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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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An MoD firing range in the Highlands is under lockdown tonight


after a soldier was killed during a live firing exercise.


There is still a big police presence and there are few details,


although police say there is no risk to the local community.


Although primarily a bombing range for the RAF,


practice here the Tain range has increasingly been used by the army.


Yesterday troops were taking part in a training exercise


It is thought more than 20 members of the Black Watch


based at Fort George near Inverness were involved.


The death of their colleague has sparked an intensive investigation.


We've got 30 detectives that we've allocated to the inquiry,


we have initially resourced from Tain and we are taking more


officers from across Scotland to support the inquiry,


we also have more officers on the scene of controlling entry


and monitoring the scene to support the investigation.


Since 2000 135 UK Armed Forces personnel have died on exercises


or training, 11 of them in live firing operations.


Two months ago Black Watch Private Conor McPherson from Paisley


was shot dead in a live firing exercise in Northumberland.


I have a daughter serving in the Royal Air Force


I know the training needs to be of the highest possible standard


and this must include live firing but we had


So I am saying this is to be an exhaustive inquiry.


Whatever it takes to find out what happened.


The local MP has called for a full inquiry to put community


Meanwhile both the Prime Minister and First Minister have


offered their condolences to the family of the victim.


MSPs have voted to urge the Scottish government


to repeal its Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.


Opposition parties united behind a motion condemning the legislation,


which was designed to tackle Sectarianism, as badly


Our Political Correspondent, Andrew Kerr, watched the debate.


Keeping an eye out for offensive behaviour at the football, but for


how much longer will the police operate under the current laws?


The opposition rounded on the government


at Holyrood calling for legislation to be appealed in the appropriate


their subs but would rather leave an injured player on the pitch


rather than removing him for a benefit for their team.


There are moments when a change in criminal law is


appropriate and in this case the view of legal practitioners


is that they were already adequate laws in


place and those should be used to prosecute


this behaviour rather than


verifying football and its thousands of fans.


Defending the government line, the minister said the powers


I would point out that the statistics


clearly demonstrate that the prosecution rate for the act is


comparable to other prosecution rates.


The latest information covers 2014-15 and shows that proceedings


have been carried out so far in 19 places,


76 people convicted, a conviction rate of 84%.


Backed up from the backbenches, today's events


have been described as an opposition ploy.


That has nothing to do with trying to improve the legislation and


everything to do with trying to defeat the government.


But the opposition, still smarting, claimed the


legislation was pushed through without regard women when the SNP


It was introduced and believed by the Justice


Secretary and by government showing scant regard


for this parliament for


civil liberties over the complexities of the problem they


Time for an early bath for this legislation, he said, the


Yes, 64, no, 63, the motion is therefore agreed.


Labour now say the act is dead in the water and want action.


The government must therefore bring forward


immediate plans on how they


will repeal this act as a matter of urgency.


The presiding officer said Parliament had made its view clear,


it was up to the Scottish Government to reflect on how to respond.


England and Scotland could face a points deduction if they defy


a Fifa ban on players wearing poppies when the teams


English Football Association chief executive Martin Glenn said both


FAs will defy the ban and accept any punishment.


Fifa general secretary Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura


told the BBC any kind of sanction could follow.


World football's governing body prohibits political,


religious or commercial messages on shirts.


Aberdeen City Council has become the first local authority


The stock market bonds, worth ?360 million, will go


towards the council's capital plan, which includes redeveloping the city


centre, building schools and houses, and road construction.


A Labour MP has been cleared of attacking a Yes campaigner


in Glasgow on the day of the independence referendum.


Marie Rimmer, who's the MP for St Helens South and Whiston,


faced two charges following an incident outside


Shettleston Community Centre on 18th September, 2014.


Yesterday, the 69-year-old was cleared of a charge of abusive


Today Ms Rimmer was acquitted of assaulting 52-year-old


Patricia McLeish by kicking her, after a sheriff found the case


I am absolutely delighted and very, very grateful and thankful


for and support that everybody has put in with me.


I want to really get back now to go on and do the job


I was elected to do, representing my constituents


A memorial service has been held to remember those who died


when Aberdeen University's Zoology building collapsed 50 years ago.


It was under construction on November 1st, 1966,


when the steel and concrete frame failed, with tragic consequences.


Our reporter Steven Duff has been speaking to two men


When I arrived there, I was absolutely appalled


and could not understand how we could deal with the situation.


It was one pile of steel girders, steel pipes, concrete,


I had seen the building standing, it was eight stories high,


and suddenly there were eight stories, fallen on a house of cards,


I felt that if you had stood on tiptoe you could have touched


Five people lost their lives that day in 1966, the zooology building


at Aberdeen University which was under


92-year-old John Burgess was senior fire officer in charge that today.


He helped to rescue one of three workers who survived


after being buried in the rubble.


We made a chain of human firemen to the entrance of it.


I said, when I give the word Paul, you are coming out.


I yelled at the top of my voice, pull, and I could shout


And we all came out and the only injury he got was the abrasions


we caused pulling him out of this little part with he was.


Gordon had been a news reporter for only eight


days when he was sent to the scene of the collapse.


He remembers the final survivor emerging.


I don't remember any emotion, none of the cheering or applauding


somebody shook his hands, we were awfully glad


After the tragedy, the construction was completed and the


This evening 50 years on a service of remembrance at Aberdeen


University for the five men who lost their lives.


The Scotland manager, Gordon Strachan, says he didn't


consider quitting his post following a disappointing


start to the World Cup qualifying campaign.


He's just named his squad for next week's World qualifier


As expected, his former captain Scott Brown has been


picked after coming out of international retirement.


Back in Scotland and back in the national squad.


Celtic's in form captain, returning home with his club at the


Soon, he will be reunited with the Scotland manager,


following a short lived international retirement.


The backroom staff have done a final build-up conversation that went on.


He was thinking about trying to get back in the squad and making


From then, we checked it out and that is the case.


We spoke on the phone and we are back together again.


Is the reunion a long-term thing or a one night stand,


beginning and ending with the game against England at Wembley.


Hopefully it is a decision we are all happy with.


Then after that we will decide what the future is for everybody.


What about the manager's commitments?


His resolve to stay in position is as strong,


Here he is reacting to suggestions he considered stepping aside


If you honestly think that from that moment,


maybe 24 hours after the defeat, I was thinking about myself,


I think at that point, how do I get this group of people,


the fans, the players, the backroom staff into a major tournament?


I am 59 years old, do you think I was thinking about myself


The Scots are fourth in their qualifying group,


Defeat at Wembley wouldn't kill Scotland's prospects of qualifying,


but it would render them are pretty slim, with or without


Well, now the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow.


Thank you. Good evening. This is a lovely picture from earlier,


beautiful autumnal colours, but all change tonight with the rain moving


in. In the bigger picture you can see the weather system moving in


from the Atlantic, bringing outbreaks of rain overnight and


thickening cloud. A different day the store tomorrow. It is chilly at


the moment but with cloud building overnight temperatures will recover


by dawn. These are the likely temperatures at 8am. Cloudy and


damp. In the West the rain is heavy and persistent east you are, lighter


and more patchy in nature but still fairly damp. Winds, from the South


West. Shetland is not faring too bad. A few showers but the bulk of


the wet weather is in the south. Through the course of Thursday it


will be fairly wet in the West but further east the brain is often on


through the course of the day but pretty cloudy. You can see the wet


weather stretches through Northern Ireland and the north-west of


England and North West Wales and towards Devon and Cornwall. South


and east are fairly dry with some brightness. They could be for girlie


on. Temperatures are feeling fairly chilly. The winner will be


north-westerly by the end of the afternoon and it will drive in


showers for a showery night overnight Thursday to Friday. On


Friday low pressure is in charge with areas of rain in the south and


the North. In the central lowlands dry and fine weather but quite


chilly. Cold air moves in as the locals away. On Friday rain clears


and a lot of sunshine in central Scotland. In the north another band


of rain edges south through the day with snow on the hills. Saturday and


Sunday, the cold plunge of their moves down and it is quite frosty


overnight. Sunshine during the day in showers around the coast.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25am tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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