31/10/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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the United States. Join me now on BBC Two, and that 11pm in Scotland.


Now it is time A man found guilty of the murder


of Lanarkshire waiter Surjit Singh Chhokar has been jailed


for almost 20 years. Ronnie Coulter's conviction is only


the second time in Scottish legal history that an accused has been


tried twice for the same crime. This is a day the Chhokar family


thought they might never see. Finally, 18 years after


Surjit Singh Chhokar's murder, He inflicted three stab wounds


on his body in a despicable fashion. Thereafter he tried to cover his


tracks, and in large measure, Many years later, he is here


to answer for his crime. In November 1998, in Overton,


North Lanarkshire, Ronnie and two others went to see


Surjit Singh Chhokar at his house. A fight broke out over a stolen


giro cheque and he was Two enquiries made allegations


of institutional racism. The then Lord Advocate said


the Chhokkar family had been failed by the police and


prosecution services. Outside court today,


there was relief. In the 18 years it has taken


to prove Ronnie Coulter's guilt, His family had their


lives devastated, too. Surjit Singh Chhokar was not the


only victim. Today, justice has finally


given our family peace. This is the second time someone


in Scotland has been tried Ronnie Coulter was found not


guilty at a trial in 1999, but since then the law of double


jeopardy has been scrapped, That law meant Coulter could not be


tried again on the same or similar Today, the family spoke


of their grief. There is no celebration for us,


because we have lost Controversial plans to allow drug


users to inject under supervision look set to go ahead in Glasgow -


making it the first place in the UK Our Home Affairs correspondent


Reevel Alderson reports. The detritus of drug injectors


in Glasgow city centre. Today, city planners have discussed


plans to cut the risks of disease The place is overrun. We have been


trying to get it cleaned up because of the kids.


I'm scared in case the kids get hurt with all the needles and that.


In Glasgow, it is estimated up to 500 addicts regularly


Some would welcome the plan which has been tried


Safe injecting rooms would save a lot of lives, it would lessen


the risks that people already take taking drugs.


It is in areas like this, very close to Glasgow's shopping


district, that addicts are injecting in public.


Judging by the amount of drugs paraphernalia here,


it is happening regularly, with a large number of people.


The idea of this proposal is for injecting still to continue,


but in clinics, under medical supervision, which would allow


the addicts to remain safe, and perhaps bring them


Most of Europe is providing addiction services.


Switzerland has a model where there are heroin


replacement treatments, that satisfies the needs


We need to find a solution that brings the solutions elsewhere


It is a controversial plan which some observers say


is an admission that previous attempts to cut drug use


and the rising tide of death have failed.


We have a drug project 30 years in existence, and we are


-- we have a drug problem that is 30 years its evolution.


We are throwing hundreds of millions of pounds at treatment services,


That is a scandal that our politicians and public


The plan has been approved in principle, and drug workers


When we look at rising numbers of drug-related deaths, if we are


really serious in reducing the harms associated with drug groups, we need


to use all evidence -based approaches to try to reduce the harm


is caused by problem drug use. Before a clinic can be established,


details on cost, where it would be and how it would operate


need to be ironed out. A man has been arrested


in connection with the murder John Smith died following


a disturbance within a property in Misk Knowes, Stevenson,


on the eighth of October. A 30-year-old man is expected


to appear in Kilmarnock Meanwhile, a missing mother from Ayr


has been found safe and well. 29-year-old Farrah Fadli had not


been seen since earlier this month. For most of us, the appearance


of poppies are an annual reminder to think of those


affected by conflict. But what if you've experienced man's


inhumanity to man first hand? Our reporter Lisa Summers went


to meet one such man. In the autumn sunshine, veterans


and their families gathered. The opening of this garden


of remembrance in the lead-up Poppies bring bright colour


into desolate places. The wreaths in memory


of those who had fallen, but for those who have


lived through conflict, I have a picture in my mind,


and it was like a moonscape. He served with the 15th/19th


King's Royal Hussars He lost three tanks and many


colleagues during the war. If you get out and you are watching


the attack, you are praying that the people on the other side


of the gun, the turret, ah well. If your tank is in flames, you are


praying that the people on the other side of the gun, get out as well.


When you start, you think you are going to change everything.


And then you forget what you are doing, and instead


And it wasn't until we arrived at the gates of Belsen concentration


camp that we understood why we actually were there.


But that was too much for some of them.


Which was the wrong thing to do, because the folk at the back


Ian has volunteered for Poppy Scotland for more


He says it helps to talk about his experiences.


It is the time for generations to reflect, to remember those


who lost their lives serving their country.


I think when we joined the Army, boys of my age, we all thought


Dundee's V A Museum should be completed by the end of next year.


The ?80 million project on the city's waterfront


will showcase contemporary Scottish design.


Andrew Anderson has been to see how work is progressing.


It is about six months since we were last on site


here at the V in Dundee, and we are back to see


The area I am standing in will be a space for visiting exhibitions,


the biggest place in Scotland for temporary exhibitions.


It also forms the connection between the two buildings that make


The workers on site are making good progress.


The walls are at full height, and over the winter


and in the New Year we will look forward to the steel beams


going on at roof level, and then the fitting out


of the museum on the inside can begin.


I'm looking at things from the outside now.


This is a complicated piece of construction,


The building is swathed in scaffolding and supports


at the moment, but it is just possible to make out how it


The V is seen as a jewel to attract investors


to the waterfront, ?1 billion investment over several years.


A new railway system is also being built.


-- a new railway station. Investors are being attracted here.


This is how it will look in just over 12 months' time.


The V in Dundee should be welcoming its first visitors


Football, and the Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers says his team can


beat Borussia Monchengladbach in Germany tomorrow night and rescue


The Parkhead side are currently bottom of group C.


This year, the Champions League has been a brilliant experience for us.


This will be a great foundation for us over the next few years.


Well, over to Judith for the weather.


Good evening. October has been kind to us with more than average amount


of sunshine and very little of the traditional wet and windy weather.


Just to end Halloween, here is a traditional wet and windy weather.


beautiful atmospheric shot sent in by one of our weather watchers. We


are seeing clearing skies across the North of Scotland. Here is the


weather front responsible for the rain. It will continue to do journey


southwards, clearing the border tonight. By morning it will be dry


pretty much across the rest of the country with crisp sunshine. It will


feel chilly tomorrow. A different feel, cold northerly air sweeping in


across the country. Temperatures struggling to get above freezing


first thing. The brisk north-westerly winds keeping the


temperature is low. In the rest of the UK, Northern Ireland in the mix


with good sunny spells. The far north of England and up to Liverpool


and York, cloudy skies and it's on pieces of drizzle associated with


this weather front. That will sink southward button front of it, there


will be extensive fog, difficult travel conditions so if you are


catching a flight down south tomorrow, the where there could be


disruption and it will feel milder in the South. Scotland will hold


onto the lovely sunshine for much of the day and showers will feed into


the North, blustery and there will be show -- snow over higher ground.


Feeling quite raw in the showers. Not quite as raw in the South with


more sunshine. Tomorrow evening, dry weather for most with a long clear


frost. Shell is feeding into the North with winter nose over high


ground. High pressure dominating on Wednesday. The winds ease, the shell


of the, fewer. That's the forecast. of the, fewer. That's the forecast.


-- the showers become fewer. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25am tomorrow.


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