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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have apologised to expectant mothers,


who were turned away from the flagship


Queen Elizabeth Hospital because of a shortage of beds.


One pregnant woman who was waiting for a bed after her waters broke,


told BBC Scotland the situation last night was "chaos."


Here's our Health Correspondent Lisa Summers.


Normal service has resumed today but it was a different story


yesterday, with labour wards full foremost of it.


This is how one expectant mother described the scene last night,


when she was waiting for a bed to become available.


She said it was chaos, and another woman whose contractions


were two minutes apart had nowhere to give birth.


NHS Glasgow and Greater Clyde offered an apology but said


Three mothers were diverted to the Royal Alexandra Hospital


Two others had their planned deliveries delayed.


But the pressure on services in Glasgow raises concerns about


Across the country, a picture of pressure on maternity


Our birth rate in Scotland is steady at the moment.


The issue we are seeing is a greater complexity in the women we care for.


That is partly to do with women being older when they have babies,


maybe they come to us with some medical conditions,


and there is a higher rate of Caesarean sections


Maternity services are having to adapt and as the face


of the nation changes it will inevitably mean more pressure


Detectives investigating the death of a man in an East Dunbartonshire


house fire have said they are following what they call


The body of 23-year-old Cameron Logan was found at his parents'


house in Milngavie just before 7:30am on New Year's Day. His


girlfriend, Rebecca Williams, suffered serious injuries, although


reports suggest that her condition in hospital may be improving so much


she has been able to talk to police officers. And both she and Cameron's


parents needed treatment for smoke. Soon after to what they call this


complex crime scene, forensics investigators say they believe the


fire had been started deliberately. Police called it a targeted and


wilful attack and they've been treating it as a case of murder and


three cases of attempted murder. This afternoon, detectives said they


were now following what they called a definite line of inquiry and to


try and unpack what that means, it is often police speak for the fact


they have identified the suspect, and it usually means they would hope


to be able to make an arrest quite quickly. Officers have been trying


to trace dog walkers and joggers seen in the area at the time the


fire started. And a week after the attack year happened, they were also


in nearby streets and local shops stopping and talking to passers-by


in the hopes of identifying more witnesses.


The family of a woman who died after battling multiple sclerosis


for years say she should have been allowed to choose when to die.


Flora Lorimer, who died last month, was paralysed and in constant pain


Her family have published harrowing pictures of her ravaged


by the illness, in the hope that they will persuade


politicians to change the law on assisted suicide.


Steven Godden's report contains pictures some


Childhood sweethearts, they had only been married three years


She shrugged and said, let's get on with life.


It did not bother her, you know, for 30 years.


But in the last four years, her deterioration accelerated.


Completely blind, Tom could not see it, but could only


She could not move, feed herself, could not scratch her nose.


That's when she started to say, I don't want to be here.


Every day she would be crying, I want to die, please help me.


The government could help her, doctors could help


If the law had allowed it, the family say she would have


When she died last month, they took these pictures


Difficult to view, the difficult decision to make them public


People need to know why they want to stop it.


She said, do it when I'm dead, not when I'm alive.


Proposals to introduce right to die legislation through the Scottish


parliament crystallised opinion on both sides.


The Law Society and Church of Scotland were among those


MSPs were given a free vote and the bill was defeated.


The problem is that if you change the law for the hard cases,


it can cause problems for many vulnerable people.


They might feel under pressure from other people,


Since sharing these pictures, the family say they have been


inundated with messages from others with similar stories.


They hope politicians might be prompted to look again at the issue


Well, it has brought it back into the spotlight.


I don't think it will make a difference.


What's claimed to be the first underwater pictures of humpback


whales in UK waters have been taken by a wildlife guide


Richard Shucksmith has taken advantage of an exceptional year


for whale sightings in the islands to get the shots.


Looming out of the dark, two 30 ton humpback whales.


This sequence of stills was shot just before Christmas in Shetland


He has seen whales many times, but never so close.


To get in the water with them, and one of the biggest animals


in the world coming past here, it was exhilarating, it was fun.


A little bit nervous, but generally, it was an amazing experience.


His encounter was captured on film by fellow wildlife


It turns out this was probably the first time humpback whales have


been caught on an underwater camera in the UK.


an image of something, and to be the first one to get it


2016 was an exceptional year for whale watching in Shetland


and local tourism organisations hope it will bring more


Well, it's over to the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow.


Good evening. After a cold day, a cold night in store with


temperatures subzero pretty much across the board. Our attention is


on the risk of ice, a yellow be aware warning. A cold start the day


tomorrow, icy in places, a few rain showers, a few snow showers for the


far north, North and Northern Isles but for many tomorrow it is a dry,


crisp, cold and sunny winter's day. Similar south of the border. Across


Northern Ireland in towards the Isle of Man and Wales, cloudy with some


rain showers. Down eastern coast, some wintry showers. The bulk of the


UK dry and bright. Bit of an east-west split as well. Western


areas, the Northwest, cloudy, some rain showers but milder. Elsewhere,


dryer, brighter, sunnier but colder, too. If there is snow on the ground,


struggling to get above freezing. The cloud tends to increase through


the day but it shouldn't spoil things for most of us. However,


heading through the second half of Saturday, we see a change as the


cloud builds and the rain arrives, pushing its way in west to east.


This is a warm front. As it meets cold air, potentially a spell of


snow. It soon clears away but the legacy behind it is a very different


day on Sunday compared with tomorrow. It is far cloudier, quite


murky at times with extensive hill fog. It will be milder with


temperatures up to eight or nine. Further east, seven or eight.


Brightness, that will be very limited indeed. That's the forecast


for now. From everyone on the


late team, goodnight. Why wouldn't


he even look at our offer? You treat sickness of the mind,




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