23/12/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Storm Barbara has battered its way across Scotland, causing power


cuts, school closures and tough travelling conditions.


Many ferry services have been cancelled and there's disruption


Festive events have also been affected due to high winds.


It's meant a challenging Christmas getaway for many people.


Aileen Clarke reports on Barbara's impact.


By noon Storm Barbara was making her presence felt


Passengers for Rothesay could only watch and wait.


Here at Wemyss Bay, they haven't managed any crossings at all


That is because here on the pier it is gusting up to 70


Some crossings came back on in the afternoon but these


intrepid visitors decided it was not the day for


From last three days I am here and I am facing these


Whenever you go out, every day you have a new surprise!


All along the west coast, most of the CalMac


Many people have travelled earlier but for those still trying


to make it to family and friends, it is fingers


crossed for a break in the weather tomorrow.


We are looking at a window after three o'clock


tomorrow but we can't guarantee that people could be


So it might be that there's no boats before Christmas?


However, we are reviewing it ongoing, and we will


put announcements out as we can define that.


On the railways, a few more west coast services ran


than had been expected, though flooded


lines have caused a problem on some cross-border services.


For those driving, the Forth Bridge, like many others around


the country, was closed to high-sided vehicles.


In the Highlands, more than 100 schools started


their Christmas holidays a day early.


And on the east coast, Storm Barbara brought


the Edinburgh Christmas Market to a stop until she blew through.


It has been on Lewis and the other Western Isles where the winds have


really been showing their strength, reaching 75 miles


This retired power station was pressed back into service after a


power cut and with the animals safely inside, there was time


to battle through the gales in Stornoway with gifts.


I've done all I can, moved livestock into sheltered areas,


made sure they are safe with no debris lying about


The hens are locked down as part of the poultry


lockdown, so they are safe and hopefully I will sleep soundly


over the next couple of nights, I've done everything I can now, anyway.


Storm Barbara is expected to clear tomorrow but


That will cause disruption, likely to be generally located


in the Northern Isles - Orkney and Shetland -


but perhaps touching the tip of Caithness as well and that's


But before that, tonight in the Northern Isles,


they are bracing themselves for the worst winds


Our reporter Craig Anderson has been assessing the storm's effects


in the north of the country and earlier sent this report


Well, the winds may have reached their peak about earlier, but there


were still travel problems tonight with two planes heading for


Stornoway forced to turn back to both Inverness and Aberdeen as they


were unable to land because of the weather conditions. Stornoway


airport closed shortly afterwards. The winds are due to abate overnight


but with that comes a drop in temperatures and because of that,


more of this stuff, snow. I am on one of the highest sections of the


A9 between Inverness and Perth and the forecasters have said there will


be quite heavy showers of snow on the ground up 200 metres up to about


ten centimetres and that two to three centimetres on lower ground.


Tomorrow that could lead to treacherous driving conditions.


Police said because of the travel chaos today there could be more


people on the boards tomorrow and their message is this, I just your


driving to suit the conditions, that means leaving plenty of time for


your journey, leaving plenty of distance between you and a vehicle


in front and also perhaps taking things like a torch, extra warm


clothing and also something to eat on the way, just in case you get


stuck. Storm Barbara may have passed, but the effects of that


storm will be felt overnight and tomorrow as well.


Craig Anderson. Six months ago today,


a majority of voters backed The decision to opt for Brexit


was a moment of enormous political significance but the future


is still very unclear. Our political correspondent


Andrew Kerr reports. The European Union referendum,


which will lead to Brexit, Now the new Prime Minister has


to lead the negotiations. And the vote reopened the Scottish


independence question. It was on a bright day


in June when the UK voted Six months on in the deep midwinter


in the midst of a storm we are still not much clearer


about what Brexit means. A new report from independent


academics suggests that the UK Government's unwillingness


to explain what Brexit I think the public is more puzzled


about what is going on but where there is real surprise is in public


administrations and other national capitals cos those


across the English Channel are getting increasingly frustrated


at the lack of definition This week the Scottish Government


released their proposals to protect Scotland's place in Europe,


as they put it, they want the Prime Minister to


make arguments clear. In Scotland we have published a very


detailed account of our objectives. We have a vision of


what should take place. I suspect Theresa May has not


shown her cards because there's nothing on her cards,


she does not know what she wants and if she doesn't know that that's


pretty disastrous for the whole of the country and other


countries in Europe. Perhaps Theresa May is isolated


in Europe with few friends but... Her strategy is not to reveal the


plan at the moment. People talk about what sort


of Brexit it will be, we want a red white and blue Brexit,


the right one for the UK. UK ministers were not


available today but did say they were confident they would get


a deal that would work that will start Britain's exit


from the EU. Football, and Aberdeen beat


Motherwell 3-1 in their Scottish Niall McGinn hit his side's third


goal to seal victory at Fir Park. Elsewhere, Dundee beat Hearts 3-2,


Kilmarnock lost 1-0 to St Johnstone and Ross County lost 3-1 to Partick


Thistle. Well, it's over to Kawser now


with the weather outlook Good evening. Well, it is still a


very windy out there but the strongest gusts have surpassed from


storm Barbara but we will continue to see wintry showers as we head


through the night. You can see Storm Barbara is to the North of us by the


isobars remain tight and we have seen some wintry showers across the


North with some snow at lower levels for a time. There is a Met Office


VLB were warning overnight and it across the far North for the Western


Isles and the Northern Isles we can expect some strong gusts. For the


rest of the night, still quite breezy and the risk of icy stretches


across the North of the Central Belt, snow and ice warnings are in


force from the Met office overnight as temperatures dipped close to


freezing and we will continue with those wintry showers falling any


North as sweet and small. Falling as rain any South. It will be a cold


start to Christmas Eve, when the web gales for the farm but compared to


today, the winds will be moderate and it is a better bet for


travelling during the course of the day although we will see more and


the way of outbreaks of rain across the South West. If you are planning


any last-minute Christmas shopping tomorrow afternoon or have any


travel plans there will be wintry showers and they could be quite


hazardous over that Hiya road routes with that small following. Some


brighter moments in between the showers, especially across the East


coast. Bitterly cold, Isil 56 degrees. It will feel cold with the


wind chill. Storm Barbara has left us but Storm Conor is heading


towards us on Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day. There will be


strong winds and outbreaks of rain but milder air so we start of


Christmas Day with mild error. Temperatures are in the double


digits, 12 of the 14 degrees Celsius for the North East, potentially


record-breaking. Strong winds will continue across the North West and


we expect gusts of up to 60 mph with warnings in force. On Christmas Day


night we are expecting wintry weather so it might be a white


Christmas to end but for Boxing Day it will remain windy in the North


with warnings in force, becoming more settled by the end of the day.


From everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


and around the country, goodnight and have


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