21/12/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


An investigation has begun into the way police responded


to calls from the public about a parked van in


Stirlingshire in which a man's body was later found.


It's the latest concern about call handling and comes as emergency


services gear up for their busiest time of the year.


Here's our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson.


The front line for police, calls from the public range


from emergencies to domestic abuse, wildlife crime, and


And this is the busiest time of the year.


But how is public confidence in police call handling?


Operators at the Bilston Glen call centre failed to tell officers


about Lamara Bell and John Yuill, who lay in their car on the M9


Four months later, police apologised to the family of pensioner


Janet McKay after faults in their investigation


Like the case of Inverness pensioner Albert Insch found


dead two months ago, the independent police


investigator PIRC was asked to review police actions.


It is now also investigating the police response to calls


about a van in which a man's body was found in Dunipace,


Opposition parties are also demanding answers.


We do need to find out what has gone wrong,


whether it is the front line, with the pressure on front-line


police officers, or Bilston Glen, with the old story about


Whatever it is, we do need to understand what has gone wrong


The Government says it'll await the outcome


of the PIRC investigation, but the Justice Secretary says


he is confident that police call handling procedures have improved.


It is appropriate that we allow that investigation to take its course,


but the staff within our call centres do a very good job


and there have been significant changes in the way in which our call


I am confident that over the coming weeks that we are making as much


progress as we can to ensure that all of our emergency


services are working in a coordinated fashion.


Police say 30 recommendations made by the Inspector of Constabulary


following the M9 incident have been implemented, with a new


process to ensure high standards of call handling.


What our process has done, though, is indicate that 99.996%


of our calls were handled without any issue at


So I am entirely confident in our process and the


The force says it cannot comment on the incident in Dunipace


while the investigation by PIRC is continuing.


Security surrounding Edinburgh's Hogmanay


celebrations are to be reviewed following the terrorist


Police emphasise there's no specific threat but that the public


Our correspondent Andrew Kerr reports.


The joy of Christmas, bright lights, tasty food,


and a seasonal atmosphere at Edinburgh's market,


but those festive lights have been deemed at Berlin's Kurfuerstendamm


after Monday's terrorist attack which left 12 dead.


A delivery lorry was turned into a deadly weapon.


But back in Scotland, people say you cannot live in fear.


If something like that's going to happen, it is going to happen,


and there's nothing you can do to stop it from happening.


I feel a bit kind of isolated here in Scotland, so you feel


If you look at it and think, "Are we going to get attacked today?"


The Berlin attack comes as police are preparing


The message that we keep constantly repeating is be aware


of your circumstances and your surroundings,


If you see something suspicious, if you feel uncomfortable


about something, approach a police officer and tell them


In Aberdeen, the organisers of the Christmas Village are working


with police as the First Minister also says to be aware.


We must be vigilant, the police will continue to be vigilant,


the Scottish Government, working with their partners


in the UK Government and with both the police and the intelligence


agencies, will continue to make sure we are vigilant,


but the public should also be vigilant as well.


The threat level is still "Severe", defined as an attack


But as the police said, people should not be alarmed.


The second big storm of the winter is expected to cause


widespread travel disruption in the run-up to Christmas.


CalMac is advising ferry travellers to check for updates with winds


of up to 90 miles an hour due to hit the west of the country on Friday.


In Shetland, at Lerwick this lunchtime, travellers headed


for the Aberdeen ferry which had been bought forward five


hours to try to beat the worst of the weather.


They were very keen to make it south for Christmas.


I was supposed to be leaving on Friday -


I'm working up at the gas plant - but due to the weather conditions,


I have had to leave today otherwise I will be stuck in Shetland over


Christmas, which I don't quite fancy.


Sometimes we are delayed, sometimes we get away on time,


You can see the wind is gathering, so effectively, these northbound


straits will hit the Western Isles...


At Loganair HQ, they are keen watches of the weather.


They have been booking people onto flights going today


and tomorrow to try to avoid the worst of the storm


Friday will see the storm at its worst, and we have moved


a number of flights earlier in the day to try and plan around


the weather forecasts, and for a small number of flights


later in the day we have decided to cancel them based on the forecast


showing there is no reasonable prospect of being able to fly.


Travellers here at Glasgow Airport are pretty relieved to be getting


away today for Christmas, rather than leaving it


to the end of the week, when that storm will be


Were you always going to travel today?


I was supposed to be travelling on Friday, I had to change it


You wanted to get home for Christmas?


I did not want to spend it in Glasgow.


I had always planned to travel to Shetland today,


My brother was travelling on Saturday, but he has


So you will be both home for Christmas.


In Kirkwall, it will be breezy on Friday.


There has been a frenzy of changing of plans here too.


We go south for Christmas, we were due to go on Christmas Eve,


then we changed it to Friday because of the weather,


Spare a thought for around 100 staff on this oil


The seas will be too high for the helicopters to operate


there, so it looks like they won't now get home for Christmas.


For others still heading for that family reunion, though,


the advice from ferry operators like CalMac is keep


checking the websites, because there will be disruptions.


Storm Barbara is bearing no gifts - only very high winds.


And we will have a full weather forecast at


Aircraft and drones have been banned from flying over a house in Inverkip


which is being searched by police looking for missing


The 36-year-old was reported missing by her carers eight weeks ago.


It's 17 years since she was last seen in public.


Police Scotland have been searching the house


Today they said there is now an air restriction zone over


Let's take a detailed look at the weather from Kawser.


Thank you. The only good news I have is that from the model the days will


be getting longer. We have had some wintry showers today and we will


continue to see them as we head through the night. There were some


continue to see them as we head clear spells across Murray to allow


one of our Weather Watchers to capture the Northern Lights error of


this evening. Tonight, though showers are mainly across the North


West, falling as low over higher ground, Suite four Bob levels and


strong winds. Gales with a mate of in yellow BA were warning enforced


throughout the model across the North West and the Northern Isles.


Showers elsewhere. If you are heading out around it or call


tomorrow morning there will be wintry showers and possibly icy


stretches where overnight temperatures could follow to


freezing for many inland areas and towards the North East. For the


central belt, some wintriness and showers for a time but more in the


way of dry weather as we head through the day. If you are heading


out anywhere tomorrow with travel plans, a lot of dry weather across


England and Wales and for Northern Ireland we will see some wintry


showers and stronger winds. Across the South of England, ten or 11


degrees. As you have heard, so far Storm Barbara is heading towards us


and by Friday morning it will bring some heavy rain, strong winds, in


particular across the North West of the country, but that strong wind


warning is across Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, a


yellow BA were weather warning with gusts of up to 70 mph widely. There


could be up to 80 or 90 mph through the middle part of the day.


Transferring across to the Northern Isles by the end of the day, so


there could be likely disruption. Here is the map for Friday. Rain


pushing across the West, heaviest across the Southern and Western


Highlands, Dumfries and Galloway as well, Easter Road is the only breaks


but also wintriness. That could cause problems for transport. Some


structural damage is likely across the very fast North West, where


gusts could reach up to 80 or 90 mph. Whatever your plans, take care


gusts could reach up to 80 or 90 if you are heading up. That is your


forecast. But, from everyone


on the late team, goodnight.


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