24/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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A woman police officer is in intensive care and a male


colleague is in hospital with serious injuries


after they were deliberately run over by a car in Glasgow.


Detectives say they're treating the incident as attempted murder.


It happened late last night in the Knightswood area when the two


officers stopped a car to speak to the occupants.


A police jacket and parts of uniform mark the spot


where two officers, a 30-year-old woman and her


30-year-old male colleague, were seriously injured


The officers as had been called here and stopped a car to speak to


The car then reversed, struck them both, and


drove out of the street, hitting other cars as it left.


Neighbours on this quiet cul-de-sac were awoken by


Today, there was shock as they learned what had


happened, and great sympathy for the injured officers.


Everyone has been concerned, obviously myself as well,


they are the people that protect us, and how


safe are the rest of the people, you know?


A blue Nissan Qashqai was later found burnt out.


Police think three or four people were in the car when it hit


And are appealing for help to find those responsible.


We want to find the people responsible, because these


two officers were going about their employment,


keeping people safe, doing their policing duties and were


callously ran over and seriously injured, both of them hospitalised.


This afternoon, the damaged patrol car was removed from the scene.


The two injured officers are recovering


in hospital with injuries said to be non-life-threatening.


The First Minister has described Brexit talks with Theresa May


and the other devolved nations as "deeply frustrating".


The leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland said


they had been left no clearer about how the UK Government


The Prime Minister said she would strike a bespoke Brexit


From Westminster, here's our political


Brisk and businesslike ahead of the Brexit talks,


four months to the day since David Cameron resigned after


the vote to leave the EU, Nicola Sturgeon


pressed her successor for a special deal.


Like one former Prime Minister, Theresa May wanted to


stand firm - no to flexible Brexit arrangements,


no to Holyrood and the assemblies approving the final deal.


Many parts of the meeting were deeply frustrating, because I


certainly felt as if we weren't getting any major insight, and it is


incumbent on the UK Government to be more open about what they are trying


to achieve, and I am determined to work as hard as I can to protect


The counterparts in Wales and Northern Ireland joined in.


Nicola Sturgeon got the leverage of independence.


If all we get is the door being closed in our face, I am


determined that Scotland should not be taken off the cliff edge without


having the opportunity to choose a better alternative.


The first ministers have been sent back through the gates


of Downing Street as they try to forge a special deal,


but Theresa May faces a tough time as she needs a special deal with


-- Brussels as well that will satisfy both party and country.


In the afternoon the Prime Minister updated MPs on a


trip to Brussels last week and explained


that she would listen to the devolved nations.


What I want is for us, in determining UK position,


because it will be the UK that will be negotiating with the European


Union, our future relationship, that we take into full account and


understand properly the impacts and the particular issues that are of


concern to the devolved administrations.


its frustration at the Scottish Government.


I think it is quite clear the SNP want another


It wouldn't matter what came out of these


negotiations, it wouldn't matter what the economic arguments for


The SNP is committed to independence and holding another referendum.


There was one happy couple in Westminster today,


cementing their relationship, but some older unions


are proving to be a little fruitless and frustrating at the moment - for


A police inquiry is underway following the death


of a three-week-old baby girl in Fife.


Officers were called to a flat in Cupar in the early hours


They're currently treating the infant's death as unexplained.


A drug user is receiving treatment for suspected botulism in Aberdeen.


NHS Grampian's Health Protection Team is investigating.


If injected, it can cause infections and result in nerve paralysis.


An 11-year-old Rangers fan, who was injured when a bottle


was thrown at his head, has told the BBC about the incident.


Kraig Mackay was walking to Sunday's Old Firm match


at Hampden after his bus broke down, when the bottle hit him.


Police Scotland have condemned the attack.


But Kraig says he still wants to see the next Old Firm match.


I just feel it will be safe at the next one,


because it is at home, and I do not think...


The only reason we were in that spot was because of the bus.


So I do not think there is any chance of that


New research from Stirling University has found that just one


practice session of heading a football can lead to an immediate


decrease in brain function, and a halving of memory recall.


It's the first time this direct link has been found


There are calls for Scotland to consider following the America


in banning heading for very young players.


Science has known for some time about the issue of concussion in


Now heading a ball in football is under the spotlight.


We have a way to assess where there are immediate


changes in the brain, and we can measure that by looking at the


signal as it travels from the brain to the leg.


So we measure people before and after they head the football to


We found that after heading the ball,


the release of inhibitory chemicals in the brain was higher.


So just heading a football has an immediate


The testing was designed to replicate what you see


If I do this and just head a football, I get memory loss


Even the academics themselves weren't expecting the link to


This is the thing that is surprising for me, that we found these


changes in relation to heading practice, which one would think


And certainly colleagues were quite sceptical


about the study, about whether we would find


any link, so I think it is quite a surprising result.


Some think it is time to copy the Americans and ban heading for


In America, they were the first one to look at it, and


they have taken heading the ball out of the game for younger kids.


We haven't done that yet, and it might


If you had your time again, would you play football


I would still want to play, I would still agree to play football,


because that is what I wanted to do more than anything else, and I would


The researchers say that two thirds of the players


tested had symptoms that took 24-hour is to resolve.


They said further testing is needed to assess


whether there are any long-term affects.


The winner of the Man Booker Prize will be announced in


Six novels are in the running for the ?50,000 prize including


a book by a small Scottish publishing house about a triple


Our arts correspondent Pauline McLean reports.


This place bills itself as Scotland's book town but, this year,


there is one book in particular causing a real buzz.


Of all the individuals in this parish, however, one is least


surprised to learn of the perpetrator.


Graeme Macrae Burnet's novel is not so much


I wanted to write a novel about a murderer who writes an


eloquent account of why he did what he did,


and the documents were an important part of the


It is a tale which captivated local people at a recent


book event just as it captivated a small


It is absolutely beautifully written,


but you cannot help root for the character.


You are so immersed in it that I personally felt I could have


Judges of the Man Booker Prize heartily agree, they have short


listed it for their ?50,000 prize which will be announced


It is a significant cultural moment for Scotland, and it


is not that Scotland has been dumbed down


in the Man Booker Prize, it has


been well represented over the years but we haven't had it for a little


while and everybody likes the underdog.


Win or lose, this is already a success story.


A small publisher on an international stage


and a previously unknown author outselling everything on the list.


It just puts the boot in people's hands.


All you want is for people to read your book.


Let's have a look at the weather with Judith.


Thank you. The first time I've used a frosty globe this year. A stunning


weather while the picture set in by one of our team hill walking Weather


Watch is, this photographer. I can pronounce his name, but here it is.


Stretching over the view of the mountains. As far as the night is


concerned, a lot of dry weather. A widespread forgery spreading across


the north. One or two showers across eastern areas, they will continue to


die away. It will be mainly dry, Miss and Ford patches forming. High


pressure still holding onto what's the moral. It is already cold, it


will still be called tomorrow. The main focus of the forward will be


any cell. Measures below freezing across the northern part of the


country -- half. Already, temperatures higher at one the West


Coast. A sign of things to come later. As we had through the rest of


the morning, a glorious day. Mist and fog and burning of, some patch


is quite stubborn but we lose any showers along the coast with a


better day to come than today. Still a brisk wind but just a few showers


across Shetland. Temperatures at around 10-12dC. The northern half of


the UK with good overall. Quite mild, and temperatures for South


Wales and walls London -- Wales, will be a lot higher as well. That


is what you will see for tomorrow. Bank of Scotland, it's stays nice


toward the end of the day. Then cloud picks up and thickens up. Rain


will be a bit patchy and the wind. To strengthen as well from the


south-west, meaning milder air across the country. Here is the


pressure chart. You see a weather front pushing in. We haven't seen


one of those were a while. Not too much on the front, not exactly heavy


rain but a bit windy and some patchy showers. The wind and the rain do


clear away, but it will not be brightening up any time soon.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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