27/12/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Now on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


Police say they're following up a 'positive line of enquiry'


following the death of a man who was found badly injured


43-year-old Thomas Roberts, died later in hospital.


At around 4pm on Christmas Day warning the police were called to


the lead of these flats in the Sarasin area of Glasgow. They found


a badly injured man identified today as 43-year-old Thomas Roberts. He


was taken to hospital from the scene but died shortly afterwards. Police


say he suffered a violent and sustained attack and reports say it


may have lasted for some time. On Facebook, his daughter said that


Heaven had gained another angel. Family and friends are left


shattered. A 50-year-old unnamed man was also discovered injured at the


scene. He is in a stable condition in hospital and could be a vital


witness to what happened. Forensic teams have already combed the area


for clues and police say they are following up a positive line of


enquiry but want help from witnesses also. Police say they are also


enquiry but want help from witnesses conducting enquiries locally


house-to-house and they are examining CCTV footage as well to


try to find out what happened. The NHS is struggling to cope


with increasing demands The doctors union has said health


service funding is stagnating despite the "unprecedented


challenges" facing it. Queueing just to register for AGP,


such other pressures on the NHS. The dockers union says


urgent action is needed with an ageing population


-- a GP. Most practices can


recruit new doctors. At consultant level,


we have one in 15 vacancies, It has a knock-on effect on staff


in the health service because everyone is working harder


and it has a knock-on effect Recruiting doctors and nurses


is an ongoing problem Report after report has shown an


increasing pressure but the money is virtually static so the health


service cannot keep pace with demand.


The Health Secretary accepts changes needed.


She said plans for change are already leading to different ways of


working. The criticism follows Audit Scotland


that the NHS met only one of its eight waiting time targets


and faces further savings. The Scottish blueprint for the NHS


emphasises intervention to stop people becoming ill and treatment


to prevent conditions worsening but doctors argued the gap


between demand and resources continues, and there will be no


choice but to ask what the NHS Police are investigating the death


of a 30-year-old man whose body was found in Frasers department


store in Edinburgh's Princes The man who died was a staff member


and police say they're Management closed the shop


for the day but say it House of Fraser says it is "deeply


saddened" by the death, adding that their thoughts


are with his family Football and there were two


Premiership matches today. At Pittodrie, Aberdeen are now four


points behind second placed Rangers after beating Hamilton Accies


at Pittodrie by two goals to one. And Hearts are in fourth


place behind Aberdeen. They beat eighth placed


Kilmarnock at home 4-0. Well, it's over to Christopher


with the weather outlook Good evening. Largely dry conditions


across the country tonight with some clear spells leading to a patchy


frost particular across the north-east, -4 in Aberdeenshire. Fog


is the issue south of the border with a yellow warning for most of


England and parts of Wales and that could lead to some transport


disruption if you're driving south tomorrow. It will be chilly for us


across eastern and north-eastern parts but towards the west and


north-west mode of the these are not quite as cold. Tomorrow morning


largely dry and cloudy. Elsewhere reasonably dry and still quite cool


across parts of Angus and Aberdeenshire and towards Speyside.


For the North is milder but it will be Wednesday. Strong and maybe gale


force winds later on. For most of the country it is largely dry but


fairly cloudy and the best of the brightness across eastern Scotland


and Aberdeenshire down towards the border is so generally cloudier than


today. South of the border, largely dry with the best of the sunshine


across parts of the North of England. Where there is lingering


mist and fog it will be quite chilly around five at best. 7-8 are at the


numbers we're looking at but when the cloudy with the threat of rain


at times. Looking towards Dorothy high-pressure not to far away but


you will notice in the north-west the tightening of the isobars and


the weather front not far away so windy with rain edging end.


Elsewhere largely dry and fairly cloudy with the temperature similar.


Friday the weather front are still with us, waxing and waning around


northern parts but largely dry and fuelling cloudy and the temperature


in the double digits. Looking towards Hogmanay, the rain is likely


to move south words but the timing on it is open to doubt with the


latest thinking, south of the Central belt by the Dells but it


will be breezy and called for the first, that is the forecast.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25 tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


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