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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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News Channel. Now it is time for the news where you are.


Police have made a fresh appeal for witnesses who may be able


to help them find the killer of a man who was murdered


23-year-old Cameron Logan died in the blaze in Milngavie


His girlfriend, Rebecca Williams, remains in a critical condition.


Mr Logan's parents were also injured but have been


Searching woodland behind the house where Cameron Logan died.


Did whoever started the fire use these


paths to get two or away from the property?


Whoever is responsible for this, we know they have made off


Perhaps they have dropped some evidence and if


that is out there we intend to find it and will search every area where


we could recover any potential evidence.


Whoever set the fire was targeting this house.


But investigators cannot or will not say yet if


Cameron Logan was the intended target.


At this time there is no information coming in that anyone


had a grudge or there was any fallout with the family members and


that is why it is imperative that if anyone knows anything


that they come forward, hopefully to give us that


vital bit of information to establish why this horrific crime


Today police gave details of dog walkers and joggers


seen by CCTV or eyewitnesses in the area at the time that


They could have vital information and they revealed that


the heroic efforts of David Logan to save his son and his girlfriend,


He was assisted by a neighbour and it can only be


They managed to get Cameron's girlfriend out of the house.


Unfortunately she still remains critical, at this time, and we are


But police have been speaking to surviving


members of the family who they describe


They hope that members of the public may come


forward with information to help catch


With a week to go till the end of a public consultation,


the Scottish Government is urging people to register their views about


But the Conservatives say the people of Scotland made a very clear


Andrew Kerr looks at the major political challenges for 2017.


The UK and Scottish Government agreed a deal on an independence


referendum back in 2012 and now the Scottish Government


is seeking your opinions on a fresh Referendum Bill


It is broadly similar to last time around, and


they need the permission of Westminster.


So do you think there should be another vote?


I do not think so, we had the referendum.


No, because I think it is causing enough issues already.


The decision has already been made, maybe wait


another generation for a younger generation to decide.


Do you think Brexit changes anything?


I do not have the answer for that, unfortunately.


Brexit is seen as a threat to the Scottish economy and


so to protect their place in Europe another referendum may be required,


Nicola Sturgeon faces a tough decision, when to call the vote.


We are trying to get an agreement on what should happen


If they are rejected and we cannot find


agreement then it will be a need to re-consult people


With those accusations that Theresa May is adrift in


Brussels, the Conservatives hit back and said that the people of Scotland


voted decisively against independence in 2014.


But the UK Government Brexit plans are not decisive.


At least according to the former ambassador to the EU who


I think the government is rightly taking its time,


Brexit is complex and unravelling more than 40 years of


legal and economic integration between the UK and the rest of


continental Europe is not going to happen overnight


2016 was a big political year, 2017 will be a make or break year for


Leaders on both sides of the border face tough choices.


A health board has had to cancel operations


because of a shortage of theatre nurses.


A patients' group says elderly patients in


NHS Grampian are being affected disproportionately because


of the lack of staff with specialist skills.


Earlier, I asked our reporter Steven Duff what sort of operations


In operations that are being cancelled, it is collective surgery.


People getting PEPs or knees replaced or dealing with cataracts.


In the last hour or two, the NHS has said that more than 180 have been


cancelled since the end of November. To put that in context, every year


NHS Grampian carries out 130,000 operations. But they do not have


enough nurses to carry out the operations. Every cancellation has


an impact on an individual patient and one patient group says that


elderly patients are being most affected.


The acute care will be the last to suffer but it is a symptom of


underlying problems in the retention and recruitment of staff for


whatever reasons and it is something that needs to be addressed not only


within Grampian but in Scotland as a whole.


NHS Grampian has apologised to anybody who had a cancelled


operation but say this is not about funding, it is about being able to


recruit and retain highly qualified nurses.


A man has been charged with the murder of a 40-year-old man


in Bonnyrigg in Midlothian yesterday.


Police say the victim was found seriously injured at a property


in Auld Coal Grove around four o'clock in the afternoon


The 36-year-old man in custody is due to appear tomorrow


A man has gone on trial accused of raping and murdering


Bala Chinda is alleged to have killed Jessica McGraa


at a property on Union Terrace in February last year.


The 26-year-old is also accused of attempting to defeat


Tennis now and Andy Murray has just reached the quarter-finals


of the Qatar Open, after beating Gerald Melzer two sets to love.


The win over the Austrian means a career-best run of 26 victories


in a row in competitive matches for Murray.


Tomorrow, he'll play for a place in the semi-finals,


Let's get the weather outlook for tonight


It was a pretty good day for much of Scotland and tranquil. I like this


picture of a noble stag taking a look at the view. High pressure is


over us tonight, generating dry weather over most of the UK with the


widespread frost setting and for many. Temperatures below freezing


for many and a good few degrees below in parts of rural Scotland. He


dry start tomorrow with that possibility of a few freezing fog


patches in the Glens. A wee bit higher on the West Coast but


freezing temperatures for most of us. Good sunny spells across the


board from first light. Staying that way for a good part of the day. A


good winter 's day. We will see some rain spilling into the high West


through the afternoon. The rest of the UK is under that influence and


temperatures will struggle in England. Similar values for Scotland


as well. As far as the rest of the afternoon is concerned, it is dry.


Chloe thickens up in the evening and a band of rain moves across the


western and far north of the country and into the northern isles,


although the east will stay dry. Weather fronts bringing rain on


Friday but then on Saturday more rain will return. A wet start on


Friday for a western areas. The rain eventually clears away so it will be


an approving day and it will be milder.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team, goodnight.


This is the most dangerous, the most despicable human being


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