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The girlfriend of the missing RAF serviceman, Corrie McKaig,


has revealed she's pregnant with his child.


April Oliver discovered in October she was having a baby,


weeks after Corrie disappeared after a night out in the Suffolk


She's always wanted to be a mother, but looking at the scan of her and


Corrie's unborn child, she wishes circumstances could be different.


The personal trainer first met him on an online dating site last summer


and only discovered she was pregnant fortnight after the RAF gunner went


Being a mother is something I always wanted to be, right from


when I was younger, but it is just...


It is just a horrible time, isn't it, really?


Corrie's mother and April's parents have known about the


pregnancy since the outset and they are supporting her.


It's something I hoped he would be here to help me


make the decision with, but he isn't, so it's


Not the most pleasant thing to go through on your own,


especially when the person you love is not present.


Corrie was last caught on CCTV in the early hours of


Saturday the 24th of September in the centre of Bury St Edmunds.


The 23-year-old had been enjoying a night out


left this nightclub alone in the early hours.


After entering an area behind some shops, he disappeared.


As this home video shows, Corrie McKeague is an extrovert and happy


His family say he would talk to anyone.


Every week, his mother flies to Scotland to coordinate the search


It is difficult to balance the excitement of a new baby


to what we are trying to focus on now and that is finding Corrie,


We will get through this but just now I have


got to, for my own sanity, just try to concentrate on trying to find


Corrie and doing everything I can to find him.


Preparations are already in place for the birth


April now hopes to some personal privacy for her and her


Both families are now determined that efforts are focused


on finding Corrie, this unborn baby's father.


Scotland's tougher drink-drive limits are still failing to deter


motorists from drinking too much and getting behind the wheel.


This festive period there was a 38% rise in the number of drivers


Here's our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson.


The drink-drive limit is 50 mg of alcohol in 100 millilitres blood. It


was previously 80 mg. How much is that? The new limit is probably less


than a pint of beer or a glass of wine. But you should not take a


chance, although drivers did. From December until this year, six and in


25 motorists failed a breath test, an increase of 38.3% over the


previous festive period. Worryingly, only 57 of the drivers who failed


were only over the new limit, meaning 90.9% would have failed


before the new levy came into force. Police tested more motorists over


the festive period than in recent years, campaigners say that the only


way to deter drivers who deliberately chose to take


to the wheel after drinking The focus is on making sure


the majority of people get the Unfortunately, the people breaking


the limit now I fear don't take any They need to be caught


by the police to And there is apparent support


in this Edinburgh pub for the tougher limits and


tougher enforcement. I believe there should be zero


tolerance on drink-driving. I don't think you should get


in your car after drinking. You are out of control


when you've had a drink, so the answer should be quite simple,


you shouldn't allow a limit, you If you drive, you don't


drink and that's it. I think in their head they know


is wrong, and I don't know how we can change that.


Police say although drink-driving has had a


high profile during the festive period,


it will continue to be a


When not going to stop targeting drink-drivers


simply because the festive period is over.


There will still be a focus on it throughout the year because there


is a hard-core element of motorists disregarding the safety of other


people and we will continue to pursue those individuals.


My message is still the same, regardless of


whether it is Christmas or summer, don't do it.


The figures also showed an increase in the people caught the


morning after drinking, which police said was reckless.


Campaigners south of the border have been calling for


a reduction in the drink-driving limit there and have expressed


concern to that with so many Scottish drivers being over the old


limit, it may dissuade legislators from bringing England and Wales into


The driver of a lorry which crashed into a house killing a woman had


blacked out with what a court heard described as an


55-year-old Catherine Bonner died and her partner, Jim McColl,


was badly hurt in the crash in Fairlie in 2013.


A Fatal Accident Inquiry heard from a doctor who said


driver George Marshall had an underlying medical condition.


A charge of death by dangerous driving was dropped after details


The way skills are taught needs to be urgently overhauled to cope


That's according to a think tank which is warning more needs done


Here's our business correspondent, David Henderson.


They are here to retrain and keep pace with changes at work.


This class is popular with mature students who want to take on new


skills for a career in nursery education.


You learn to deal with people differently, your


communication changes as you develop different


working relationships with


your mentors and lecturer and other classmates.


I think it is vital that we keep learning and not give up at


the age of 37, you know, decide to change your life for the better.


Soon the owners classmates will take this training to where they work.


Most of the students here are under 25


but the average age is on the rise as more people look to renew their


The college principal told me those skills


are focused on the jobs that


Employers help shape and design the courses in the


programmes, in some cases helping deliver


those programmes with us and


They provide real live work experience and


projects for the students studying in college so they are tapping into


talent that exists in the College at the same time as preparing the


Technology is becoming ever present in the workplace, like this robot,


which was taught to sort clothes, and the gathering pace of change in


so many lines of work means skills training may have to adapt.


In Scotland there is an issue with people


medium-skilled into more highly skilled positions and we've also


found there is an issue around skills mismatch in Scotland, where


the skills are not meeting the needs of employers.


We feel the skills system needs to reform and become


more flexible to meet these needs and to be


able to be fit for the


One the things we have done to respond to that particular


challenge of helping people progress in their careers is extra funding to


So working patterns are being redrawn and very


Instead, change is the order for the day.


That presents challenges but opportunities too.


The centralisation of the control rooms of the Scottish Fire


and Rescue Service is being blamed for a series of call-out errors.


Critics claim a lack of local knowledge has led to the mistakes.


Fire brigade control centres in both Aberdeen and Inverness were closed


down at the end of last year with the new North operations hub in


Dundee part of a ?10 million reorganisation and investment in


The closures were always controversial and in recent


weeks it is alleged that emergency fire crews have been sent out when


there were other crews close at hand.


One crew was called out from Lairg to attend an incident on the


Another station was asked to go to an


address in Dundee and that defies belief, that in a life-threatening


situation and a life safety service, these things are happening.


Councillors in the Highlands have always been against the


centralisation and are now calling for the closure of the local call


Politicians are demanding answers to the current


We need to sure that fire engines go to the right place right


across the Highlands and Islands and that has


not happened recently so


Parliament should look into it and find out what went wrong


and make sure the Fire Service operate as it


Scottish Fire and rescue declined to be interviewed about the


allegations, but in a statement, they said


they had reviewed what were


unsubstantiated claims and was set aside that in all cases the correct


results have been sent to the incident involved.


They added that in any area local knowledge came not


just from control room staff, but also from


We've had some outbreaks of rain, merging into longer spells and


clearer spells to the east. That will be the case for the rest of the


night along with brisk winds. Gail Folsom the Western Isles along the


West course on for the Northern Isles. Through the night, fairly


mild. Clear spells towards the east. By morning, showers for the far


north, the Northern Isles and the North West. Temperatures, 4-5 C. Dry


in the central belt and across the borders. As we head through the day,


we will see improving conditions and this band of rain is continuing


across the west coast in particular. Sunny spells along the east coast.


The rain extends down south across towards north-western parts of


England and into Wales and the South West of England. Brian is along the


east coast all the way down into the south-east. Temperatures 9-10 C.


Tomorrow evening, further rain for a time, but as this moves through, we


get much colder air for tomorrow night into Wednesday. It is going to


turn a very windy indeed, with night into Wednesday. It is going to


severe gales for the North and gale force gusts across Scotland and


Northern Ireland. Showers become increasingly wintry. Wednesday,


those showers with sleet and snow in the North West. Brighter moments


between these showers, but bitterly cold and temperatures of 5 degrees.


But with the wind chill, it will feel extremely cold. The Met office


have issued several warnings for the strength of the wind and for snow


showers with snow falling readily to lower levels on Thursday. Those


warnings across most of Scotland in the West on for Northern Ireland,


too. Thursday, widespread across Scotland and extended to the coast.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25am tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team, goodnight.


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