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Nicola Sturgeon says she would put on hold plans for a second


independence referendum if the UK government pursues


The First Minister wants Scotland to remain in the European


single market and if that happens she's made clear


she would not call for another vote on Scotland leaving the UK,


while Brexit negotiations are under way.


The Conservatives are urging her to rule out another


Here's our political correspondent, Glenn Campbell.


Within hours of the EU referendum result, Nicola Sturgeon said


it was highly likely that Brexit would trigger another


I am pleased today to publish Scotland's Place in Europe.


Six months on, she proposed a compromise, to accept


that leave means leave, if Scotland, either on its own,


or with the UK as a whole, is able to remain inside the European single


market, in a Norway-style arrangement.


On Radio Scotland this morning, the First Minister confirmed that


accepting her single market proposal would put independence on hold.


If we can find a way of protecting Scotland's economic interests,


protecting our democratic interests within the UK, I am up for that.


In terms of the timescale of Brexit, that is what I


Am I going to stop believing in or arguing for independence?


I am putting this forward in good faith, deliberately saying


I will put my preferred option to one side and asking people


if we can look at a consensus and compromise option.


So Nicola Sturgeon will not push for another vote on Scottish


independence within the next couple of years if Scotland


or the wider UK is able to stay inside the European single market.


That is what she means by soft Brexit.


The snag is that that kind of arrangement does not seem very


Unlikely, because the UK Government wants to curb the freedom of EU


And that is not compatible with keeping full access


Separately, the Chancellor has appeared to rule out a special


Officially, Theresa May has said she will seriously consider


Nicola Sturgeon's suggestions, even though some of them


At Holyrood, the Scottish Conservatives called on the SNP


Nicola Sturgeon has spent the last six months trying everything to make


Brexit a reason to increase support for independence,


Today was her giving herself an escape route.


She should not be just taking an independence referendum off


the table for the short-term, but altogether, so we can


get on with growing business in Scotland.


In the 2014 vote on independence, the No side won by 55% to 45%,


and opinion polls suggest not much has changed.


A manager at a plant hire firm has been jailed for two years,


after a cherry-picker collapsed in the centre of Glasgow,


killing one worker and seriously injuring another.


Donald Craig, of Craig Services, was convicted of breaching


health and safety rules following the incident,


Craig Services was also fined ?61,000 and another


39-year-old Gary Currie died and 38-year-old


Doctors' leaders are urging the Scottish Government


to target funding towards tackling health inequalities.


The Royal College of General Practitioners says


there should be a "sharper focus" on


supporting GPs who work in the most deprived parts


Here's our health correspondent, Lisa Summers.


In our poorest communities, life expectancy is lower,


and on average, people become ill younger.


Health inequalities are stark, which is why the Royal College


of GPs wants funding targeted at those working in


The practices with most need not getting the resources they need,


which means that patients are having to be seen more often.


Rather than getting a longer time which they need,


they are getting less time, and that seems wrong.


Figures showed GPs in the most deprived areas only receive an extra


?3.79 per patient to those in the most well-off


They need greater support and funding is a crucial


The Greens want to see this addressed.


There is not enough of a differential.


In less affluent parts of towns and cities are not


receiving a great deal more funding, in some cases less, than those


In Scotland there is a huge inequality in life expectancy


and we can start addressing if we look at GP funding.


For most of us, our first contact with the health


Some experts argue that more investment is vital


It is not just resources, it is about restoring the balance


in the health service between general and


At the moment, it is unbalanced after a decade of preferential


The ship is in danger of capsizing because there is too much


The Government says it is taking steps to tackle health inequalities,


funding deprived areas to support GPs and patients, but setting


up GP hubs like this, where people should be able


to access a range of health and social services in one stop.


It is part of a ?500 million investment that they have


The proportion of funding in primary care is rising to 11%


who can develop and address these underlying problems is the most


In the changing landscape of the NHS, the government wants


more of us to access health services in the community.


The call from doctors is for equal funding,


A consultation on whether to give more powers


The Scottish Government wants to give more powers


to schools and parents - but some critics fear the changes


risk reducing the role of councils in the education system.


Firm plans are likely to be announced in the coming months.


It's a new year, but the same story for tennis and Sir Andy Murray.


Murray is in Doha, for the Qatar Open, where he beat


the Czech Tomas Berdych in straight sets earlier this evening,


It means the new world number one faces Djokovic in tomorrow's final,


with the Australian Open just ten days away.


Football now and Hibernian open up a four-point lead at the top


of the Scottish Championship after beating closest


rivals Dundee United at Easter Road tonight.


Two first half goals from Jason Cummings put the home


side in a strong position, and substitute John McGinn killed


off a lacklustre United with a solo effort with nine minutes left


in front of a crowd of just under 20,000.


Over to Christopher now for the weather outlook


It was fairly cloudy and for some wet day. Most of that rain has gone.


The legacy is missed, Merck and low cloud particularly on the south and


West coasts. For most it is a dry start. I cloudy start. Slowly


brightening up. The best of the sunshine will be across the


north-east tomorrow. Scotland are feeling quite well weather-wise


tomorrow because south of the border it is grey, dismal, and cloud will


stay for most of the day. Miles, yes, but a draughty. We will have


something a touch brighter by the afternoon. But further north across


Stirlingshire, Perthshire, towards Fife, Aberdeenshire, the Highlands,


that this with the base of The Sun will be. Cooler but sunny. Towards


the West Coast thicker cloud. Similar for the far north and the


Northern Isles. Winds light from the south-west. The rest of the


afternoon into the evening, little in the way of change. If you spot of


light rain or drizzle in the West and north-west. High pressure in


charge. It holds on into Sunday. Another drive but cloudy day. Low


pressure is waiting in the wings, coming our way on Monday. Sunday,


and other settles, largely dry day. Outbreaks of rain in the Highlands


and other settles, largely dry day. and Islands. Patches in the West


central belt but for many cloudy and dry.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


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