28/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Three men have now been arrested in connection with the attempted


murder of two police officers in Glasgow.


They're expected to appear in court on Monday.


The police officers were struck by a car while they attended


a call-out in the north of the city on Sunday night.


On Sunday night at around 11:15pm, two officers were called


to a disturbance here in Knightswood and then deliberately


They were seriously injured after being run over by a blue


Nissan, and they were both taken to hospital.


The 30-year-old woman officer was so badly hurt


And as the officers had lain on the road, hurt,


that blue Nissan was driven away, hitting parked cars, including


Police have today arrested three men in connection with the attempted


murder of the officers, a 28-year-old man this morning


and a 24-year-old and 30-year-old man this afternoon.


The 30-year-old is David Maclean, who detectives issued


a photo of earlier today and were very keen to trace.


The woman police officer, although out of intensive care,


ScotRail has been fined almost half a million pounds for failing


to meet required standards for trains and stations.


The inspection results follow criticism of the franchise


over delayed, cancelled and over-crowded trains.


Here's our Transport Correspondent David Henderson.


Well, this is another wrap across the knuckles for ScotRail. They are


already under pressure to improve their targets, for things like


reducing the number of trains that are late, reducing levels of


overcrowding on the trains. But they also assessed on soft performance


targets. Inspectors travel on the trains, go to the stations and ask


the core questions, like RB train announcements clear enough on what


is the service from staff like, are the toilets clean enough? It seems


they have failed on a number of those fronts, to put up during July


to September, targets were not met in five out of 17 areas of station


performance and ScotRail also missed ten out of 17 benchmarks on the


train. The end result is they have been hit by an enormous fine, almost


half ?1 million, which will be reinvested in the rail network but


which will hit ScotRail's profits. Some reaction tonight from the


Scottish Government to say that further improvements will be


required. They have asked transport Scotland to ask ScotRail to set out


in detail how it plans to improve performance. As far as ScotRail is


concerned, they say they will never stop striving to deliver they are


investing almost half ?1 billion in new trains and refurbished trains


and on better Wi-Fi to improve the passenger experience. They will now


know it is day-to-day services which have to improve fast.


Independence campaigners, holding a vigil outside


the Scottish Parliament have lost their appeal against eviction.


The Court of Session upheld an earlier ruling


Defiant, determined but almost out of options.


The pledge from those running the camp was that it


would remain until Scotland was declared independent.


But today the bell tolled, as judges threw out an appeal over


The handful of people at the camp today did not want to be


interviewed, but the sense here was one of defiance,


and as far as they are concerned, today's judgment has


Ever since it first appeared, Holyrood's corporate body have


wanted the camp removed, arguing it was unlicensed


and a threat to Parliament's neutrality.


But when they were ordered to leave, the campers took their case


to the Court of Session, claiming their human


Seven months of legal argument would follow, social media


projecting an often surreal courtroom to the wider world.


It is based on the declaration of Arbroath and the act of union.


There are spiritual arguments based on the idea that Jesus has returned


to Earth and is campaigning for Scottish Independence.


But there is a serious issue of human rights


at the basis of the case and that was what the


Today's ruling gives the authorities the right to apply for a court


We will apply for the order and it will probably take several days.


As soon as we are in possession of that, we will seek to remove


the campers if they have not left voluntarily.


Our preference is that they respect the ruling and leave the site.


The campers say that fundamentally this has been


The Scottish Parliament say they will discuss finding


an alternative way to allow that, but only once the camp has gone.


The family of a missing French student say they can think of no


reason why he may have gone missing in Edinburgh.


Police believe that Antoine Maury may have become disorientated,


after leaving friends on Monday evening.


They've been searching Holyrood Park after what they describe as credible


sightings of a topless man spotted there on Monday evening.


We spoke to him last time last week on Thursday. He was extremely happy


to be here. Every time I spoke to him on the phone he was very happy


to be here. He was succeeding in his exams. He was very interested in


what he was doing. A plane was diverted and escorted


to land under military escort The flight had lost contact


with air traffic control, which led to RAF Typhoon


jets being scrambled. People along the west


coast heard sonic booms as the jets went supersonic,


breaking the sound barrier. Police said the Airbus A320


was travelling from Toulouse The governing body of youth football


in Scotland is urgently reviewing its guidelines on heading


the ball following new evidence A Stirling University study


suggested repeated heading could impair recall


for up to 24 hours. The Scottish Youth Football


Association says it would be "inadvisable" for a child to do


repetitive header drills but also rejected suggestions that football


should be avoided before exams. Rugby and Edinburgh suffered


an embarrassing defeat at home against bottom club


Zebre, losing 19-14. Better news for Glasgow who went top


with a 31-14 win over Treviso. Jonny Gray crashed over


for the first try before centre Mark Bennett ran 40 metres to score


after good work by Tommy Seymour. Rory Hughes ran a good line to score


the third before Alex Dunbar landed the bonus point just


before half time. Rory Hughes got his second


of the night in the second half but the victory was tarnished


when Langilangi Haupeakui was sent off for a second


yellow card on his debut. And both sides could soon be open


to external investment. The Scottish Rugby Union's member


clubs have voted unanimously in favour of a proposal that


would allow some or all shares in Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh


Rugby to be put on the market. At the moment they are funded


entirely by the SRU. It's over to Christopher now


with the weather forecast Good evening. Fairly cloudy and


largely dry tonight. Quite chilly at the moment across the North East but


the cloud will build here and the temperature will recover. While high


pressure is nearby and generally in charge we have this weather front


straddling across the country. Bringing outbreaks of rain overnight


for the West and north-west. That is how we starting tomorrow morning.


They cloudy and damp morning in places with some mist around. The


rain moving to the hills by the afternoon. Many areas dry but


brightness will be limited as we head through towards the afternoon.


Worst of it likely across the North East. In the UK as a whole high


pressure is in charge, so it is largely dry, little in the way of


wind but cloudy. Temperatures on the mild side for this time of year, low


to mid teens. A closer look for us, by mid afternoon a fuse box of rain,


mainly over the hills but temperature wise -- a few spots of


rain. Generally it is dry but fairly cloudy. Towards eastern Scotland


through parts of Perthshire in towards Angus and Aberdeenshire,


we're likely to see something a bit brighter by the afternoon. Maybe 15


Celsius. Further north and north-west quite drizzly across


Shetland for most of the day and cloudy and damp in that area.


Staying fairly proudly and little change in the evening. They largely


settled day on Sunday. They cloudy and damp start a central and


southern and eastern Scotland should dry up with a dry but cloudy


afternoon in store. Staying wet in areas in the far north-east. Don't


forget the clocks go back one hour. That is forecast for now.


Our next update is tomorrow evening at 5:50pm.


But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow, have a


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