22/12/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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As Scotland prepares for the Christmas getaway,


it's also preparing for Storm Barbara.


Ferries to the Northern and Western Isles have been


cancelled - as have some train services tomorrow.


On the Clyde coast the ferry to Rothesay was working


normally this afternoon, much to the relief


My last chance of getting away to do my shopping today,


But it looks like tomorrow will be much more challenging.


Calmac say it is highly likely that there will be


cancellations on this route and other Clyde routes tomorrow.


Some services have been cancelled already, others will be


reviewed throughout the day, so their advice is keep


checking their website for the latest updates.


On the railways, teams will be standing by to clear storm debris


from the lines but some West Coast travellers hoping to head home


by train for Christmas will have an early start,


as ScotRail is suspending the most exposed routes from the morning.


On the Clyde Line and the Oban we are suspending services


We ask all customers to check the website carefully,


check what journeys you have and make alternative


We will reimburse tickets that have been bought and can't be used.


Here is Storm Barbara, bringing high winds and also


rain and snow on higher ground, so driving conditions especially


on roads like the A9 are currently testing.


Plan more time for your journey, let someone know when you are likely


to be at your destination, make sure you have a fully charged


mobile phone and some warm clothing with you so that you are safe


and prepared should you come into some difficulty.


They're certainly prepared in the food sense in Shetland,


nine massive containers of festive food arrived by ferry


today, with one more boat due before Christmas.


We planned ahead, got the stock in early, so we'll have more


than enough for everyone until Christmas Eve,


A reminder today from the Kirk to put comfort and safety


With the weather doing its worst, churches like this one in Falkirk


are streaming their services so you can join online


but you can get a sense of joining in not only with the worship


and the service but perhaps with your friends as well,


Not quite the same as being there but you still get that sense


Storm Barbara will bring travel problems so settling


in by the tree may be very welcoming when you finally


Aileen Clarke, Reporting Scotland.


The public spending watchdog says Police Scotland


and the organisation which oversees it - the Scottish Police Authority -


are facing a funding gap of almost ?190 million by 2020-21.


Audit Scotland says there's continuing concern


But the two organisations say they're working


Scotland's national police force and the authority that holds it


to account are two of the countries most high-profile bodies,


but now serious questions are being asked about how


they are managing their annual budget of ?1.1 billion.


This report published by the public spending watchdog says that


although Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority


have existed for three years they both suffer


The auditor general says that is not acceptable.


I think one concern has been that the focus of day-to-day


and keeping day-to-day policing going, but the focus of the reform


is making sure it is sustainable for the future given the financial


The report dominated Question Time at Holyrood.


Police Scotland is staring down the barrel of a ?190


million budget deficit, we've heard all before.


In response the First Minister indicated the UK Government's


refusal to accept Scotland from a VAT bill.


Ruth Davidson won't have any credibility talking about police


until she backs us in telling the Tory colleagues in Westminster


to do the right thing and stop taking money out of the pockets


Away from Holyrood the Scottish Police Authority said


We acknowledge fully our standard of book-keeping could have been


improved and we agree with the auditor on that point


and we are taking steps to address that matter,


Police Scotland declined our request for a broadcast interview


but in a statement it shared through the Scottish Police


Authority, David Page, the deputy chief officer said


the force was committed to ensuring that the financial management


of the police budget was of the highest standard


and would continue to work to ensure that the appropriate resources


were in place to improve capacity and capability and make sure


That is likely to go down well with the auditor general -


after three years of asking, she is now expecting results.


Andrew Black, Reporting Scotland, Edinburgh.


A man has been convicted of murdering his former partner


Heroin addict Steven Jackson dumped Kimberley MacKenzie's remains


at a number of locations in the Angus town of Montrose.


A woman has been found guilty of helping him


Kimberly MacKenzie was repeatedly battered and stabbed by her former


Afterwards, as she lay dying, he went to buy heroin


with Michelle Higgins, the pair captured on CCTV


There's an element of drug addiction to the crime, but let's be clear,


nothing would allow for that level of brutality that's been dished out


to Kimberly MacKenzie and caused her death.


The next day, Jackson cut up Kimberly's body in the bottom


of the flat and then he and Michelle Higgins dumped body


parts in bins around the town and in another house.


The murder, described by police as brutal and callous,


led to a complex investigation, parts of Montrose sealed off and bin


collection suspended while officers carried out detailed searches.


During the five-week trial the two accused blamed each other.


Jackson was convicted of the crime and Higgins found guilty


Kimberly was a mother and sister, her family have clearly been


affected by these events and having to listen to the dramatic story


-- traumatic story unfolding through the trial,


our thoughts are firmly with her family.


Police say the crime traumatised the community of Montrose.


That was underlined today by the judge, who told Jackson


and Higgins that what they had done was horrific and depraved.


They will be sentenced at the High Court in


The former Rangers owner Craig Whyte has pled not guilty to two charges,


including one of fraud, in relation to his purchase


Mr Whyte's lawyer entered the plea during a hearing at the High Court


A trial is scheduled to begin in Glasgow next April.


An extra ?18 million to deliver superfast broadband


to some rural parts of Scotland has been described as disappointing.


It represents only 4% of a ?440 million investment,


announced today by the UK Government for Britain.


Willie Johnston reports from one community where the broadband


A typical picturesque village and parish in rural Galloway.


Close to beaches and with a pub, school and community hall


there are many reasons to want to live in Borgue


but broadband connectivity is not one of them.


It depends what time of day you access it.


On a good day they get speeds of 4 megabits per second while some


neighbours struggle with 1 megabit, not enough, he says,


to thrive, even survive in 21st century Scotland,


Farmers, local businesses, individuals who want to continue


doing things in the local area, they increasingly find


that they need to have decent broadband and they can't do it.


I know of a number of examples of people who would like to be


working here, who have the IT skills but haven't got the infrastructure.


The UK Government says the cash, which comes from efficiency savings


and from money clawed back from the supplier BT, will connect


more Scottish homes and businesses by getting fibre connections


This is money being used to upgrade cabinets to make sure


we have the latest technology in them so that there is access


But the Hollywood Ministers say the amount earmarked


Very much on the low side, if the Barnett formula was applied


there would be a far higher share, would there not?


A concern shared in Galloway by one campaigner.


People often overlook this part of the world and I think


economically we are important and we should really


support local communities, so ?80 million doesn't seem


Glaswegian chef Gary Maclean has been named champion


He beat 47 other professional chefs over seven weeks of cooking


Gary Maclean's winning menu consisted


of a razor clams starter, a Highland roe deer main


course and a chocolate pistachio ganache pudding,


course and a chocolate pistachio ganache pudding.


But the amazing journey. This is the biggest competition that any chef


can go through. It was incredible. I've run out of words. I never


thought I'd would win. My wife and kids are going to


Let's get the all-important weather outlook for tonight


good evening. They can before the storm tonight with clear spells


across we can see that Storm Barbara is in the Atlantic and coming


towards us. It's bringing strong winds, especially for plenty of


warnings across DLO be of real weather this general warning will


extend to Northern the amber warning we should be most concerned about.


That is the north and icy stretches and defrost. By morning, giving full


spread through eight o'clock tomorrow morning and western areas


we will see heavy outputs the rainfall arrives later on in highs


of the rain and will be several be a line of very strong winds across the


gusts of as we head into you can see that the rain and wind will extend


all for all, temperatures will reach around double digits during the


course of the day. As we look blustery showers. It will be a


better day for travelling. The blustery showers. It will be a


showers will come with a risk of lightening, redbrick sovereign


across a deep area of low very windy again. Later in the


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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