30/12/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Previously secret files have shown for the first time the extent


of a security breach at Faslane in 1988.


Documents from the National Archives detail how in October that year,


three protesters were able to access a nuclear submarine's control room


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley has been looking


through the documents - and speaking exclusively to one


A period which saw regular anti-nuclear protests


Four anti-nuclear demonstrators broke into the submarine


One of them is believed to have reached a dry dock where a


That is how it was reported at the time.


But now the extent has been revealed.


Previously secret files show protesters gained access


to the control room, leaving Prime Minister


She demanded an urgent report into what happened.


This is the first interview he's given about what happened.


I expected to be arrested, almost in minutes.


Phil and two others intended to act as a decoy for a friend.


She was trying to swim to one of the submarines but a series


of security failures meant they were free to roam.


We were passed by a police van, close enough to


At one point it was literally metres away.


All the time we were expecting to be arrested any moment.


They weren't, and managed to gain access.


We were on the deck, there was an open hatch,


we dived down it and we were in the control room.


There was the periscope, things were operating the planes,


for driving the subs, all we had was a marker pen.


The trio was eventually caught and detained.


A court martial was avoided because it would have given


The rules of engagement governing armed guards have been amended


Phil and the others were eventually cleared in court on a technicality.


He spent several further years living in a protest


Andy Murray has been awarded a knighthood.


It has been quite a idea for Andy Murray. Recently voted ABC sports


personality for the third time, a second Wimbledon title, and becoming


world's number one, know he has been given a different kind of title.


Gordon Reid sees his MBE is the icing on the cake of a fantastic


year. Katie Archibald is no and MBE. -- is


now and MBE. Ian Carmichael is recognised.


And this 78-year-old glass blower has received an MBE. I said to buy


life, you will have to sit down, I have something to tell you. -- I


said to my wife. I still can't believe it. It is such an honour.


said to my wife. I still can't Edinburgh and MBE for services to


the food and drink industry. Keeping a secret is so hard, but my parents


were delighted when I told them. A British Empire medal.


And an honour for this percussionist.


Three days of Hogmanay celebrations got under way


10,000 torchbearers, led by Up Helly Aa Vikings


from Shetland, illuminated the streets, before


About 80,000 revellers are expected to gather in the city


centre tomorrow to watch a laser and fireworks display from


From midnight tomorrow, owners of air weapons


are required to have a licence, following a tightening


But more than 3,000 owners who've applied for a permit


are being warned that it won't be processed in time for


Thousands of air weapons have been surrendered


These weapons were used in almost half of all offences involving a gun


in the past year. Football now and Aberdeen beat


Hearts 1-0 in Edinburgh tonight A second-half strike


by Jonny Hayes gave the visitors a win which puts them two points


behind second-placed Rangers who face league leaders


Celtic at Ibrox tomorrow. Things are set to turn Calder.


Tranquil at the moment. Tonight there will be rain across northern


Scotland. Dry and cloudy else where. Tomorrow morning starts off wet and


windy. There is a yellow Met Office be where warning. Elsewhere it is


largely dry initially. Largely dry across Northern Ireland and much of


the rest of the UK. Dense fog across south Eastern areas initially. That


should lift. Back in Scotland temperatures staying on the mild


side for daylight hours. That band of rain sinks southwards. It is


slow-moving as we head towards evening time. As we head toward the


bells that should be predominantly dry across the country. Very cold as


the wind from the north introduces Calder here. New Year's Day will be


windy, brisk northerly winds, but brighter than of late. Frequent


wintry showers across northern and Eastern Scotland. There could be


snow at lower levels. That is the weather forecast. All the very best


from me for the New Year. That is all for now. Good night.




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