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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Police investigating a house fire on New Year's day, which killed


a man and left his girlfriend critically injured say they want


to trace the occupants of a car, which was seen nearby.


23-year-old Cameron Logan died in the blaze, which police say


was started deliberately at the family home in Milngavie.


Teams of police officers searching hedgerows, bins and pavements along


the road where half a mile ago from the scene of the fire and this


investigation comes as detectives revealed that they are keen to trace


a dark coloured car parked in a lay-by about the time the car was


started. Unusually, the car had its engine running. There could be a


reason why it was there, but we are appealing for anyone to come forward


and say where that car was there. There may be a reasonable


explanation. Get in touch with those and give as information. The fire


that killed Logan, left his girlfriend in hospital. Her boss


said the thoughts with everyone at the company where with her family.


The crime scene is described as complex with officers also checking


local CCTV and talking to neighbours. Detectives say the fire


was started deliberately and was a targeted attack but they won't say


whether or not they think the man was the intended victim. We are


satisfied that it was not the wrong house that was picked, given that we


know this was a deliberate fire, we are satisfied that it was targeted,


however we're trying to work away to establish who intended to... The


police will be keeping a high-profile presence in the area.


Rescuers say a couple who survived a night in the Cairngorm mountains


Bob and Cathy Elmer from Leicester were caught out when a planned


They sheltered with their dog in survival bags in white out


conditions, before they were found by a mountain rescue team.


This was the moment members of the Cairngorm Mountain rescue team came


across Bob and Cathy. The pair had been hill walking in Scotland for


around 25 years, but they admit that despite their experience and


equipment they were unprepared for the conditions they were to face


when they ventured out on the first day of the year. We knew as winter


time, we probably didn't quite judge really how long it was going to


take. It became an issue when I got two thirds of the way down and Cathy


were struggling to keep up with me. Then I knew that it was going to


take a lot longer than what I had and has abated. With their collie


take a lot longer than what I had dog in tow, they found themselves in


deep slow in darkness and with the batteries in the head torches giving


out. -- in snow. The snow was of 12 batteries in the head torches giving


waste and we decided we couldn't go on any further because we didn't


know where we are going. You couldn't see a hand in front of your


face so we got the survivals bag out and got down in the night in them.


face so we got the survivals bag out Mountain rescuers say that despite


temperatures of -6 and high winds, their decision to stay put and


weight of the daylight probably saved their lives. It probably was


the decision that saved their lives to stay on Cairngorm even though it


wasn't attractive. You can go up and Nevis on a summers day and you can


be knee-high in snow. We've been there and done it. So, you have to


go equipped and have the right kit even if the sun is shining on the


ground. We are now well into the winter climbing season and while


Scotland's weather can be unpredictable at the best of times


that is especially the case or peer and during the winter months. The


message to anyone venturing into the hills is make sure you have the


right equipment, and skills and always be prepared to turn back.


A hill walker has been airlifted from the Cairngorms


It's understood two young mountaineers found the man


in the Northern Corries and carried him for


Mountain rescuers were flown in by helicopter to help,


and the casualty was given medical treatment and airlifted to hospital.


Compensation paid out by Police Scotland has reached


by the Scottish Conservatives through a freedom of


In the year to the end of last March, the force spent almost one


point three million pounds in damages claims.


A spokesman for Police Scotland said the sum paid out in compensation


was a tiny percentage of the annual budget of more than


Scottish Labour is rejecting the idea of joining up


with their arch-rivals, the SNP, to help defeat


Labour say they're "hated" by the SNP,


but nationalists say their door is always open to a deal.


This comes as a Labour-leaning think-tank said the party was too


Our political correspondent Andrew Kerr reports.


Remember this man, it will be 20 years in May since Tony Blair swept


to power, but now a think tank closely linked with the new Labour


movement warns that the party is too weak to win... Posters certainly


agree with that analysis. This position in the opinion polls seems


to be weaker than in 2015, to that extent we're asking ourselves how


badly can they do not whether they have any prospect of winning the


election. The idea from the Fabian Society is for the leader, Jeremy


Corbyn to win enough MPs to former governing partnership with other


parties. If Labour can gain some more MPs, but not get an majority


Iniesta think about working with the Lib Dems or the SNP. Winning more


Iniesta think about working with the seats might be a distant goal for


one former Labour MP who was ousted in 2015, while a partnership with


the SNP is ruled out. This is a party who hates the Liberal party,


who views the destruction of the Labour Party as their way of gaining


independence. -- who hates the Labour Party. The message of


solidarity means to take hold. The Conservatives used this to warn


about the SNP calling the tune in the 2015 election. The nationalists


insist they are ready and waiting in Labour want to come forward. As far


as the SMP concerned the door has always been open, but Labour need to


as the SMP concerned the door has decide whether staying on their own


is more important than forming progressive alliances to oppose the


right wing, Tory government that we see just now in Westminster. Labour


says it comes down to a straight choice for the SNP, back a Labour


government or a Tory one. But, as the Labour think tank says in the


polling evidence indicates, Labour in power is still a very distant


prospect. The number of oil and gas companies


in the UK going out of business is at an all time high,


It follows a slump in A report by accountancy firm


Moore Stephens said a total of 16 firms became insolvent last year,


up from two the year before, Nearly one year on, residents


in a flood hit area of Aberdeenshire say they're living in fear it


could happen again. Almost one hundred people living


in Inverurie and Port Elphinstone had to leave their homes,


when the river Don burst Rebecca Curran has been


to meet some of them. The residents in Inverurie and Port


Elphinstone and it was an unforgettable start to 2016. Heavy


rain caused the river to burst its banks and roads tend to leave their


homes. The river was getting higher and there was no less tasty or


heating so we had to get her out. -- no electricity. Kevin and his family


moved back in July, but the past year has been hard. Even when we got


back here it took was a while to settle back, especially my son


because every bit of rain, he thinks Wiggin to flood again. There's no


point of talking to him, you're better letting him cry and sit back


to him when he is, and tell him it is only a wee bit of rain, it's not


going to happen again. It came careering down here and Dell use, it


was like this in arming, as I call it. This woman's home was badly hit


and her friend was trapped inside surrounded by rising water. Within


minutes the water came up past our ankles and we had to evacuate as


well. This is where the water came from, a bank has now been installed


to protect the area from a future Lord. Some fear it's not enough.


That's all they've done, I think, they need to be doing more


especially round by the canal. It could quite easily happen again. No


qualms about that. As we building work here continues Aberdeenshire


Council says a study to identify that the plug prevention options is


underway and is expected to be completed in the summer 2019. --


further flood prevention options. Hundreds of diseased or dead trees


are to be felled across Aberdeen. The trees include


a large number infected Aberdeen City Council says


about four hundred trees They're mainly beside roads,


but others are in parks, Time now for the latest weather


forecast, with Judith. Thank you very much, and a very good


evening to you. 2017 has got off to a nice, quiet start, good news if


you are heading back to work tomorrow. Here is a picture of lobby


hues in the sky. We have gales across the northern isles, they are


about to reduce. The weather front with clouds and patches will sink


southwards to south of the border. So tomorrow morning it will be dry


for both those -- from most of us. Elsewhere, good sunny spells. We


could see a touch of frost for the Southern Highlands, it inland


Aberdeenshire and across the far north. Fresh to strong North


westerly wind. Actually, a lovely day to come across the country,


lovely spells of crisp winter sunshine. In the North some cloud


but not spoiling things. It does all clear away, the cloud. Elsewhere the


cloud will break and we will see some sunshine. Really, a quiet day


of weather. It will feel colder tomorrow in Scotland, but winds will


be like a cross the board. Into tomorrow evening, a cold night under


clearing skies and quickly we will see a sharp frost across the country


continuing with one or two showers across Shetland. Elsewhere, dry with


light winds and lows of -5 in the Highlands and freezing for the rest


of 's. I pressure dominating things Highlands and freezing for the rest


on Thursday, this weather front introduces some rain. A cold start,


maybe freezing fog patches. Stays cold all day.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25am tomorrow morning.


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