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The First Minister has told BBC Scotland that a second independence


That's after the Prime Minister announced that Britain would quit


Theresa May promised to consider Scottish options,


but warned she would do nothing to undermine what she called


the precious union of the United Kingdom.


In response, Nicola Sturgeon warned there must now be compromise


or a further referendum appears all but inevitable.


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Theresa May spoke to Nicola Sturgeon before delivering her speech today,


but she already knew the First Minister's terms.


Nicola Sturgeon would prefer a second independence


referendum if Britain stayed in the single market or helped


What I'm proposing cannot mean membership of


The Prime Minister categorically ruled out option one -


Britain would not hold onto bits of EU membership.


So, downfall for Sturgeon, option one.


What about option two, a special deal for Scotland?


Theresa May said she would consider a plan put forward by the


Scottish Government, but there are clear limits.


We won't agree on everything, but I look forward to


working with the administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern


Ireland to deliver a Brexit that works for the whole of the


As we do so, our guiding principle must be to ensure that as


we leave the EU, no new barriers to living in doing business


Nicola Sturgeon concedes that doesn't sound


like a special deal for Scotland is on,


but she says she will persist, arguing that Theresa May's overall


It is clear that Theresa May wants to take the UK


been driven by the rational best interests of the country.


It's clear it has been driven by the obsessions


of Ukip and the hard right of our own party.


Given what you say, does it bring an independence referendum closer?


I said on the 24th of June that I thought it


I have tried to compromise ever since, I put forward


options in line with what I would do,


examined the options, and I remain committed to exhausting


those, but I am not prepared to allow Scotland's interests


Does it make a second independence referendum all


I think that is very likely the case.


What I have heard today from the Prime Minister


is an inability to engage in discussions that further compromise.


There comes a point of democratic principle,


I think, and that is that if there is going to be such


a fundamental change to the kind of country we are going to be,


and we're looking as if we're going to be taken down a path that


wasn't what was contemplated in 2014, then


it may be that the Scottish people want to do that, but they shouldn't


be forced to do that without having the ability to choose between that


But more bargaining to come first, and that Hollywood tonight, MSPs


voted to endorse ministerial efforts to preserve


Scotland's plays in the single market.


Former Scotland international footballer David Goodwillie


and his ex-teammate David Robertson have been ruled to be rapists.


They've been ordered to pay ?100,000 in damages,


despite never facing a criminal trial.


The civil case was taken by Denise Clair, who waived


She said she was devastated when the Crown dropped


the criminal case last year, but was determined to seek justice.


Our correspondent Lucy Adams reports.


David Goodwillie, scoring for his country in 2011.


COMMENTATOR: It is a fantastic penalty from David Goodwillie.


And his former team-mate, David Robertson,


It was ruled today that both men raped Denise Clair in


2011, and they have been ordered to pay ?100,000 in damages.


She says she was incapable of consenting


The judge found her to be cogent, and compelling.


In a statement, Denise Clair said she is delighted,


but feels let down by a justice system that dropped the criminal


The Crown Office says there was not sufficient


Experts say the threshold is different.


If the Crown are going to take a case forward, they have to


ask the question, have we got enough evidence to prove to a jury beyond


a civil it is can we convince a judge on


Experts say that today's result could lead to


far more victims of rape coming forward.


We know that most rape cases reported to the police never


come to court, which can be devastating for the person reporting


It is the first civil case in living memory for rape.


I think people will see this case anything,


there is another way that I can get justice and validation


that what happened to me was raped and was wrong.


Goodwillie currently plays for Plymouth Argyle, and


Both clubs said today they are examining


the judgment and that neither man will play in the meantime.


It's thought a gunman, who shot a man outside a primary


school yesterday, had been hanging around the school gates


The shooting happened at St George's in the Penilee area of Glasgow,


just as parents were dropping off their children.


The victim was 35-year-old Ross Monaghan, who had been cleared


of the murder of Kevin Gerbil Carroll in 2012.


extra police patrols had been put in place here for the next few days.


Forensics officers spent the day trying to find the casing from the


at the man. It has been more than 24 hours since the shooting here in St


George 's primary School in there is still a significant police presence.


George 's primary School in there is What is forced does today is that


the gunmen came round this corner here buggy, which we believe the


firearm was inside. He crossed over the road, shot at the victim, who


were standing around about here, at a range of about ten down the road


where the police say he may have had a car waiting for him. Locals say


the gunman may have been here before. There was a similarly


described man with a buggy with no child in it do you think that he may


have intended to shoot police are appealing to anyone


with MSPS say urgent work is needed


between Scotland's teachers and the country's exam body.


A Holyrood committee says it heard eye-opening accounts of unclear


guidance and mistakes in exam papers.


The agency is promising improvements.


Just under 88% of patients attending accident and emergency


departments in the first week of this year were seen within


454 people spent more than eight hours in an emergency department,


The figures are the lowest since the same period last year.


Inverness born actress Karen Gillan has been back in Scotland this week,


working on her first feature film as a director.


The film, Tupperware Party, is the first of five being made


by female directors for a new US company, which aims to promote


The Scotland women's head coach Anna Signeul says she's had 12


fantastic years with the SFA, but believes now is a


Signeul will step down from her role in charge of the national side,


after the European Championships in the summer.


She'll take over as head coach of Finland, having led the Scots


You may have heard of Mack the Knife, we are about to


She's a fifteen-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier,


The PDSA that treated her say it's not unusual for dogs to eat


all sorts of unlikely objects, but this case, it's among the most


Macie a 15-year-old old staffy was looking for treats today.


Late one night in December, her owner thought


this playful pup was choking on a toy.


I thought there was something in her throat.


I thought she was choking on the part, the


She made a choking sound - like, this squeal came.


X-rays clearly showed up it wasn't a toy she had


swallowed, but an eight inch kitchen knife.


I couldn't believe that she'd managed to swallow an entire knife.


It was a knife I used to peel the potatoes.


I don't know how she managed to get it out


of the dish water, because it has a black plastic handle which the vet


said would have been appealing to her.


The Pdsa who took care of her said it's an amazing case and she's a


If it had been the opposite way round and it had been


this end first, it would have been fatal.


She wouldn't be here to tell the tale.


The only sign of the puppy's trauma is the scar where


I'm so thankful that she's actually...


Macie is not the only dog who is curious about


As this family found out, that can be very


Well, It's over to Chris now with the weather outlook


gid evening. A lot of high pressure enclosure trapped he said Westerly


throw means it will be mostly continental beach early. Clear


conditions mean it will be quite chilly. Clear conditions also in the


south-east. You can see the froth there on the chart. For many, if a


mild night. Temperatures around seven or eight Celsius. Quite breezy


around the western and Northern Isles. A cloudy start tomorrow. With


a cloud is that enough, the odd spot of rain orders. That could continue


for most of the day. Across perhaps even a wind is still strong and if


you spot of rain on the way. To the cause of tomorrow, little in the way


of change. Mostly the eastern Borders, improving at times


as well. Became weather front trapped in the hive. A lot of cloud


associated with it. So some sunshine just about holding on in the


south-east, but cool highs of 910 degrees. The best of the the rest of


the afternoon and into the evening, little in the way of change. Fairly


cloudy, some spots of light rain and drizzle brighter moments in the east


will be harder to come by. The on Friday, yes, the high pressure is


still the wind going in a clockwise direction. Dragging in hopefully


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow morning.


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