29/12/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The organisers of Edinburgh's Hogmanay street party have warned


people not to travel to the capital unless they have a ticket.


With 75,000 people expected, Police Scotland insist


they have a "proportionate" security plan in place.


At the top of the Mound, a stage is taking shape,


and high up on the ramparts of the castle, a fireworks display


sure signs that Edinburgh's Hogmanay celebrations are approaching.


The buses and restaurants and bars are all full.


There is a huge build-up, with ?42 million being brought


It is great for Edinburgh's reputation as the capital


of Scotland that we can put on a fantastic event like this.


It is an event that has grown into a three-day festival,


with tickets for the headline act Paolo Nutini disappearing


For those thinking about going to the street party,


We encourage people to buy their tickets now and not travel


unless they have bought a ticket, because the event will sell out


beforehand and we do not want people to turn up disappointed.


On New Year's Eve, this place will be filled up with


tens of thousands of partygoers, and the recent attacks in Berlin


are focusing the minds of those policing the event.


I'm confident we have a proportionate and appropriate plan


In terms of the overall threat level within the UK,


that remains at severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.


We ask members of the public to be alert but not alarmed.


As the preparations continue, there is the one thing that


organisers can't control, and that is the weather.


In the past, it has not always been a friend of Edinburgh's Hogmanay,


but this year's forecast doesn't contain anything too dramatic.


Some rain and windy conditions, so the advice is to wrap up warm.


Police also say "robust" plans are in place to ensure public safety


for the Hogmanay football match between Rangers and Celtic.


About 50,000 people are expected at Ibrox, while the city centre


is likely to be crowded with shoppers and


My focus is about delivering a safe event,


but not only the football match - we want people to enjoy a safe


environment in the city centre to do their shopping and enjoy


I would say to people, make sure you act responsibly.


If you are having a drink, drink responsibly and make sure


you plan your transport to and from home.


Hundreds of people, who were given infected NHS blood in Scotland


in the 1970s and '80s, have now received extra


financial support, according to the Scottish Government.


They include more than 300 people infected with hepatitis C,


who received lump sums totalling tens of thousands of pounds.


The news has been broadly welcomed by campaigners,


but they also called for urgent action to address


From the 1st of April next year with this Scottish scheme,


we have the opportunity to support Windows and widowers


Work has been ongoing to make sure those widows


and widowers get support, because we know, for many of them,


It is important to acknowledge that Scotland has done a much better job


than south of the border in recognising the payments that


have been necessary to people who have suffered in many cases.


But in terms of the losers, and I am afraid the widows,


Food Standards Scotland has issued a warning about a frozen prawn dish,


sold in Scottish branches of the Aldi supermarket chain.


It has recalled two batches of Aldi's Specially Selected Tikka


King Prawns, saying it contains salmonella bacteria which can


Consumers are being urged not to eat the prawns,


but to return them to the store for a refund.


In the run-up to the Old Firm match on Hogmanay, the Rangers manager


Mark Warburton says he shouldn't be judged on results against Celtic.


But at Celtic, Brendan Rodgers says the pressure is on the Ibrox side.


Just ahead of him, Sviatchenko goes for a goal.


There is MacLean interested in that one and he gets there first.


He keeps his goal to equalise for St Johnstone.


Last night's results widen the points gap between the clubs


at the top of the Premiership to 16 points.


In terms of where Rangers are at in relation to the points,


and with Hearts and Aberdeen closing in behind them...


They will want to win the game as much as we want to win.


we have had a brilliant opening time to the season.


The league champions were better than Rangers in their Premiership


match at Celtic Park, and in the League Cup semifinal


Rangers managed to have their manager believe he should


not be judged on games against the archrivals.


Brendan Rodgers says Celtic's average this season of three goals


per away game gives them confidence for their trip to Ibrox,


but this is either proof that even red-hot strikers


like Leigh Griffiths can misfire or it is proof of his accuracy.


Let's get the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow now,


And across the country Fairly lonely, breezy and mild. A


bit of rain in the far north-west tomorrow morning. That wet weather


edging its way as far south as Highland Perthshire. Elsewhere,


largely cloudy, dry and mild, with temperatures at 8am at nine or 11


Celsius. Breezes from the south-west occasionally gale force on the West


Coast. Wet weather up to the north-west of Inverness and


stretching up towards Orkney and Shetland. More dry across the


north-east. As we had through the course on Friday, most wet weather


will stay there. Elsewhere cloudy and the odd spot of light rain or


drizzle, but ostensibly dry. A tax break to run the Moray Coast and


North East Aberdeenshire. So the order, largely dry and clarity, like


the last couple of mornings mist and fog. Stubborn to clear where that


happens. Temperatures struggle elsewhere into double digits.


Similar story up here and in the north-east. With brightness, 13 or


14 Celsius possible. Into Friday night, wet weather in the north-west


moves southwards. This weather front here with high-pressure retreating


towards the near continent and the rain moving south. If you start the


day dry on Saturday, it will turn wet. Heaviest rain likely across the


Highlands and Islands, with a yellow bee where a warning with difficult


conditions on the roads with spray and rain edging southwards. -- be


aware warning. A breezy if not wet afternoon and as we head to the


evening, rain moving southwards. They can start to the evening, but


reasonably confident it should clear away in time for the bells. A wet


start to the night for many but come midnight it should be drier but it


will be colder with winds coming from the north. A few wintry showers


as well on the north and north-east coast. That is the forecast for now.


From everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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