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Good evening. There will be further talks tomorrow over the wearing of


poppies at Fifa on Armistice Day. A request has been turned down to


allow players to wear armbands featuring poppies during the match,


on the 11th of November. A simple ceremony, a reminder of sacrifice.


People come to remember conflicts in the distant past and recent painful


events as well. The young man who gave their lives in battles like the


Somme 100 years ago were just like these young men, pals who banded


together. On the 11th of November, Armistice Day, Scotland will play


England and the teams want to wear a poppy. We have had a president in


2011 and I think it is clear and the point we are making is this that is


not a political statement, this is a personal choice. This is a mark of


respect for those who have lost their lives in the war. It is


thought Fifa come under a new regime, is more likely to be


sensitive to this issue. Involving the oldest international match in


the world. There is certainly political will for a change of


heart. I think it's important to commemorate and remember the people


who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the world wars, and there's


no better time to do that on Armistice Day, on the 11th of


November, when I hope Fifa will allow both teams to wear poppies on


the strips. I think Fifa have badly misjudged this. The fact the game


takes place on the 11th of the 11th, this is the year to commemorate the


Great War of the First World War, shows how badly they have misjudged


it. The poppy is not a political symbol. This year's Poppy Appeal was


launched by the gold-medal winning Olympic cyclist Callum Skinner.


People of all ages in Scotland will give this year to help veterans and


many will wear a poppy with pride. There is certainly a great deal of


support to allow the descendants of those who fought an opportunity to


remember as they meet in a different those who fought an opportunity to


field of conflict. Police Scotland say they're dealing with Scotland at


the Ore of tape bombing range in the Highlands. Officers were called out


to the theme 30 miles north of Inverness before 6pm and are still


there. It's understood the area has been sealed off. It is used by the


RAF on the Army. An Army spokesman said they are aware of an incident


but comment further at this stage. The controversial law aimed at


tackling sectarianism in football will be debated at Holyrood


tomorrow. It's four years since a majority SNP administration pushed


through the offensive behaviour at football act. Opposition MSPs want


it revealed. -- repeals. Celtic Park in


September. As the old firm teams took to the pitch, in the home


stands, this. Effigies draped in an orange sash and Rangers scarf.


Police have made arrests over that incident and the trashing of toilets


by some Rangers fans. Four years ago the government's solution was the


offensive behaviour at football act but opposition parties say it was a


blunt instrument which damaged free speech. On Wednesday they'll debate


whether it should be repealed. This Labour MSP says his recent


consultation shows large support for that. My view is that football fans


going to the matches should be singing football songs, but one of


the issues we have seen with this legislation is the police have


confused about what songs are illegal and potentially cause public


disorder, the judges are confused, and the whole thing has ended up a


real mess. One possible way forward is to make clubs legally responsible


for fans' behaviour, strict liability. The ultimate --


ultimately it's the clubs who attracts people in by dint of being


entertainment if you like, but the fans have a loyalty to the clubs and


if they realise the clubs will be punished severely, could be punished


severely, it might well be that would be the thing that would


trigger to change their behaviour is. The legislation has aroused


strong feelings amongst fans. One blogger says it's about free speech.


It do I have the right to be offended? If you take it to its


logical conclusion, I might be offended by your tie, it doesn't


mean I have the right to get you arrested because I find your choice


of Kolarov tight clashes with your suit offensive. It's a nonsense when


you take it to this degree. Many fans agree there's a problem with


sectarianism in some parts of football, but they're also concerned


about limits on the free speech, something they say this legislation


has made worse. That is something that opposition politicians will be


talking about tomorrow, in the Holyrood debate.


Former Scottish miners say the UK Government's decision to rule out a


public enquiry into what became known as the Battle of Orgreave in


Yorkshire during the miners' strike in 1984 makes them more determined.


Campaigners here want an investigation into confrontations


between striking miners and police north of the border.


In Newtongrange the old colliery was declared the National mining Museum


in 1984. The same year as the most bitter of industrial disputes was


unravelling. About 150 people were faced by police as the lorries left


the mind. Striking miners classed with the police, one of the worst


instances was at Bilston Glen just outside Edinburgh. One of those


arrested was Alex Bennett. I appeared in court and was fined


?100, on the 20th of December 19 84. I got my P 45 in January and I never


worked for three years after the strike. In Westminster today, a


junior minister faced an urgent question in the Commons, 24 hours


after his boss Amber Rudd ruled out an enquiry into the clashes at


Orgreave. Isn't it simply staggering that the Home Secretary has brushed


away an enquiry as not necessary? And isn't it even more revealing


that she wasn't prepared to come to this house today to justify her


that she wasn't prepared to come to decision? Some believe there is


evidence that the Tory government instructed police to take a harsh


approach in Scotland in the aftermath of the violence in


Yorkshire. Is a lot of questions about Civil Liberties and about the


politics of the policing of the strike. It goes far beyond


individual cases of injustice and requires a collective response.


Hundreds of miners remain convicted of offences during the strike, more


here in Scotland than any other part of the UK. That's why campaigners


say it's imperative that there is an investigation here into the conduct


of police. I don't know, I can understand the Tories taking a


decision they did, not to investigate the Tory government of


the Thatcher government, but for the Scottish Parliament to take the same


view as the Tories, I find that strange and I don't know what the


reason is. The Scottish Government says it has no plans to conduct an


enquiry into the police here. They say the Scottish criminal cases of


the board can look into cases of those who fear they were wrongly


convicted. A group of tenant farmers is taking


the Scottish Government to court to try to win compensation for having


to leave the farms they have been renting. They say they are the


victims of flawed legislation. These 5000 acres have been farmed


by the Patterson family since 1996 after they signed a limited


partnership lease with the local should have given them security


for decades, but once that law was ruled to be incompetent,


their hope of staying beyond their initial


lease was not shared, They've now been given notice


to leave at the end of the month. I hope that those with power over


this wrong legislation, the flaw in the law


before this week's over. I hope they do provide


a means for the farmers who are losing their farms to be


able to continue to farm. It's not so much the landlord


but the Scottish Government Arriving at court in Edinburgh today


Ian and John Paterson argue they are the victims of clumsy


legislation and they must be compensated for the money they've


invested in the farm over the years. The Patersons are one of seven


tenant farmers from around Scotland taking the government to court,


and they are supported We simply ask government now,


don't drag this through the courts, step in, pay the compensation


where it's due and allow the parties The Paterson family have accepted


they will have to leave this farm that they've built up over the years


at the end of the month, but they're hoping that


by highlighting the plight other tenant farmers will be spared


the same heartbreak. The Scottish Government


won't comment on the court action for compensation,


but say new legislation was brought in two years ago to replace


the earlier flawed law. Years of uncertainty here have


taken their toll, though. Jim has coped with it,


being the head of the family, most of the worry has been an Jim's


shoulders, that yes, it has had a terrible


and detrimental affect my husband's Celtic kept the Champions League


hopes alive by battling back to draw 1-1 with Borussia Monchengladbach.


Celtic hit the post. The Germans went ahead in the 33rd minute.


Dembele converted a penalty. After another beautiful day for most of


is, it's the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow.


A fantastic start to November for many but clear skies minute will be


quite chilly tonight. Current temperatures there, expected to fall


further and in the countryside down to zero or below zero. Not clear


skies for everyone. Across the North and north-east a number of showers,


the cloud and breeze, that's how we start things tomorrow morning but


elsewhere it is a dry, fine start to the day. The fog patch here and


there and they will be pockets of frost around as well. Once the sun


comes up it quickly gets to work. However, it's going to be chilly.


Temperatures at 8am, 4-5dC. Further north, perhaps mild around the coast


and a bit of cloud to start the day around Marie and Caithness and the


Northern Isles, where the winds remain fresh through the Northwest


and the showers tend to ease away. Elsewhere very similar conditions to


what many will have seen today. 20 of Chris Porter null sunshine. A


better day across the Highlands and Islands, fewer showers -- there will


be crisp sunshine. Temperatures 9-11 Celsius. The risk of showers down


the North Sea coast and quite a breeze a raw feel at times but for


many, plenty of sunshine and a pleasant day. The cloud increasing


in the north-west turning the sunshine hazy and Reina Riley as we


had overnight and its withers as we head towards the state -- rain


arriving as we had overnight. There will be cloud and rain across


Scotland. South of the border, try and find but a different day for us.


On Thursday, temperatures similar but a cool feel with the cloud and


rain. Low pressure in charge on Friday, a number of showers, one or


be heavy across the far north of Scotland. Temperatures similar, some


sunshine further south. Into the weekend the low pressure system


pulls away and opened the floodgates to really chilly air from the north.


With it, a few showers, some of the wintry. That's the forecast for now.


That's all from Reporting Scotland for now. Regular updates during


breakfast from 6:25am. From all of us in Glasgow and around the


country, good night.


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