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earlier this evening. There will be more on that and any development on


the BBC News Channel. Now it is time Hundreds of mesh implant


operations have been performed in Scotland,


despite ministers suspending their use because of potential


health complications. Figures obtained by the BBC show


that more than 400 women have received mesh and mesh-tape


implants, usually used for pelvic and incontinence problems,


since June 2014, when the then Health Secretary called


for their suspension. Our political correspondent Lucy


Adams has this exclusive report. Hospital treatment is meant to make


patients feel better, but not for Gillian,


who now needs crutches to get round. It's meant to be


a standard procedure. Life as I knew it


completely changed. This is polypropylene, the same


material used to wrap newspapers This is really hard,


it's got a sharp edge. It can contract, it can


break up in the body, I know of women who've


lost their bladder and kidney. How they can put this


into bodies, I have no idea. The Scottish Government took action


and it was suspended back in 2014. That was following pleas from women


suffering debilitating side-effects. But figures show that more


than 400 women have had it The BBC has learned


the Greater Glasgow Health Board has For some procedures,


this is the only choice. They either live with their symptoms


or have these mesh procedures. So for some, it's their only


chance of some benefit and of having a benefit


that lets them get out of the house. But this consultant, who's been


advising the Scottish Government on these procedures,


says there's at least two other forms of surgery which should be


offered but which ministers cannot Only the MHRA could ban it


from the whole of the UK but the Government could suggest


to health boards and clinicians and surgeons to consider suspending


these until we find exactly Is it in the device, the procedure,


the surgeons, or the patients? Hundreds of women are now


taking legal action. They certainly want answers


as to why they received something which had


been directed as not to be used until further investigations


were carried out. Gillian and Olive are working


together to support other women suffering as a result


of these operations. More than 400 are taking legal


action against health boards and mesh manufacturers,


but if the procedure continues, that The full report into the killing


of 16-year-old Bailey Gwynne at his Aberdeen school has been


published, but with much of the evidence and even one


of the conclusions blacked out. Rebecca Curran reports


from Cults Academy. 16-year-old Bailey Gwynne


was stabbed during a fight with a fellow pupil here


at Cults Academy His killer, who was also 16,


is serving nine years A review conducted by child


protection expert Andrew Lowe found Bailey's death was "potentially


avoidable if those who knew his killer carried weapons


had told a teacher". Mr Lowe made five conclusions and 21


recommendations in total, But the full report was kept


private due to data But today the city council released


a heavily redacted version. In fact, much of the 67


pages look like this. Well, the section on the background


of Bailey and his killer, who's described as child A,


has been fully redacted. All information about previous


concerns raised about the killer and a complaint that was made


have been withheld. The only apparent criticism


is levelled at a city councillor for taking part


in a media interview. Well, in October,


when the recommendations and conclusions were released,


the city council's chief executive Angela Scott said the full report


wasn't being published because it contained a great deal of sensitive,


confidential and legally Mr Lowe conducted 43 face-to-face


interviews and over the past weeks each person is understood to have


been asked if they were happy What is now apparent is that


most of them said no. Now, what's not clear


is on what grounds any of those If they were allowed to object only


on the basis of legal or data protection grounds,


or if they could refuse because they were upset


or embarrassed to have The Prime Minister says


she will look very seriously at proposals put forward


by the Scottish Government on Brexit, but has stressed


the negotiations to leave the EU Theresa May was speaking ahead


of tomorrow's publication of the Scottish Government's


priorities for Brexit. I took a call from the First


Minister this morning, where I assured her we will look very


seriously at the proposals the Scottish Government is bringing


forward. I welcome the fact they've been looking at their priorities.


We've been welcoming all the devolved administrations to look at


those so they can be taken into account in the UK negotiations on


leaving the European Union. Plans have been unveiled to create


up to 600 jobs and invest ?120 million at the site of the UK's


last remaining aluminium It's hoped the site could eventually


manufacture alloy wheels for cars. It's the last remaining


aluminium smelter in the UK, relying on its own hydro-power


scheme to produce the massive amounts of electricity


needed for the process. But a review of its assets


by the previous owners led to concerns it could be closed,


with the loss of 170 jobs. Now with the sale of the smelter,


the future is not only bright, Our plan is not to stop aluminium


but make components which are very That creates 300 direct jobs


and many more indirectly. The First Minister was on hand


to take part in a traditional Hindu ceremony to mark the takeover


by the company which earlier this year bought the former


Tata steel plants. With a ?120 million investment


to be made, direct jobs in the supply chain,


it's clearly a massive shot It doesn't just guarantee the future


of the aluminium smelter and the power plants


and all the jobs associated with those, it heralds a bright


new future for manufacturing, given the plans to create


a new manufacturing facility here, bringing many more jobs


in the process, This smelter has been


here since 1929 and remains one of the most important industrial


employers in the Highlands. Especially myself -


I'm in my fourth year here. The chance of me having a job


in the future here is excellent Moving into making alloy wheels


and car components could triple The ultimate aim is to bring


steel-making to the Fort William The Scottish Football Association


has been fined more than ?15,000 by the world governing body Fifa


after the national side wore poppies during last


month's World Cup qualifier Our reporter Alasdair Lamont gave us


the reaction at Hampden Park. The decision isn't an entirely


surprising one, but nonetheless, the reaction has been


one of disappointment. The Scottish FA, along


with the English FA, had requested permission ahead


of the match to wear the poppies in the match,


which was denied. Fifa said there was a rule over


the banning of wearing Players wore poppies regardless


of that ruling, and there The Scottish FA has been discussing


the matter with its English counterparts but also


the other home nations. All of them have been fined


for similar reasons. In terms of the fines,


the Conservative MP Maurice Corrie Frankly I'm appalled


at the decision. It's disgraceful they've come


to that decision when you think of the commitment many football


teams and players made in the wars. I quote the Heart of Midlothian


club, who went as an entire team to fight in the Great War,


and sadly many did not come back. Certainly strong feeling over


the issue, and the English FA are standing their ground,


saying that they will appeal. The Scottish FA stood


shoulder-to-shoulder it would be surprising


if they backed down. I would expect an appeal


to go in in the New Year. An appeal to restore


the fire-damaged Mackintosh School of Art has been boosted


with a ?450,000 donation It's the largest grant


to a non-science project in Scotland The cost of restoring


the school of art is estimated With this latest donation,


the appeal has now Now Judith has the weather outlook


for tonight and tomorrow. Thank you. A very good evening to


you. The jet stream is about to take control of our weather for the


coming week. It is that incredibly fast moving ribbon of wind above the


atmosphere, already pushing areas of low, deep pressure towards us, so we


could see some very stormy conditions come Christmas weekend.


You might wonder what the fuss is about because at the moment things


are quiet and dry and we will have a fairly widespread frost tonight. A


dry start, bright once we see the sun rising with spells of sunshine,


and temperatures at around three or 4 degrees across much of southern


Scotland. In rural sparked -- parts, temperatures around the freezing


level. The wind really picking up across the Western Isles and


Northern Isles and temperatures here higher first thing tomorrow as well.


For the rest of the morning, we are holding onto dry weather, and then


the arrival of that change with the band of rain feeding in across


western Scotland with strengthening southerly winds and gales up towards


the north-west. We will see the rain edging into Northern Ireland but a


much brighter day than we've seen of late across much of England and


Wales, losing the mist and fog we've had lingering over the last few


days. Temperatures cooler than of late as well. It will feel that bit


cooler tomorrow across Scotland as well. Holding onto dry weather for


most of us and then the rain sweeps in as it moves across the country.


Generally lighter and patchy in the east. Then the last of these showers


feeds into the West and this is the next sign of change. These frequent


blustery showers feeding in coming all the way from Canada mean it will


feel cold with a wintry Mr those showers across western and northern


Scotland, with hail and thunder as well. -- a wintryness.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25am tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team, goodnight.


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