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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Will converts, talking to the man who brought the art


with the First Minister facing a claim that lives could be put


at risk, because of delays in creating four new specialist


trauma centres at hospitals across Scotland.


Nicola Sturgeon says it's correct to take time


Here's our political editor Brian Taylor.


Here is the First Minister touring one in Dundee.


They deal with casualties from major incidents.


Plans to upgrade and integrate them were due


Communities have been expecting these centres for two


years and are now told to wait at least another three.


I think they deserve a fuller explanation.


Labour spotlighted Aberdeen and said an


enhanced trauma centre there was vital to cope


with emergencies that might arise in the North Sea.


The life-saving medics told me what they're


telling the Government, more delays will cost lives.


The First Minister said initial plans had been


But they decided to stick with four centres.


We are not talking about creating from scratch four new


facilities that currently don't exist.


These four hospitals in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and


Edinburgh already provide excellent trauma care.


continuing to enhance what they do and to join up the services they


provide with the services that other hospitals provide and with the


service the ambulance service provides in an integrated network.


These were robust exchanges, reflecting the emotive nature of the


The opposition said a promise has been broken.


But Nicola Sturgeon said that a plan had been


sensibly restructured in the light of advice


Snow and ice have caused disruption on Scotland's


roads today with a spate of accidents and delays.


Winter in Scotland - a season with many different faces.


The picturesque, capable of turning into


On the M74 this morning the conditions brought


Across the country the snow has been patchy.


But where it's fallen it has caused problems.


Here just outside Dunblane you see the kind of


problems that drivers have been seeing.


It took six hours to free this delivery van.


And Sir Chris Hoy was rescued by a gritter after his car spun off


But the general picture for those monitoring major roads was


We have had to deal with a number of incidents,


some closed roads, we have had to deploy our gritters


in fact we had 241 gritters out last night and we dealt with temperatures


As those gritters were being put to work, the impact


In the Highlands and Dumfries and Galloway


Some ferry services to the islands were cancelled.


Rough seas hinting at what lies ahead for some - strong


winds, snow and ice all feature in a series


of weather warnings that last until tomorrow evening.


Staying mindful of what a Scottish winter is


More than 500 jobs are to go at Kwik Fit Insurance Services


in North Lanarkshire, after attempts to find


Staff at the Uddingston contact centre were told it


Owner Ageas said it had suffered the consequences of a change


Ageas will now focus on finding alternative work for the 521 staff


Yesterday's incident, which saw a lorry blown over


on the Forth Road Bridge and the ensuing travel disruption,


has raised questions about whether lorry drivers


ignore warnings because of pressure to meet deadlines.


As John McManus reports that's the claim of one driver who's been


It was different on Wednesday, when the


Forth Road Bridge was closed because of this accident.


But it is not the first time high-sided vehicles have been


This driver who was caught up in yesterday's delays says


industry colleagues are under pressure.


Our customer pays for the transport and they say to the


company, if the load isn't there by the time


that we stipulate, then you will be fined.


IE, money will be taken off of our agreed price.


That, they project that pressure on to the driver.


There are no official figures on how many HGV ignore high


But the police were sufficiently concerned about the


dangers to lorries that it launched a campaign in October.


The company running the Forth Road Bridge said


it passes details of incidents to the police,


It only takes one HGV to bring the bridge to a closure and the


consequences of that we saw yesterday.


And it was reliant on the drivers following the signage.


Otherwise one HGV can close the bridge.


This industry body posts advice on driving.


Drivers are not under pressure from operators to


ignore road traffic signs and any safety advice.


Across Scotland, high-sided vehicles and high winds


The punctiality and reliability of train services in Scotland have


improved over the last month according to figures


But although it's the third period in a row that the company has


reported an improvement it's still operating below the target set


The timely arrival of a train during a snow flurry in Glasgow today.


The punctuality of services got better,


but they're still below the targets set by the Government.


We are not at the level we want to be at.


What we are busy with is a rolling programme


that will continuously improve punctuality.


In the last month almost 90% of services ran within


Which ScotRail say is proof they're heading in the right direction.


You can get to where you want to go easily.


When there has been delays, there is replacement buses


and I can't say we have been stuck anywhere.


We could probably do with having slightly nicer trains I would


Some new trains are promised from September.


But issues like the signalling fault at Haymarket


yesterday will continue to put a dent in the figures.


Milngavie station - one of many stations where


services were disrupted throughout the Central belt.


This is a busy commuter line and one traveller said


It used to be that the service was generally very reliable.


And now every week I often get a taxi home


from work if the trains are significantly delayed.


Events on the network can affect services anywhere


and that is what you get when you have a network as busy as ours.


So we have a total focus to minimise the effect


of signalling failures or rolling stock failures.


Last week's disruption at Airdrie as a child's


scooter was thrown onto overhead lines.


ScotRail says things will continue to improve.


Their challenge is to convince their customers of that.


An agreement has been reached to ensure that foreign workers


on freight boats serving Orkney and Shetland are paid


This cargo boat waits for a weather window to sail to Aberdeen.


But there is good news for the crew on board.


An agreement has been reached to ensure


all the seafarers are paid at least the minimum wage.


And a new charter arrangement will see the operators


of the Lifeline ferry contract take over the running of cargo vessels.


The crew were being paid less than the minimum wage.


As soon I became aware of the situation, we


now have agreement in place to pay at least the minimum wage.


The RMT union has launched a high-profile


They called on the Scottish Government to intervene.


They held a protest at the quayside in Aberdeen and marched


If you had let us know were coming today, we


could have done our homework and found out exactly what the issue is.


However, it is a Scottish Government contract


and RMT remain absolutely convinced and certain


that the rates of pay that are collectively bargained by this


The new contract comes into force next month.


Time now for the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow.


on. It is a cold and icy night for some.


I hear low warning is enforced. As that rain moves south, it will turn


to snow. Over the north, this is the next few hours if you are driving,


atrocious conditions on some of the roads with blisters likely and is


now being blown around by severe gales. Very wintry indeed. --


blizzards. Creating quickly tomorrow but in this week still some snow


showers and windy conditions, especially on the coast. For many it


is a cold and icy start. Temperatures around one or two


Celsius. Further north, a sprinkling of snow showers across the


north-east and north-west. Very windy indeed, especially around the


coast. Those big waves are likely to crash over at times, potentially


dangerous at the coast. For most, a bright, sunny and crisp day but icy


in places and quite chilly despite the wind is dying down. South of the


border, a wintry start but largely dry. It will be chilly with those


north, north-west wind is -- wins. Snow showers for parts of Northern


Ireland and the north-west of Scotland. Temperatures are around


three Celsius but I don the wind-chill. Snow showers drifts off


into parts of your shirt and Dumfries and Galloway and the East.


Another cold day on Saturday. Some sunshine and perhaps a few showers.


Turning milder by Sunday. That's Reporting Scotland. From everyone on


the late team, good


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