28/12/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Some of the oldest trains in Britain are running on one


of Scotland's most iconic routes, and could be harming


That's according to the UK Government's Office


The figures show that the Caledonian Sleeper,


which takes passengers from Scotland to London, has carriages which are,


But the operating company says improvements are just down the line.


The Caledonian sleeper service between Scotland and London has run


since at least 1900. The rolling stock has been updated since then,


of course, but with an average age of 41 years, it operates the oldest


carriages in Britain. Last Christmas, staff on the service took


strike action over what they described as train defects which


were a threat not just a comfort but to safety. Sir code, which took over


the franchise in 2015, has promised to introduce new trains in 2018,


demonstrating a prototype earlier this year. A spokesman told the BBC:


Meanwhile, figures show that ScotRail's average rolling stock


ages 20 years, making it slightly younger than the national average.


They too are undergoing a new modernisation programme. These


electric trains will soon take passengers between Edinburgh and


Glasgow. Virgin's fleet, with an average age of 30 years, says it


will begin using new trains in 2020. Women who binge drink are portrayed


more negatively by the media Researchers at Glasgow


and Glasgow Caledonian universities claim that news stories about women


drinking excessively are given more than double the amount of coverage


than men and are stigmatised. It is pictures like these


which will often see when the media Young girls with short


skirts falling over It may be an issue but apparently


not as much as you have Images of women binge drinking


appear more often in the media, even though


men drink more. Things may happen on nights


of binge drinking such as ripped clothing and a scraped knee,


which is more likely to make women Scantily clad is used very


frequently for women. There is language


is not apply to men. Women are drinking


more than the argues used to but men drink


twice as much twice as often, and twice as many


as them die from


alcohol-related illnesses. Why does women's behaviour hogged


the headlines? A picture of a guy lying gutter in a sweatshop, says it


all. A picture of a woman dressing up with someone holding her hair as


she vomits, that is a fantastic picture. This festive season,


perhaps the only way to avoid embarrassing pictures is to drink


responsibly, regardless of your gender.


which has lain derelict for nearly two decades.


Ambitious plans are underway to restore an historic Fife theatre


which has lain derelict for nearly two decades.


Work is taking place to transform the King's Theatre in Kirkcaldy


Following in the footsteps of generations of Fifers.


In '77, they did a massive refurbishment of this room.


Stephen Barber tries to bring back the glory days and even in this


dilapidated state, it is still possible


to imagine how grand this


There is a lot of work to be done, definitely. It is a three-year


project and we are taking our time, hoping to retain the essence of the


building and that we don't damage some of the really historical,


original stuff. Work on the theatre began in 1904, and it opened two


years later. The plans for the theatre were big news in Kirkaldy.


Here we have a copy of the local theatre were big news in Kirkaldy.


free press, with a couple of illustrations, one in particular


showing the grandeur of the auditorium. This grainy photograph


of the main stairway is one of the few images remaining which shows the


original grand interior of the building, but it closed in 2000 and


quickly fell into disrepair. Now, the vision is to create a 2000-


seater venue to attract touring bands. The stage is also big enough


West End- style shows. A restaurant, bar and function suites are also


part of the plan. The team it could transform the town. The idea and


concept is to have a unique landmark to bring people back into that. We


think that live entertainment would do that in the form of a place this


size. Right now, the priority is to get the roof back on to keep out the


rain and the pigeons. The hope is this theatre will be entertaining


generations to come. There were four games


in the Scottish Premiership tonight. Celtic stretched their lead


at the top of the table Partick Thistle beat Dundee 2-0,


and it was a 1-1 draw Lets get the weather. Christopher


has the forecast. It is breezy in the north-west,


meaning the temperatures shouldn't fall too far. South of the border,


much like last night, mist and fog forming. Some disruption likely if


you are travelling south of the border. Quite chilly here. For us,


not quite as cold because of the cloud cover in the breeze. Tomorrow


morning, a dry start. A touch of frost still holding on in some


places. Breezy on the West Coast with some rain in the Western Isles.


In the wins will be strong and south-westerly, gusting to gale


force later on. There will be brightness coming through, most


likely around Moray and the north-east. South of the border,


largely dry, but there could be stubborn mist and fog throughout the


day, holding the temperature back. In Northern Ireland and the far


south-west, 7-9 C. Similar for us in Scotland, perhaps 10 Celsius in any


brightness. Windiest in the far north-west, with rain moving in as


we head towards Friday. On Friday, the high-pressure slips away, but


that weather front will let its presence be felt. Fairly wet through


the far north-west over the course of the day. The rain moves to the


south. A cloudy day four of many, brighter in the east. Temperatures


perhaps into the teens. For Hogmanay, we expect rain to move


south through the course of the day, and by the bells, it should be south


of the border, leaving most areas dry. Behind it, cold air. The risk


of a few wintry showers at times. New Year really does personify


everything that's great about us. MUSIC: I'm Gonna Be


by The Proclaimers


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