27/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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independent child sexual abuse inquiry. Join me now on BBC Two,


11.00pm in Scotland. Here, on BBC One, it's time


for the news where you are. Scotland's spending watchdog says


the NHS is struggling financially and is failing to achieve key


waiting time targets. The auditor general says


that despite rising spending on the health service,


funding isn't keeping pace with increased demand from


an ageing population. This is the annual health check


for the health service. And the prognosis is


certainly not positive. The Auditor-General says health


boards are struggling NHS funding, she says,


is not keeping pace with increasing demand and the needs


of an ageing population. There is an "extremely


challenging" financial position for health boards,


and the report warns many are at risk of being unable


to balance their books. There is a growing


population in Scotland and a population which


is We know that older people


tend to need more health care, particularly in the last


years of their lives. We're also seeing increasing cost


pressures from the cost of the NHS workforce


and we have noticed particularly busy of prescribed drugs,


new drugs being available, more drugs being


prescribed and the cost is really The report acknowledges


that despite the cuts, health boards are being asked


to make sure more money In the past year spending rose


by 2.7% above inflation. But as Caroline Gardner said,


the cost of drugs alone went Total spending on the NHS


is ?12.2 billion. That's a jaw-dropping 40%


of the entire Scottish Yet the report says the NHS has


missed seven of eight of its key In three areas, performance has been


deteriorating in recent years. They're the target to begin


treatment within 18 weeks of a GP referral, the 12-week target


for treatment to be completed and a target to access


child or adolescent Each of these missed targets means


a patient waiting longer for James Neesom, a retired miner,


has already waited 12 weeks for treatment from blocked artery


in his leg which is affecting his He should have had


an appointment by now. appointments office in the Royal,


and they informed me it would be at least 30 weeks before I could maybe


hear something as there was a 30 week waiting list, appointment time


for appointments, due to a shortage His case was highlighted


by Labour in bitter exchanges at First Minister's


question that every word but callers to radio Scotland's phoning


and people outside a major Glasgow hospital were largely supportive


of the NHS and its staff. Personally, I can't fault it,


I'd had the best of treatment in the NHS and my waiting


time has been before the 12 weeks. We know it is struggling


financially but it's the best treatment I


would I think the whole thing is badly


structured and it has been going on to so many years,


it is getting worse and worse. Audit Scotland says one way


of improving the health of the NHS would be to speed up proposals,


first mooted in 2005 to treat more patients in the community rather


than in costly hospitals. But it says there's a problem


here of an ageing workforce. Half of community nurses are over


50, so are a third of GPs, while a slightly larger proportion


of nurses and midwives Replacing them when they retire


is another challenge the NHS must being paid under ?4 an hour -


that's almost half the minimum wage. Tonight the Scottish Government says


it is unacceptable They have asked Serco


Northlink to ensure the crews are paid the national


minimum wage and their Arriving in Lerwick


harbour, the cargo boat On board, fresh supplies of food


for the supermarkets and other But some of the crew


working on the vessel are being paid well


below the minimum wage. They are getting paid ?3.66 per


hour. This is a Scottish Government


contract for the ferry service and it is totally


unacceptable that these workers from Estonia are being paid way below


the UK national minimum wage. The union has launched an online


petition highlighting their plight and


calling on the Scottish Government to stop the practice


with publicly funded contracts. Serco Northlink was awarded


the ?243 million Scottish Government contract


for six years in 2012. It operates three ferries


and two cargo boats on the lifeline


routes to the Northern Isles. But the running of


the two cargo boats is outsourced to another company


which is based in Heysham. But the companies say under


current legislation, the national minimum wage is not


applicable to the crews They say the crew


are deemed not to be They add that if


the national minimum wage applied, it would place


the company at a serious If they are not receiving


the minimum wage, that cannot be right, they


are members of staff, Scotland and they should be


receiving the wages due to them. Transport Scotland will be in touch


with always subcontract the company and they will offer to pay


the minimum wage and backdate that I would urge the subcontractor


to take that up and I will write the UK shipping


Minister to say that because he has controls over the minimum wage


and the UK Government, they should impose that minimum wage on non-UK


nationals regardless of whether they are working in international waters


or not if they are working on a As the ship set sail


for it overnight trip to Aberdeen, the RMT has pledged


to continue its fight for the crew. John Johnston, Reporting


Scotland, Shetland. The sister of a woman from Glasgow


who went missing nine days ago has find her. Janet McQueen, who is 58,


was last seen leaving her house in Her family say they


are worried sick. This morning, we have


the sister Janet McQueen. It is daunting speaking front


of the cameras but The family are really worried now


about my sister, Janet. She loves her dog and it


is really concerning Alongside, with her mobile


phone and her purse. We are worried sick,


not knowing where she is at this time,


as you can understand. Mrs McQueen lives in


the Govanhill area of Glasgow and she was last seen there


at about nine o'clock at night. She was seen by


neighbour, walking down Janet we know enjoys


daytime activities and was not known to go out of the house


at that time of night. Janet McQueen's family say she likes


routine and most days she would pop into this pub where staff


and customers are worried about her. She would normally come


in between nine and ten and it was always a caramel


latte and a bacon roll, toasted. She had a good group of friends


that she came in and sat There was a possible


sighting of Janet extensive search produced


no trace of her. In the afternoon of the day she went


missing, she was found several miles from home


in a confused state but was able to tell police where she lived


and was taken Police say they found nothing


which would indicate there is any criminal


element to Janet's disappearance but they


are really keen to hear from anyone


who thinks they may have seen her or from friends who can tell they're


more about her daily routines and If Janet is watching this,


please get in contact We love you and miss


you so very much. Aileen Clarke, Reporting


Scotland, Glasgow. The mother of a 14-year-old girl


who died in a crash in Moray has said she still cannot


believe she's gone. Neringa Narasoot from Bucky


was killed in the accident near A 14-year-old girl has been flown


to Glasgow with life-threatening injuries and two girls aged 16


and 17 have serious injuries. Police Scotland is likely to


overspend its budget for the current The Scottish Police Authority


which oversees the force says the main reason is staff


costs but it says that with strict workforce planning in place,


these costs are being managed down. The Scottish Government has pledged


to maintain police officer numbers


at more than 17,200 and has a strict policy of no compulsory


redundancies for civilian staff. Portobello High School in Edinburgh


opened its doors to pupils The school is the city's biggest


with space for 1,400 children. The development was initially


surrounded by controversy following local opposition


to redevelopment of parkland. private bill through


the Scottish Parliament to change I think the initial controversy has


subsided. We have had a great deal of Hosoda feedback and the fact we


have a lot of green space around us. We are feeling positive about the


future. A young Rangers fan who was injured


by a bottle before the Old Firm League Cup semifinal last


weekend made a special appearance as a mascot


at Ibrox last night. 11-year-old Craig McKay


led the team out before the game between Rangers


and St Johnstone. Police have condemned


the attack on him which left him needing


seven stitches in a cut to his head but despite what happened, he says


he still wants to see the next Old The weather is next.


Fairly cloudy today and went for some and tonight the rain is on the


move again. You can see from the weather front, it is moving its


weight southwards. A spell of wet weather has some cross central and


southern Scotland over the next couple of hours but by tomorrow


morning, it is sitting across the North of England but this warm front


will be coming back our way. Tomorrow morning, it is a largely


dry start with temperatures around eight to 11 Celsius and much lighter


winds compared with today. Further north, after the wind is a beating


over night, they strengthen again so a blustery morning through parts of


the North. Blustery showers here but the showers and wind will ease


through the course of the day. Elsewhere tomorrow, it is largely


dry with some ease and bright or sunny spells. If no improvement


across the south-west but it should appear later too temperatures down


on today but given some sunshine, it shouldn't be too bad. Across the UK


as a whole, high pressure is in charge but we have this weather


front step in the middle, producing cloud for areas south of the border.


Temperatures are admitted to high teens but fairly murky at times.


There's that returning warm front edging its way in across the


south-west, bringing bigger cloud and patchy rain, Friday night. To


the weekend and high pressure is still at nearby, keeping this low


and this weather front at bay for most of the day will start becoming


a little bit as we head into words Sunday. Saturday, is going to be


generally dry but fairly cloudy. Some extensive hill fog in places.


Temperatures up to 16 degrees. Damp at times around the western isles.


Our next update is during breakfast at 6:25


From everyone on the late team here in Glasgow, goodnight.


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