We are hoping people who know the whereabouts of some


of these fugitives get in touch through Crimestoppers.


We can then get in touch with our Spanish counterparts and arrest


Kelly is not the only one on the list Scottish


There is a European Arrest Warrant out for Mark Quinn,


It is believed he was involved in a multi-million pounds drug


The authorities hope that more raids like these will result from tip-offs


Previous campaigns have flushed out more than 70 fugitives.


Amongst them, William Paterson, who fled to Spain but is now serving


at least 22 years in jail for the murder of Kevin Carroll


in this supermarket car park in Glasgow six years ago.


Over the years, some arrests in Spain have come just


hours after the mug shots have been publicised.


But detectives say they play a long game.


We are very determined, we never give up.


We will keep looking for these people for as long as it takes


In the case of such a dangerous criminal as Jonathon Kelly,


police hope their tenacity will pay off sooner rather than later.


Glasgow's top police officer says the behaviour of some


Celtic and Rangers fans is an "embarrasment"


to the city and the country, and he's promising more on-the-spot


arrests for any serious misbehaviour at Sunday's League Cup semifinal.


Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty is deploying extra officers,


claiming the police and the public "have had enough".


From the national stadium, Kheredine Idessane sent this report.


Preparations are well underway here at the national stadium for two


big football matches this weekend - Morton against Aberdeen on Saturday,


Rangers against Celtic on Sunday, up for grabs a place


in the League Cup final and it's particularly the match


between the Glasgow teams on Sunday which is exercising


They are promising extra resources, additional officers here


There will be extra searches and a change in emphasis as well.


There is going to be more arrests say police.


This comes off the back of a match last month at Celtic Park


in which effigies were hung from one part of the ground and some


severe vandalism was done to toilets in another part.


It becomes an embarrassment for Scottish football fans,


it becomes an embarrassment for Scottish people.


We should be talking after a football match about the game.


We should not be talking about these senseless acts by a minority


of people who tarnish the event for everybody else.


For that reason we will be focused on doing everything we can


to prevent it from happening in the first place.


If people do engage in that type of behaviour, we will be looking


There is possibly a more controversial Rangers and Celtic


match later in the year at Hogmanay, will the template be


set for that this weekend, are you happy for that match


The fixture is being held at Ibrox, Rangers home ground,


which is a different environment to the national stadium but again


we will learn from every game but the focus at the moment


is absolutely on the two games this coming weekend.


The last big club match held here at Hampden Park was the cup


final involving Hibernian and Rangers, and we saw


the disgraceful scenes afterwards with fans on the pitch behind me


and the subsequent enquiry into the goings on and the failings.


Police say they have learned and are continuing to learn lessons


from that match and they will put procedures in place here at Hampden


on Sunday to try to best preserve public order and make sure


the majority of fans come here and enjoy the football in safety.


Let us get the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow from


Christopher. Thank you, Sally. Dry and settled


conditions. A lovely sunset earlier that was taken by one of our Weather


Watchers in the dross. That was overlooking the Isle of Arran. For


many, it is a dry start on Friday. Here are the temperatures at a tall


are light. A little bit of showery. are light. A little bit of showery.


-- Ardrossan. That should clear. Similar for the North West. Through


the Central Highlands could be quite a chilly start to the day with


temperatures not for freezing but they should recover. One or two


showers across the Northern Isles. Through the course of Friday, that


wet weather will clear and for most of the mainland and most of the day


it is dry and bright, much like today but fairly cloudy. Across the


UK as a will be still have that area of low pressure across the new


continent and that will feed in showers across parts of


Lincolnshire, East Anglia and down towards Ken. Brighter in the West,


some fog for the South. Elsewhere, bright and pleasant. Temperatures


around 11 or 12 Celsius. Light winds but freshening for a time. For the


weekend at a fairly busy synoptic chart but not really affecting us


too much. Pressure to the South and low pressure to the East. The rain


away from us but we need to look at the wind direction because if we


zoom in and you can see it as coming from the East. Picking up some


moisture and that will mean a cloudy weekend across the Eastern parts of


the country. The further West that you are, the brighter it will be.


We'll be have the cloud, one or two showers but they will still be some


brightness. Temperatures around 12, 13 Celsius. Similar story for


Sunday. And East West split. The best of the sunshine in the West,


light winds and temperatures are around 11 or 12 Celsius for most.


That is the forecast for now. Thank you for that, Christopher.


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