10/01/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Coastguard's search and rescue helicopters in Scotland were due


back in service tonight after safety checks were ordered on their tail


All Sikorsky 92 aircraft - including those working offshore -


Every S92 helicopter around the world spent most


Sikorsky, the manufacturer, issued an alert this morning over


concerns about the aircraft's tail rotor following an incident


in the North Sea last month when an S92 experienced a technical


fault as it was coming in to land on the West Franklin Platform.


Nobody was injured but it left significant gouge marks on the deck.


Operators today were told to carry out immediate safety checks,


taking up to 11 hours per helicopter, before


It will cause concern given the history of helicopters.


I think the delays must be accepted for what they are -


a precautionary measure to ensure it is safe for the guys.


I'd rather put up with a delay than be forced


We've got to make sure the aircraft are safe and get people home safe.


Oil and Gas UK cannot say how many workers have been affected


by the delays today but have described the restrictions


as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of the workforce.


There's confusion tonight over Labour's position


In a speech this afternoon, the UK leader Jeremy Corbyn said


Labour is not wedded to the principle of free movement


However, Labour's deputy leader in Scotland says freedom


Our political correspondent Andrew Kerr has been


It's the first day back after the break at Holyrood.


The coffee counter is doing a roaring trade as people look


Jeremy Corbyn is looking for a boost too in 2017.


He attempted a Labour leadership relaunch


of movement, a hardening his stance on immigration, hoping to appeal


But this morning, no new restrictions on immigrants.


Ending exploitation of migrant workers.


Ending undercutting of existing paying conditions And enforcing


what is known as the Posting of Workers Directive.


But at the speech in Peterborough, there was a caveat.


We are not wedded to free movement of the EU as a point of principle


but I don't want to be misinterpreted, nor


So, not wedded to and not ruling it out.


And then when asked about work visas for EU citizens...


Jeremy Corbyn may have been hoping to make clear his stance


today on Brexit, but, as you've seen, after a day


of speech-making and interviews, perhaps there needs to be


Scottish Labour were launching their own local government


They set out their position on freedom of movement.


We believe the free movement of labour in Scotland


is good for Scotland, but we understand people's concerns


when they cannot get a house and when they cannot get


appointments at their local hospital or their local GP.


But the answer to that is not to blame free movement of people,


Opponents seized on the possible contradiction.


Jeremy Corbyn appears to be disagreeing with himself.


He billed a major speech about his view of the EU


and against freedom of movement, he is now saying he is not sure


whether he is in favour of it or not but he is in favour


You cannot be in the single market without accepting


Back at the coffee shop, maybe Mr Corbyn is trying


to have his cake and eat it, wanting to mix it up on immigration


Andrew Kerr, Reporting Scotland, Holyrood.


Independence campaigners, who were evicted from a camp outside


the Scottish Parliament, have been refused permission


to appeal the case to the UK Supreme Court.


The IndyCamp group spent almost a year outside Holyrood before


Their bid to appeal the order in the Supreme Court has been thrown


They now say they will submit a written plea, directly


The Jim Clark Rally in the Borders will not go ahead this year.


It has been suspended until the completion of a fatal


accident inquiry into the deaths of three people at the event in May


2014, when a rally car spun off the course.


Organisers say they are "demoralised" by a ruling not


to give a permit for the event due to insurer's concerns.


Household water charges in Scotland are set to rise


by an average of ?6 a year, but will remain among


Scottish Water said an increase in household charges


was being limited to 1.6% for all council tax bands.


This means the average charge for this year and next will be ?357.


It's been just over a week since the first families


received their baby boxes - the scheme where new parents receive


a package of essential items from the Scottish Government.


The initiative is costing ?6 million, but critics believe


Our reporter David Deldy has been finding out


what parents think in Orkney, which is one of the pilot


Little over a week old but already with plenty possessions.


This baby and parents are the first to benefit from a baby box.


We've got clothes in all sizes, newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9.


Over 50 items are included, from clothes to nappies and much more.


We've got books, we've got a play mat.


When he's teething as well. Bath stuff.


And Alicia who is three and a half still loves a good toy in the bath.


When this stuff has been cleared out of the box one of the main ideas


But is that something parents in Orkney have been making use of?


For this baby, it is a no, but it is a different


The parents said the box itself has been handy


For first-time mums there is a lot of things they will need but this


If they were giving it to parents that already had children


they would need to have a scheme that you could return


It is estimated it will cost ?6 million a year to run the scheme.


The Government say it will give every child and equal start


but critics claim there are many parents who do not need


I would like to see the money targeted at those most in need.


I understand the problem with stigmatising certain families


but we need to be more imaginative as to how we deal with that,


can we look at ways where accessing some kind of extra support doesn't


involve lots of difficult form filling or being interrogated?


It is for the child, not for the mums and dads,


Aldi is opening six more stores in Scotland over the next year.


The discount supermarket has plans for new shops


in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as Dumfries and Montrose.


The retailer says it will also continue to grow its range


An amateur sailor who grew up in Scotland has been awarded


the Yachting Journalists' Yachtsman of the Year award.


It comes after he rescued five crew from a stricken vessel


28-year-old Gavin Reid was taking part in a Round-the-World Yacht Race


Despite having no previous sailing experience, and being deaf,


he swam to help rescue four crew from the vessel and a fifth


who had been trapped in the rigging for nine hours.


The Glasgow Rocks basketball team has reached the final


of the British Cup - they play arch-rivals Newcastle


But as well as excelling on the court, the Rocks play


a valuable part off the court too, helping young people to lead


Getting ready for one of the biggest games of the season.


But when the day job is over, Glasgow Rocks mentor school children


and vulnerable young people in themes which can be life-saving.


We will be here talking to you guys about healthy eating,


staying away from smoking and drinking, in order to become


a good athlete and also bouncing back from bad


It can be school, home, sport, I will talk about anything.


Making a mistake is a bad thing - true or false?


The Rocks head coach places great value on his players'


Because you learn from your mistakes.


I think with the amount of time our professional


athletes have in a day, things like that put them


in positions to be role models for these young kids.


I think if you do that, that keeps them going in the right direction


One of the most important things the Rocks said to me


If you drink you can't do a lot of sports.


They tell us not to give up and some things are hard,


you pick yourself up and bounce back.


We come in here with 100% effort and mentality.


We come here to have a positive change on what is going


on and the kids react to us in such a way


Them feeling that, you know strongly about us, thatst poive way,


I think that's the light we want to shone.


The Rocks will look for more medals in Sunday's BBL Cup final.


Time for the weather. Thank you. We are in the midst of


winter. Turning wet and windy at times. There will be some cold are


coming down from the Canadian Arctic which will double as a bitingly cold


spell of weather. The strengthening wind and there is a Met Office


yellow warning in force. Tonight the wind is of concern, could be severe


gales in some places. Possible disruption on ferries and bridges


tomorrow morning. But the winds, a disruption on ferries and bridges


number of squally showers and they will last for most of the day. At


this point, anything wintry is likely over the mountains. For most,


any of those showers will be offering. It will be a windy


morning, temperatures at eight o'clock around 4 degrees or 5


degrees at best, feeling colder in the wind. Through the course of the


model, it remains windy and showery, there will be some sunshine at


times, the drives and write spot is the likes of Aberdeen, Dundee or


East Lothian. Across the UK as a whole, South of the border, pure


East Lothian. Across the UK as a showers, lighter winds, milder, ten


or 11 cells is for central and Southern parts, but for parts of


Northern Ireland, Wales and the North of England, windy with


showers. That is when they cold era begins to bite. As a head through


awards Wednesday evening, those showers, increasingly windy and some


small at low levels. Treacherous conditions on higher road routes but


expect some small at lower levels at times. Because of the showers,


difficult moral where they will happen and with the winds, could be


potential blizzards at times. Firstly, been in the South, edging


northwards. Affecting parts of Central England. We are still under


those wintry windy conditions. Another windy day on Thursday,


showers again will be of snow for some. Before the least, it will be


dry. It will be very cold for all of us. That is the forecast, for now.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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