26/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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BBC Two, 11.00pm in Scotland. Here on BBC One it's time


Nicola Sturgeon argued the top priority was to maintain access to


the European single market in goods and services. Political opponents


challenged her to drop her back-up plan for an independence referendum.


Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh, in search of common ground. I think


there is a real opportunity to present to the UK Government a


unified Scottish position. And all Scotland coalition of politicians,


businesses, universities, and a whole range of others to resist a


hard Brexit. The aim to put weight behind Scotland's demand to stay in


the single market. There is a high risk that these companies will go to


other parts of Europe. It is important to retain a Scottish


identity and to retain some form of focus on Scotland in the single


market. There is real anxiety as well. I don't care if you are male,


female or kangaroo, I just want certainty, so I can give that to my


staff. This matters. Scotland trades heavily with the EU. An


staff. This matters. Scotland trades report reckoned Brexit could cost up


to 80,000 Scottish jobs. Yellow macro and the issue of clarity in


relation to Brexit... The Prime Minister says she understands. What


might happen? A single market consists currently of the EU member


states, plus Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, surviving members of the


free trade Association. Switzerland has access to the market through


multiple treaties. The Swiss have now voted for migrant quotas and


some question them membership. All members of the market of full,


autonomous states, not like Scotland. EU legal experts spell it


out. That poses a challenge for Scotland. The starting point he


says, would be to get UK Government on side. Scotland needs new powers


under the devolution settlement, not only to sign up to an organisation


might this but to be able to comply with all the rules the organisation


has, such as rules on product standards, rules on financial


services and rules on immigration. Doctor Locke stresses anything is


possible if the will was there. Green and was allowed to leave the


EU, while remaining part of Denmark. Could the Scotland answer lie here?


Belgium has a limited access to free trade. If the Belgian provinces --


be Belgian provinces are not in the single market. That is reserved to


Belgium. This sort of conundrum might appeal to wear name and greet,


the surrealist artist. Meanwhile fishing industry leaders


in Scotland say they're encouraged by talks they've held in London


with the UK government on the opportunities and challenges


presented by Brexit. The organisation, which campaigned


for a Leave vote in June's referendum, says control over


British waters will bring huge potential benefits


to Scottish fishing. We have a very strong handfuls that


that is completely understood by the Secretary of State. We are asking


both governments for us in Scottish fishing, both relevant governance,


to work together on this. This is one of the best patches of maritime


real estate in the world. A campaign's growing to cut speed


limits in a Perthshire town after the death of a two


year old girl. In recent days someone took matters


into their own hands in Coupar Angus Flowers still marked the scene where


Carl Edwards was killed here two weeks ago. She was walking along


this pavement when she was struck by a car after it had collided with


another vehicle. The funeral of the two-year-old took place yesterday.


Her older brother and teenage sister are recovering from serious


injuries. An investigation into the cause of the accident is continuing.


It has shocked people in the town and led to renewed calls full speed


limits to be cut. There is a 30 mile an hour limit in force will stop a


couple of hundred yards further on it changes to 60. People here say


they have campaigned for years to have a 20 mile an hour limit


throughout the town and this death adds urgency to that campaign.


Opinions on whether that would work are divided. There were lots of


people knocking around. I think 20 miles an hour would be reasonable. I


think it is a very good idea. I don't know if it will help. In


recent days, someone took direct action, changing some of the signs


to 20. They have been changed back but it is perhaps a sign of


frustration. But some people man crew. That was an illegal action. It


might have given people some cheer, it was soon rectified. Whoever did


it and removed it very quickly. Police have issued a stern warning.


They regularly carry out speed enforcement activity in the area and


altering statutory science risks jeopardising police efforts to


enforce the existing legal speed limit. Perth and Kinross Council


said they are planning a range of other measures to continue to


discourage speeding on this road. The death of this little girl


appears to have made campaign is more determined to get a permanent


lower speed limit in their town. Judges are to issue a written


decision on whether a private prosecution can be brought


against the Glasgow bin lorry crash Final legal arguments were heard


at the court of Session Relatives of three of the six people


who died in the crash in December 2014 are seeking permission


from the court to bring The Presiding officer


of the Scottish Parliament has set up an independent commission


on Parliamentary reform. Ken Macintosh has established


a review group to examine how Holyrood holds Government


to account, how it scrutinises legislation, and how public


engagement can be improved. Politics in Scotland has become


tribal and divisive over the last decade. I want the public to


re-engage with Parliament and be confident we can carry out duties on


behalf of the people of Scotland. RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague has


been missing for over a month. The 23-year-old from Dunfermline


was last seen near his base in Bury St Edmonds,


and despite widespread coverage of CCTV showing him after a night


out, his disappearance His mother says she believes


he was taken in a vehicle. From Suffolk, Katherine Nash


reports. Searches took place north of Bury St


Edmunds, one of the possible routes back to RAF Honington. He went


missing after a night out in Bury St Edmunds on Friday 23rd of September.


He was later seen on CCTV in the town in the early hours of Saturday


morning. Following a number of police appeals, earlier this week a


man came forward with a possible sighting of him on an industrial


estate just behind the sugar beet factory in Bury St Edmunds. Earlier


today I spoke to his mother, who has factory in Bury St Edmunds. Earlier


come down from Scotland full Suchy spent the last month in Suffolk. I


asked how she is holding up. As each day goes by, how we are feeling is


starting to change. Initially, it was possible, although he had never


tried to walk back to base before, he would have been capable of doing


it. Now it is very hard to think of anything else that has happened to


him, other than he has gone in a vehicle, because there is just no


evidence to say he has not. 5000 man-hours have been put in for the


surge. Not only are the police and RAF involved but also volunteer


groups. So far no trace of him has been found. Police are still


appealing for witnesses who may have been in the area at the time to


contact them. More than 30 police and experts have


been searching for the 21-year-old Anton Morley. The public is being


urged to check gardens, outhouses and garages. He lost his footing


from the lock. There is water and it was freezing cold on Monday night.


It would be treacherous if someone fell in. That is the cause of our


concern. A Dundee-born scientist has died


in Antarctica after the snowmobile 50 year old Dr Gordon


Hamilton was killed after the vehicle plunged 100


feet on Saturday. Dr Hamilton was a professor


at the University of Maine A plan is in place for


the Scottish Government to take over the running of the country's


railways, if Scotrail fails to meet More than 19,000 people have


signed a petition calling on the Transport Minister Humza


Yousaf to strip the Dutch firm Abellio of the Scotrail contract


if they fail to improve. Mr Yousaf told MSPs that contingency


plans were ready for ministers Let's get the weather. Over to


Christopher. Fairly cloudy but largely dry. Clear


conditions across the North East. A touch cooler. Tomorrow morning, we


will have a weather front in the north-west. Breezy with of rain.


Tomorrow morning, some fairly dense fog patches. There could be some


disruption to flights in and out of airports. Back home, tomorrow


morning, eight cloudy start. The odd spot of light rain and drizzle.


Generally drive. Certainly frost free first thing. Perhaps the odd


bright spell across the north-east. Pretty wet across the North West


with a weather front approaching. Windy here as well. The rain stayed


foremost of the day across the Highlands and Islands. Elsewhere,


after the early spit and spot of rain, drying up with sunshine coming


through. Sunny intervals coming and going. In the Northwest, some heavy


rainfall with strong winds. Potentially gale force for a time. A


windy day. Tomorrow, south of the border, largely dry and bright.


Closer to the high pressure here and temperatures responding into their


mid-teens and we will have 13, 14 Celsius. Soggy across the North West


on Thursday evening the weather front will work its way southwards.


But as we head through Friday, that rain will have cleared and the


high-pressure starting to nudge its way northwards a bit. The gradient


opening out and the winds easing. Generally dry with some bright


spells. Some and patchy rain in the West and south-west by the end of


the afternoon. Towards the weekend, a bitter battle between


high-pressure in the near constant and low pressure in the Atlantic. We


think this high will keep the weather friends and rain at bay.


Saturday and Sunday, largely dry but largely cloudy. That is the


forecast. That is reporting Scotland. From all of us, good




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