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Tonight the verdict on the Prime Minister's exit Strang. Join me now


on BBC Two. Here on BBC One it's time


for the news where you are. The SNP has accused


the Prime Minister of pursuing a "little Britain Brexit" -


which would hit jobs During Prime Minister's questions


she was quizzed on what her plans to take the UK out of the single


market would mean. However Mrs May said Scottish


government proposals would be taken seriously,


but that the biggest threat to the economy


here was the the nationalist threat Our westminster correspondent


Nick Eardley reports. Probably not the Brexit Britain


Theresa May envisages but not everyone is impressed


with her vision for This German newspaper thinks


the Prime Minister is leading Britain into isolation,


and image borrowed by the SNP Concerns over what leaving the EU


single market could mean for Scottish businesses


and the money in your pocket. When the forecast for people's


income is likely to drop by ?2000, and that 80,000 people may


lose their jobs in Scotland as a result of the hard Tory Brexit


plan of the Prime Minister. Does the Prime Minister believe


that this is a price worth paying We will be working to ensure we get


the best deal in terms of access to the single market and continuing


to cooperate in partnership with the remaining 27


member states of the EU. His party is dedicated to taking


Scotland out of the single market by taking it out


of the United Kingdom. Scottish Government proposals


will be considered at a meeting There are elements of


the Scottish Government's plan which ministers


in London agree with. Access to the single market will be


on the table, but membership, the Scottish Government's key


demand, is not something the UK It is clear Scotland cannot be


a member of the single market if it is not a member of the EU,


and the UK will not be Theresa May arrived in Davos


to sell her vision of a global She hopes they and you the voters


buy into her vision Her opponents are worried though


that storm clouds are gathering. Hundreds of jobs are going


in the banking sector with Clydesdale announcing tonight


that it's shutting It comes on a day of mixed economic


news for Scotland with high street sales up but unemployment


rising last autumn. Our Business and Economy Editor,


Douglas Fraser has the details. The coastal bank has identified 40


brands as it intends to close in Scotland and roughly the same size


of cuts with Yorkshire bank in England. A great savings bank. Today


it is closing its stores at his remaining three branches with 70


jobs being lost. Deposits for 40,000 savers as safe and loans are being


transferred to TSB. It is waning of the business after 182 years and is


Britain's last independent savings bank. And makes my blood boil that


these are fat cats in London who brought the financial crash upon us


are still walking away with big bonuses and the people who wrote the


entry savings bank on a voluntary basis and no having to face this


closure because of the regulations resulting from the greed of the fat


cats and London. What's of numbers today. Retailers have had a Merry


cats and London. What's of numbers Christmas than for several years,


possibly because shoppers and businesses expect inflation so get


practices and error. Pay rose by an average of 2.8% but what about jobs?


That is an unemployed and rate of 5.1% below the UK rate is at its


lowest for more than one decade. The number of people and work in


Scotland has fallen by 40,000 bail is groovy little across the rest of


the UK. For those getting jobs are creating their own companies, it


pays to be adaptable as John McManus has been finding out.


It might still be an uncertain time for Scotland's economy,


but despite challenges facing the job markets, necessity


This storage company in Paisley is typical


Most of its customers are small businesses,


some of them newly launched, who need to store materials


It is doing so well, above these storage units it has


launched a suite of offices for hire on a monthly bases aimed


at companies unsure what the future holds long-term.


We try to take away uncertainty and hope the business comes


in and takes the space for a month, grow the business, bring it


back down in size again, to try to make it work for them.


This small company is typical of those who moved in.


The best option for them as they map out their future.


It makes it better for me in the long run that I do not pay


out a lot of money on a big fancy building, and rent a big space that


The number of storage companies has jumped in Scotland,


providing a secure route through the economic uncertainty.


Yet more numbers to date from the Scottish Government showing sluggish


growth in output across the economy. It grew only 0.2 of 8% between July


and September and December before that. It has been growing at three


times the pace in the UK economy. The slump of the oil and gas sector


explains it as well as constitutional uncertainty about


Brexit and Scotland's future. A government scheme to compensate


rail passengers with free tickets following criticism of rail services


may not go ahead unless Holyrood's rural economy committee


heard today that Abellio ScotRail and Transport Scotland


are still discussing how to implement the free week


for season ticket holders, which was announced in the Scottish


Government's draft budget. The Scottish Government's been


defeated over its plans to abolish the board of Highlands and Islands


Enterprise. MSPs backed calls to reverse


the decision to create a Scotland wide board for enterprise and skills


by 64 votes to 63. Ministers are now expected


to rethink their plans. Police have confirmed that a bullet


has been recovered from a tree beside the Glasgow school


where a man was shot on Monday. 35 year old Ross Monaghan


was attacked after dropping his child off at St George's Primary in


Penilee. Four years ago he was cleared


of a gangland murder. The Health Secretary has defended


the decision to delay the implementation of a ?30 million


pound trauma network for Scotland. The centres should have been


in operation by 2016 Shona Robison was asked


to apologise for the delay, with Labour saying up to 18,000


people would be failed. Let's get the weather forecast


now with Christopher. Largely dry and cloudy across the


country but the sunnier skies across the north-east meaning clear skies


tonight and Chile but mailed foremost. Across the UK village I am


cloudy but if you spot of light rain and the Fire Service, called the


coming off the continent will mean it is a rather frosty with the


conditions in the north-east leading to frost. Temperatures are very


similar to how we stuck to the data model. Six to 8 degrees. Perhaps the


odd patch of frost around in the north-west and patchy outbreaks of


in the stretching towards Orkney and Shetland welly bit of a breeze here


but elsewhere the winds are generally late. Through tomorrow


little in the way of change, mostly dry and cloudy but once again in the


north-east seen the best of any sunshine and those in the sky it's


harder to come by tomorrow. Villa cloudy across to most of the


Midlands and Wales and Northern Ireland with southern England with


some sunshine but cooler. Nick today mostly mild but also mostly cloudy.


The best of any sunshine across the north-east with temperatures around


a domain Celsius. Still rain across the far north and the Northern Isles


and, Friday the greater skies in the north-east shift westwards as a


drier air arrives and something bright of edging and towards


Strathclyde at times too. To the weekend, high pressure still with us


so largely dry with some brightness but not wall-to-wall sunshine and


average temperatures and sums spots of rain and the north-west.


But from everyone on the late team, goodnight.


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