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Exactly a year ago Crown Office announced it was seeking


the extradition from Australia of a former Catholic monk


at the centre of child sex allegations at a Highland school.


It followed a BBC investigation into multiple allegations of abuse


Now, one of his alleged victims says the case is no further forward


and has accused prosecutors here of dragging their heels.


Here's our investigations correspondent Mark Daly.


After the BBC uncovered allegations of decades of child sex abuse


at Fort Augustus Abbey in 2013, I confronted one of the alleged


It was around the same time, three and a half years ago,


that Hugh Kennedy first told police about the abuse he says


he suffered at the hands of Fr Alexander in the 1970s.


He has become frustrated at the delays in prosecuting his case.


The reality of this situation is we were placated.


You were written to in derogatory terms with non-answers


And after a period of time, you were expected to just disappear.


The Crown Office received the police report on Fr Alexander more


And a year ago announced plans to extradite him.


My expectations really around whether we will ever see


Denis Alexander in court have been managed down to virtually zero.


I really don't know if there is much more I can do.


Neither the Crown Office in Scotland nor the attorney general office


in Australia will give details about what stage the process is at.


But this Australian MP has taken up the case.


I want to know why after a year, this man has not been


He has written to the government asking what's taken so long.


At the same time we have a commission going on in Australia


into institutional cover-ups and institutional responses to child


sex abuse, that we wouldn't be acting with great haste in Australia


to bring our citizens to justice in a foreign jurisdiction


if the charge has been made against them.


But concerns over the extradition intensified yesterday


after Fr Alexander, visited by a BBC colleague, denied


Can you tell me what you know about the extradition?


I don't know anything about any extradition.


Would you ever go back to Scotland to put your side of the story?


I'm not prepared to do any such thing.


It has already been gone into by the church.


Fr Alexander, stripped of his priestly duties in 2013,


Today, the Crown Office issued a statement.


Meanwhile, as another year passes, Fr Alexander is another year older.


Hugh Kennedy knows he might never see his alleged abuser in court.


The First Minister has published plans showing how she believes


Scotland could stay in the single market after the UK


Theresa May said she would carefully consider proposals put forward


by the Scottish Government but warned that some plans


Our political editor Brian Taylor told us why she'd


Nicola Sturgeon promised that before Christmas she would set out details


that it would be a substantial policy package aimed at focusing UK


mines upon the Scottish dimension of Brexit. If you like, a Christmas


parcel to Downing Street. This West Lothian firm sells pizza ovens


worldwide, including two big European market. The Finnish born


boss is optimistic book anxious. We are needing to know where we can


find employees. I need to know if I can stay in the UK myself. Nicola


Sturgeon reckons Brexit undiluted... The plan is to ease the pain. We


want the UK comments to make it clear when it trickles article 50


that it intends to stay in the single market and the customs union.


If it will not do so, we want the UK Government to seek a differentiated


solution for Scotland as set out here. Two areas of focus. The


customs union, the single market. Under a customs union, members


apply, agreed tariffs to countries outside the EU. If the UK quips that


arrangement, Scotland were brief, too, but might arguably impede some


trade, but the First Minister insisted it would also remove any


need for a Customs border between Scotland and England. On power is


shared with the EU, Nicola Sturgeon want full control of devolved issues


like fisheries and agriculture, plus employment law and powers needed to


strike international bargains, including immigration. Here is the


main idea. The European economic area consists of EU member states


plus Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. Scotland would join


that is, retaining single market freedoms, trade, services capital


and the movement of people. But if people could travel freely from


Europe to, say, Gretna in Scotland, what is to stop them hopping over


the border to Carlisle? Nicola Sturgeon says England could tackle


that with checks on employment housing. Others retain doubts. It is


a proposal that is trying to keep Scotland in both markets as far as


possible. It creates all pairs of difficulties as to whether you can


really do that. For the plan, the chair of the expert panel advising


the First Minister. There are issues that have to be addressed in terms


of additional powers to be devolved to Scotland to manage the markets,


to adhere to single market rules, but I think it is possible and these


are important proposals to address these issues in practical terms.


This is about political strategy, too. Nicola Sturgeon is challenging


the Prime Minister. To the Westminster government I say this.


Your response to these proposals will tell us much, perhaps


everything, about whether the UK is in reality a partnership of equals


that you claim it to be. We are negotiating a UK approach and a UK


relationship with the EU. I think you have assumed an accepted


differential relationships which I don't think is right to accept. I


said when I first met the First Minister after becoming Prime


Minister that we would look very seriously at any proposals that come


forward from the devolved administrations, and there may be


proposals that are impractical. Critics say the First Minister is in


denial about the problems her plan would bring. Nicola Sturgeon admits


it is challenging but insists it is workable if the will is there. There


will be serious consideration of this by the UK Government. There may


be some concessions. I would be astonished if the UK Government


conceded all of this, consider the transfer of powers, conceded that


point about membership or access to European single market for Scotland.


I would be astonished given the Commons from conservatives in the


run-up to this. There is a strategic question here. Nicola Sturgeon


insists she is genuinely advancing this as a policy solution within the


UK. Within the ambit of the UK. If she puts forward a referendum again


on Scottish independence, at least you will be able to argue that she


seriously and thoroughly considered all options, alternatives, before


going to that prospect being put before the Scottish people.


An investigation is under way after a man was found dead in a van,


days after police were reportedly contacted over concerns


David Penman's body was found in the van by police


in Dunipace in Stirlingshire, on December the 15th.


It is understood calls had been made to police two days earlier.


The vehicle is not thought to have been involved in an accident.


The number of indoor tennis courts in Scotland is to double under plans


to build a legacy on our successes in the sport.


?15 million has been pledged over the next decade.


The Wimbledon and Paralympic champion Gordon Reid says


all of the country should benefit - including less privileged areas.


And to football - there's only one Premiership game tonight.


Celtic beat Patrick Thistle 1-0 at Parkhead.


Scott Sinclair scored the winner to give Celtic a 14-point lead


And predictably enough - with five days to go till Christmas,


the weather is turning and travel plans for the next few days


But as Steven Godden reports, there is some good news


Stornoway this morning. Ferries cancelled, roads closed, buildings


damaged. A sign of things to come as the weather deteriorates in the


run-up to the holidays. High winds over the rest of the week, peaking


on Friday and Saturday, will lead to a lot of very destruction to the


Northern Isles and the Western Isles, so that will be one area of


concern. Also a lot of delivery vehicles on the road, high sided


vehicles might be drawn to these high gusts of wind. Generally for


motorists, heavy rain, high winds combined isn't pleasant. Arriving on


Friday, storm Barbara will coincide with the busiest days for Christmas


Friday, storm Barbara will coincide travel and when it comes to bad


weather, history teaches transport ministers to be wary. I want people


to see their family, spend time with their friends on Christmas and


Christmas eve, but in order to do so they will have to plan ahead. We


will get that information out across our network as early as we can so


that people can plan. Fare air passengers, the threat of man-made


destruction has been left tonight after a planned strike by baggage


handlers that would have affected several Scottish airports was called


off. Those Christmas continues this can now be shelved. Elsewhere,


challenging few lie ahead. Well, It's over to Kawser now


with the weather outlook A spell of wet and windy weather


still as we head through the rest of the night, but then some clearer


spells developing especially across the East later and some blustery


showers by the end of the night across the North West. Tonight, as


the rain clears, those clearer skies allowed to bridge as default,


especially for inland areas, down to freezing. By the end of the night


and morning, some blustery showers coming in across the far north and


the north-west with snow down to maybe 100-200 metres. Sleet and


lower levels. Some damp weather for a time across central and lower


belt. There will be showers, but improving through the afternoon. The


rest of the UK tomorrow, and we expect some strong winds across very


far north. Some frequently true showers, and we expect some frequent


lightning by the afternoon and a Met Office yellow be aware warning is in


lightning by the afternoon and a Met force throughout the day. The rest


of the UK, some drier weather for the central swathe, but across the


south of England, some rain and milder conditions for a time. Highs


of ten or 11 degrees. Across the North, eyes of four or 5 degrees.


With the wind chill, bitterly cold. Thursday is similar. Blustery


showers, sleazy conditions down to lower levels, strong winds were very


far north. Thursday, in comparison to what's to come, is the better day


for any travel plans if you're heading out for the weekend. As we


look ahead to Friday, storm Barbara is heading towards us. A deep area


of low pressure. With its heavy rain but very strong winds and that is


the main concern as we look ahead to Friday. Those gusts reaching 50 to


70 mph widely across Scotland, a Met Office yellow be aware weather


warning is in force. An amber be prepared warning is in fourth for


the -- in force for the Northwest and the Northern Isles. Some storm


force gusts reaching up to 90 mph across the Western Isles during the


middle part of the day on Friday and this is transposed to Orkney and


Shetland by the end of the evening. Some very destructive weather to


come. That is your forecast. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25 tomorrow morning. But from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around


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