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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Forth Road Bridge has reopened after strong winds overturned


a lorry and caused massive disruption throughout the day.


A 54-year-old man has since been charged with dangerous driving.


The bridge reopened late this evening after repair


work to the damaged centre reserve barrier.


More than 70,000 vehicles use the bridge each day.


Our reporter Morag Kinniburgh has been following the day's events.


The lorry had been travelling north in the early hours of this morning.


Winds of 74 miles an hour Blewett off balance growing at across the


central barrier. The driver wasn't seriously injured but he has been


charged with dangerous driving. The bridge had been close to high sided


vehicles because of the gale. The lorry had become entangled in the


steel so what we had to do is try to lift it up, tilt it and manoeuvre it


out which is not an easy operation so we have had an operational


resource out there with three recovery vehicles waiting for an


opportunity to take that. Instead of easing, the weather worsened during


the day. Traffic disruption across eastern central Scotland was


significant throughout the day and this evening and many drivers


diverted, being stuck in lengthy tailbacks. There hasn't been a lot


of movement. There's been frustration because of that. There


has been people late for work, and they are taking silly risks, cutting


each other up. Observing the roads network from the nearby operations


each other up. Observing the roads room, the Transport Minister says


the driver's lucky to be alive and the cost to the economy will be


high. An incident like this that has closed off traffic will have had an


impact financially for Scotland but our main objective is to ensure the


individual is safe. Secondly, to reopen the bridge to the best


possible way that we can. After hours of work in difficult


conditions, engineers righted the lorry. Others had been working on


replacement metal work to repair the damaged central barrier. This is the


worst crash damage to the bridge in its 53 year history.


Police will only be able to use stop search powers where they have


reasonable grounds to do so, under a new code published today.


If approved by parliament, the code will end so-called


"consensual" stop searches from May this year.


Our political correspondent Lucy Adams reports.


The aim was to cut violent crime but as the police use of stop search


search to more than 600,000 a year, questions were raised about who they


were searching and whiny. I'm going to make a strong statement and I'm


going to say here on in we should not be searching young children


under the age of consent on a consensual basis. Months later, the


BBC revealed that hundreds of children under the age of 12 were


still being consensually searched. That, in part, led to today's draft


code. It is extremely important that when stop and searches being used,


it is being used when it's necessary, proportionate and in a


way within the law and what the new code does is make sure the police


are clear about the powers they have. All officers are now being


trained to ensure the code is followed. Stop and search is a very


valuable tactic. When it is applied fairly and proportionately and


justifiably. It needs to be applied to the right people in the right


places and in the right times. But some say the damage has already been


done to public trust. It is hard to measure it but there is a strong


impression that it has caused damage to people's views of the police and


to community relations in certain areas where the so-called consensual


stop and search happened most often and also it was used in particular


on children and young people. It's groups of young people like these


that Police Scotland are now going to have to persuade that this new


code is going to make a difference. And build relations which might have


been undermined in the past. We were heading home from swimming. The


police says let's see your bags. It's quite intimidating. It is also


embarrassing being stopped and searched. They need to come into the


schools, go and teach them about stop and search laws. And what they


can and can't do. From this May, officers will have to record every


single stop and search on the grounds for doing so. The searcher


will be given the receipt but it will take more than this to rebuild


trust with the public. The finance secretary Derek Mackay


has faced tough questions Mr Mackay needs support


from at least one other party to get Earlier our political


editor Brian Taylor The standard rate of tax as it is,


it doesn't want to give such big tax giveaway to high earners as proposed


by the Chancellor. There one other number that matters which is the


Parliamentary majority. Derek Mackay needs a charm, at least to tolerate


his budget going through. A key point is there is a separate vote on


tax as well as the budget. There is a separate vote on tax. The Tories


and the Labour Party, Derek Mackay has given up on them. They are


standing firm against the SNP position. So he's looking to the Lib


Dems and the Greens. When he was defending his budget, there was very


sharp exchanges with the Greens overtaxation. Patrick Harvie


couldn't see why they had to be any giveaway whatsoever for those on


higher earnings. What we're doing is in line with inflation. We will take


tax -- decisions year-to-year. That is the figure in line with


tax -- decisions year-to-year. That inflation, that feels like the right


thing to do. It feels like the right thing? Why does it feel like?


Patrick Harvie has a different view on the structure of income tax. We


say that fits within our manifesto commitment. It commands the support


of the people, it is fair, and it gives certainty at this time. The


Greens are pushing very hard on tax and Derek Mackay doesn't want to


concede on tax as he regards it as and Derek Mackay doesn't want to


being a carefully balanced package. He points out the SNP won the


majority and they won more votes than the other parties. He wants to


make concessions on public spending rather than tax. The Lib Dems have


their concerns about the tax package. They might possibly be


persuaded on elements if public spending could be enhanced on a key


issue on them, which is the provision of mental health. Right


now, Derek Mackay hasn't got the votes. Winter is now making its


presence felt. Now with the weather outlook


for tonight and tomorrow. It has been a windy day for many of


us. Those winds are still with us but our attention turns to snow.


Strong to gale force north and north-west rive English hours in


affecting the higher parts of these roads. Not only these roads and


these higher parts. Many of us at sea level will have snow on the


ground. It is a cold night, icy in places. Tomorrow, windy, some snow


showers. There will be rain coming into parts of England and Wales. We


could get some snow. For us, a windy morning with those frequent snow


showers pushing their way across the country. They are showers are some


of you will wake up tomorrow and have no snow at all. Some of you,


several centimetres. Potentially difficult conditions on the roads,


icy in places. Driest towards the East. Further west, the showers more


likely and they will be heavy at times, perhaps with some Halen


thunder in the mix too. As we head through the course of the day, that


rain we saw in the south, that is going to open up the gradient. That


means for us the winds will ease but the showers hold on. And they will


be wintry in nature. The best of the sunshine likely in the east. There's


the rain edging northwards. Tricky mix. Potentially some snow on the


flank. Northern England and Scotland, it is cold and windy and


wintry. Those showers continue. Look at those temperatures mid-afternoon.


It is a bit afield. The winds are northerly and come Thursday evening


still some snow showers in the West End than a band of rain moving in.


As it meets the cold air, perhaps a significant spell of snow. Friday,


most of it will have gone and it is a crisp, dry and cold day. It


sprinkling of snow showers at times but quieter and calmer than the


weather we are likely to see tomorrow. That's the weather


forecast. And that is Reporting Scotland. Our next update is during


breakfast at 6:25am. But, from everyone


on the late team, goodnight.


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