25/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Gay men who were convicted of homosexuality before Scots Law


was changed in 1980 are to be given a full pardon.


The Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said it was vital


It covers all convictions for same-sex activity,


There are also plans to remove these convictions from police records.


Gay activist Derek Hogg says it is a wonderful


act of reconciliation but he remembers


a very different time in


Working-class gay men in Scotland where they to come out, they


faced physical brutality and shaming and ostracism from their community.


Middle-class professional people lost their professional status.


It was a catastrophe in the lives of people


and of course just the


silence of living with that sense of guilt year after year after year


drove many people to suicide, to self harm and


At Holyrood, the Justice Secretary put it simply.


We want to produce an automatic pardoned for


people convicted so they know they are absolved fully of that


We want to address the injustice that people experienced


There will also be moves to disregard such conviction


In England, different reform is under


way following the posthumous pardon granted to Alan Turing, the wartime


There is a long history here, while sexual acts


between women were not specifically outlawed, it was 1980,


13 years after England, before gay sex was


legalised in Scotland with men aged over 21.


In 1994, the age of consent was registered to 18, then 16 in


The first same-sex marriage in Scotland was at


Today's announcement won cross-party support.


That is a hugely welcome announcement, in fact nothing short


of an historic moment for Scotland to be a more equal and respectful


Both Kezia Dougdale and Patrick Harvie raised the issue of a


While many welcome a pardon, others take


from it they are being forgiven for having done something wrong.


The Cabinet Secretary promised to look


seriously at that issue when the pardon law is introduced.


Plans for the expansion of Heathrow's third runway have been


welcomed by the Scottish government, Scottish airports and businesses


who want to see improved options for air connections.


But environmentalists are warning it's a backward step


This has been maturing for as long as it has taken to decide on a new


runway in London. This patch will be ready


about the time the next This distillery near Inverness has


trouble requirements. Frustrated by London's


airport bottleneck. It is not that important


for us to get out because we know how to get out,


but for distributors and their customers coming in,


they need a smooth transition, and Heathrow usually


is the airport of choice. London has lots of airport capacity


but not enough where it's needed,


at Heathrow and Gatwick. That is where feeder flights can


link to the world, but what about the noise, say


Heathrow's neighbours, and aircraft The concerns are that we receive


a significant increase, 70% It will increase pollution,


make the demands that the planet is facing, carbon emissions,


even more stark. Three Scottish airports link


with Heathrow but the British Not the setting has come


at an economic cost, while other global hubs have been


grabbing market share. We need to have this


as soon as possible. Because of the delays we have had


over many years, what you are seeing is further


development in western Europe, and in Dubai and Istanbul,


and that isn't the cost of the UK. After consultation and potential


legal challenges, a hard-fought Commons


vote, we are still a long way from Some Gatwick supporters


think Heathrow's I am frustrated as a taxpayer and


a businessman and an airport guy who But in the end we just


have to get on with what There is a catch, the aviation


market is changing. people in and out of London,


they are looking for direct routes, indeed they are already flying them


to European cities, North America and the Middle East


and eventually they hope to Asia. With that kind of growth,


Edinburgh might need another Police have been using a helicopter


in the search for a young French national who's gone


missing in Edinburgh. Antoine Maury, who's 21,


was last seen late last night after leaving his friends


in the city's Milton Road area. Officers say they're growing


increasingly concerned Scotland's prisons watchdog wants


more help for offenders who are released into the community


at the end of their sentence. The Chief Inspector of Prisons says


too often people leave jail without knowing where they'll sleep


or whether their healthcare needs will be met and it makes reoffending


more likely. Scotland's prison


population is the lowest annual inspection


report is positive. Praise for staff who work


with prisoners about to be released. This report pleased


to be publishing today. David Strand says there should be


better integration of their work with services


provided in the community by local authorities,


the NHS and charities. I see too many people


leaving prison, not knowing where they are going to


sleep that night, people with health care problems, not


sure whether addiction support will come,


and people leaving with insufficient


money to support them until their This lack of support,


he says, is one of the many reasons why many offenders


return quickly to prison. This challenge for society


is being tackled by Mentors, many of themselves


with prison records, help those about to leave


jail and for the year They offer practical


support and advice It has been six months,


and there is a real empathy, because


we do understand. A lot of the guys I have worked


with, from the team, there is a real deep understanding


in the whole team, But the charities concerned that


funding could come to an end. It will have to find other ways to


prevent offenders returning to prison.


Football and there was one game in the Scottish Premiership tonight.


The international rugby head coach Vern Cotter says no team should


try to stop a player representing his nation.


The top English sides have voted not to release Scotland players


for the Autumn tests unless the SRU settles what's claimed to be


The next generation honed their skills on a tour of the


national rugby stadium, the man in charge of Scotland's


first 15 fields questions about a row with top


English teams who say their players might represent Scotland unless


allegedly outstanding medical bills are settled.


You can't deny people the opportunity to play.


Even though it may be frustrating at times when


you have players leaving or injured or coming back injured,


International rugby is important fixtures


try and deprive a player of that possibility to play for his country.


To kick off the autumn Test series, the World Cup


runners-up Australia are


here at Murrayfield a fortnight on Saturday.


Head coach Vern Cotter will need his strongest available


But because of the club versus country row, he's not sure


whether his English-based players will be available to him.


The five in question are the Saracens duo of


Fellow back Tim Visser of Harlequins.


Forward Moray Low of the Exeter Chiefs.


And most crucially of all, Gloucester's Greg Laidlaw, the


You cannot have a Scotland test periods without the


Greg Laidlaw is in there as the Scottish captain for


And he should not be used as a political pawn between a


It's a distraction Vern Cotter could do without as he prepares for


He will be replaced next summer by the Glasgow Warriors head coach


If you're doing something and you want to go


somewhere and you've got objectives in mind,


Moving on this autumn will be less of an ordeal if


key players like the captain can join the party.


Experts who repaired the Forth Road Bridge have won


the coveted Saltire Society award for civil engineering.


Scotland's longest bridge was closed to all traffic in December last year


after fractures were found in the steelwork.


Judges have said the team deserved the Greatest Contribution to


Scotland award for their 'remarkable engineering achievement carried out


in adverse weather whilst ensuring public safety.


The weather is next. Lovely smells of sunshine earlier


today but in the cloud had built, a sign of things to come. We will see


some cloud and rain and some strengthening winds. The clouds did


build through the afternoon and are still with us as we head through the


ceiling and overnight. Quite breezy in the north-west with patchy


outbreaks of rain. To the south of the UK, some are fairly dense fog


patches to if you are catching a plane to airports in the London


area, perhaps Bristol, may be some disruption tomorrow morning. This to


home, for us tomorrow morning, is a fairly start -- cloudy start.


Nothing like the low temperatures this morning. Ten or 11 or 12


Celsius. A bit murky at times, though. Some early brightness


perhaps in the north-east and into the north-west, cloudy with


outbreaks of rain but improving for the Western Isles with some sunshine


coming through here because this weather front is slowly edging way


through the course of the day. It will tend to fizzle away as it does


so. Tightening up behind it and a breezy day for all with moderate to


fresh south-west race. Most of England and Wales, closet about


high-pressure that we saw earlier, it will be largely dry and bright.


Some Dems patches but once the sun comes out, temperatures responding,


into the mid-teens. Despite the sunshine in the north-west, a few


into the mid-teens. Despite the blustery showers in the afternoon.


Thursday, there's the high pressure in the Indus Channel. We are to the


north of it so more in the way of winds. Another breezy day on


Thursday. Outbreaks of rain in the north-west edging south and east


words but the further south and east you are, generally drier and


brighter. Come Friday, the winds are lighter, generally drier and the


rest of the sunshine is in the North.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25 tomorrow morning.


Until then, from everyone on the late team here


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