21/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Scottish Government plans to set a minimum price for alcohol


The Court of Session in Edinburgh has ruled against a challenge


to the legislation from the Scotch Whisky Association.


It claimed the plans were a breach of European Law.


The ruling now paves the way for the Scottish government


It's four years since it was passed in Holyrood -


where ministers argued it would save lives and reduce crime.


Steven Godden was at the Court of Session.


often troubled relationship with alcohol,


?5 is enough to drink more in a week


Those who deal with the consequences of problem drinking


believe minimum pricing is the best way to tackle it.


What minimum pricing targets is the cheapest,


strongest alcohol, which is precisely the alcohol that is drunk


by the people who end up in our hospitals


and who end up dying from alcohol-related causes.


It is not about your bottles of wine,


it is about cheap cider, cheap supermarket vodka.


A minimum price of 50p per unit would ensure a bottle


or cheap, strong cider could double in price.


MSPs approved the policy in 2012, but a court challenge, led


by the Scotch Whisky Association, stopped it in its tracks.


After four years of legal argument,


here at the Court of Session in Edinburgh and


at the European Court of Justice, the ruling boiled down


to one key question - would increasing the tax


on alcohol be as effective as minimum pricing -


when it came to protecting people's help?


Today, the panel of three judges ruled it wouldn't


Obviously, we regret the ruling today, we believe


it is a barrier to trade and not the most effective way to deal with


But we will decide on it before the next steps.


It has the overwhelming backing of Parliament and we need to move


it will save lives and the evidence points us in that direction,


so I would hope it does now spell the end of the legal delay.


An appeal to the UK Supreme Court could be launched


within the next month, but the Scottish Government said today's


Their aim, to make minimum pricing a reality as quickly as possible.


The man accused of murdering an Inverness-born policeman may have


cooked and eaten parts of his body, a court has been told.


The remains of 59-year-old Gordon Semple were found


when investigators searched a south London flat.


They discovered his DNA on cooking utensils in the kitchen


who denies murder but admits dismembering


Two people have been charged with human trafficking


The arrests took place in the Gorgie area of Edinburgh.


A 40-year-old man and 32-year-old woman


will appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court next month.


The charges follow a day of action by police to target trafficking.


Police in Suffolk have released new CCTV footage


of the missing Scots RAF man Corrie McKeague.


He vanished after a night out in Bury St Edmunds


This last confirmed sighting of the Dunfermline airman shows him


in the town at half past three in the morning.


A 21-year-old man has been sentenced to seven and a half years in jail


for causing the death by dangerous driving


of 57-year-old Marie Laurie from Glasgow.


Steven Bennie had been driving at speeds of up to 80mph


as he was followed by police in the East End of Glasgow,


when he hit the taxi Mrs Laurie had just got into.


This family have lost a mother, wife, a grandmother, because


Marie Laurie was all of these things and more.


They came to court hoping for a sentence which might begin


It is never enough, compared to what we have lost,


but we got enough for us to be happy today.


Marie Laurie was killed and her husband seriously injured


when Steven Bennie crashed his car into the taxi they had just got into


Steven Bennie, 20 at the time, was being followed by the


police and driving at high speed when he drove through a red light


The judge jailed him for seven and a half years.


On sentencing, Lord Boyd said to Steven Bennie that Marie Laurie


had been returning home with her husband from her son's wedding,


one of the happiest days of her life,


he said, and in an instant, that life was gone.


He said it was difficult to imagine a more serious level


You had no licence, he said, you weren't insured,


you had taken alcohol, he didn't stop when the police


signalled to you to do so and you reached


You had even turned your headlights off,


It was the wedding of her son Martin that Marie Laurie was on


her way home from and although the two events


are now intertwined, he says he can't dwell on Steven Bennie


He is just a boy that had a bad experience


To be honest with you, he could be ruined for his life as well,


As I say, I do not want to be filled with anger.


The first anniversary comes next month.


I will never forget those two days of my life.


You always remember your wedding day, it's the highlight of your life


and to lose your mum the next day in such tragic


it's going to be tough for the whole family, you know?


Everybody was there, they had seen the happiness,


The operators of the Fort William aluminium smelter have confirmed


they're in negotiations to sell the plant.


The operation employs around 170 people and is one of the largest


There have been local fears that a review by owners Rio Tinto


could lead to the closure of the factory, but it's


believed the discussions could lead to its being sold


with housebreaking and dangerous driving


as part of police a crackdown against motorcycle theft


and anti-social behaviour in Edinburgh.


The two males aged 17 and 18 were arrested yesterday and appeared


The Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Ross Murdoch,


has lost his top podium level of funding for the Tokyo


Instead he drops to what's called "podium potential", after missing


out on a place in the 100m Rio Olympic final.


There are four Scots named in the elite Podium category.


They are the Olympic relay silver medallists Stephen Milne,


Duncan Scott and Dan Wallace, along with the three times Olympian


and multiple international medallist Hannah Miley.


Let's get the weekend weather outlook now, from Christopher.


A fairly settled day of weather today and tonight little in the way


of change. Largely dry but with a view showers edging in from the


North Sea affecting the eastern part of the country. A ridge of high


pressure keeping most of the country dry and settled. It could be a


chilly start in the Central Highlands with a patchy fog. It's an


East West split tomorrow. Eastern areas cloudier than the West. That


pattern repeated across the UK. It is always eastern parts that will be


cloudier. Sunnier towards the west and south-west, central southern


England as well. Dry and bright for Northern Ireland. They're in mind,


with the easterly breeze, showers could come over to Central parts of


the country. Lanarkshire, Stirlingshire, Perthshire and parts


of Tayside. A beautiful afternoon across the Northwest. One or two


showers towards Orkney and Shetland at times. Patchy fog and showers


heading into wards the Borders later. Sunday, little change.


Low-pressure staying away. Eastern areas more likely to see some cloud.


A further west you are, try and brighter with some sunshine.


A further west you are, try and Temperatures down a notch or two.


Monday, all the same. An East - West split. Where we have the cloud, one


or two showers. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25 tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late


team here in Glasgow and around the country


- good night.


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